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The Marauder's Map
  • Harry: So you mean this map shows...?
  • Fred: Everyone.
  • Harry: Everyone?
  • George: Everyone.
  • Fred: Where they are.
  • George: What they're doing.
  • Fred: Every minute.
  • George: Of every day.
  • Harry: Brilliant! Now I can creep on Malfoy whenever I want, stalk him, lurk wherever he's going and jump him on every corner!
  • Fred:
  • George:
  • Fred: Oh no!
  • George: What have we done?
Being “Polite” Often Gets Women Killed

In late January, Kristen, a member of the My Favorite Murder podcast Facebook page, wrote a post about a woman who “probably saved my life.” She had driven to a restaurant to get some food and iced tea for dinner late at night, alone since her boyfriend was sick. After getting her order, Kristen went back outside toward her car, but a woman stopped her. “It’s so good to see you!” she said. “How have you been?” Kristen assured her that she had the wrong person; they’d never met before. The woman whispered to her to pretend that they were friends. “There’s a man hiding behind your car,” she said.

They walked over to Kristen’s car together while the woman explained that she had a bad feeling about the man who was lurking and decided there would be power in numbers. “Sure enough,” she wrote, “we get to my car and a man in a hoodie stands up from behind my passenger rear side and nonchalantly walks into the dumpster alley.”

As Kristen said goodbye, the woman smiled and said, “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.”

For the uninitiated, this is hardly a normal way to say “you’re welcome,” but it’s a calling card of sorts for fellow “Murderinos,” which is what fans of My Favorite Murder, a hugely popular true crime podcast based out of Los Angeles, call themselves.

MFM, the weekly show hosted and researched by Karen Kilgariff, a comedian, musician, and writer, and Georgia Hardstark, a TV host for the Cooking Channel and co-host of the Slumber Party podcast, has been up and running for just over a year now. Their Facebook page is currently creeping past 100,000, and though the duo started it, fans now run it. Their live shows across the country routinely sell out and they have an extensive merchandise line with tees, mugs, and beanies bearing their own quotes. (“Stay out of the forest.”) As of writing, their iTunes rating is four and a half out of five and they’re ranked 6th under Top Comedy Podcasts, and 49th overall. (One of the very few one-star reviews suggests that the show is, “for chicks only. They may as well be talking make up [sic] and pumpkin spice.”) Intentionally or not, the show speaks to women.


Nothing like Facebook creeping yourself a little to get fired up for running.

With the stress of ending my first year of teaching, finding myself a boyfriend, traveling, and a few other things, it’s no surprise that my weight is up to the high 190’s. Everyone says I still look great, but I don’t feel great (I just feel fine). Luckily, I am crazy happy everywhere else in life at the moment.

The boyfriend and I are doing this together though. Yesterday we both drank over a gallon of water and ate well! Now I just need to chisel away some of the calories. I am really hoping to get back into the 170’s in the next few months. On the agenda this week is taco salads and an egg bake, plus 3-4 workouts. Plan plan plan!

“(No) Catch and Release” the third winner in the reader vote. Back in the early days of LieFace I would get random attention from passers by. Someone would add me, talk to me, and then get creeped out by me and block me. I thought it was something I said until this happened.

Unfortunately a lot of Aspies and Autistics find themselves on the receiving end of the dreaded “You’re creepy” block having done little to nothing at all. Much less anything to deserve it.

Maybe next time wait for the person you are talking to to actually do something creepy before you jump to conclusions. Ya'jerkface.
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anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity,if you think S is such a disgusting person and you so obviously dislike him,why have you added him on Facebook and are still friends with him there? (No, I did not stalk you,you showed up in my suggestions with one common friend) Also,as he's not the only former ghoul who has made a public statement concerning the lawsuit,why do you put all the blame on him? It just seems pretty obvious you have a personal vendetta against him,for whatever reason.

That was a pretty slick attempt at pretending not to be facebook creeping 😂 not that it matters since you feel the need to be anonymous when challenging me 🙄
Whatever though. Probably similar reason you keep my blog around, to see what they say. At least I can admit that…when he’s using social media to further persuade fans in his corner rather than letting the court do the work…and then continuing to butter people up by thanking them…its like “stroke my ego and I’ll stroke yours” kind of deal.
He’s using Facebook, and lets face it probably the Priest twitter, to release personal dirty laundry in an attempt to lure people away from Ghost and slander the shit out of T based solely on accusations.
Which other ghoul has done this online? Link me? Screenshot? I do believe it’s been only him and his close and personal loved ones glaring a spotlight on things.
And personal vendetta? Really though? I will admit, only personally met the guy once, out of what is it 12-13 shows? He only came out one time and I couldn’t tell you about it because it was pretty quick and forgettable and I only really wanted to meet him because he and Air were the only 2 who didn’t sign my Elizabeth vinyl. It didn’t matter to me about meeting him too much because any time I would see him out and about before and after shows it seemed like he wasn’t interested in fans. Which I don’t hold it against him, and I’m sure there are other people who will argue that he does like to meet fans…but from my personal experience, that’s how he came off and i respected that.
Also, because it happened to a friend, and it’s personal, it’s not my place to tell…although I’d share it if I were her at this point…he was once incredibly out of line at an after party and motivated her to never want to see the band again because of him. So yeah, there was a little pre-lawsuit/media hostility but that doesn’t influence my opinion on that situation.

I still think IF the ghouls are owed money, they should get it. Along with whatever royalties they’re entitled to which is still by no means and equal share…but what is owed is owed. I do think any increase of income they were expecting from the growth of the band since the Grammys was invested on further touring though and isn’t hidden somewhere though.

I swear I’m a broken record with things now…it’s like it’s unjustifiable to think that Tobias shouldn’t be slandered based on accusations. He can’t speak out because the lawsuit is filed against him, he’s not allowed, even if he wanted to he can’t.

Sorry I’m not so easily convinced someone is a guilty piece of shit based on a single sided story. Doesn’t matter that there are 4 names on the opposing side…its still one side.

Facebook post by Mark Mckenzie, 19th May, 2017.

After 17 movies, we finally took a photo together last week thanks to Laura Engel. Years ago I got a call from Danny Elfman to help him on Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. In those days he took heat because some critics couldn’t believe a brilliant Oingo Boingo rock star songwriter & lead singer could compose huge orchestral movie scores so unique and stunning. Danny ignored critics and went on to compose one of the most distinctive bodies of work in contemporary music: a ballet, countless groundbreaking movie scores and 4 The Academy Award nominations so far.

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Treadmill Chronicles

2.1 k of shitty teenager Nurseydex high school/gym AU 

!! thank you for asking because AUs are my bread and butter. tbh, my top pick was middle school math competition AU but tumblr deleted my draft of it like 5 times so i took it as a sign that today isn’t the day for that. have this instead!

They meet at the gym, because Treadmill Guy (TG) is always using Will’s favourite treadmill, and it pisses him off. He’s been the only person under 65 in the gym on Saturday mornings for like, at least 3 years, and he works out with a bunch of leering old ladies in the same room in order to use the equipment he wants to use, so he deserves that treadmill, goddammit.

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Today, I fucked up when I tried to facebook creep my boyfriend's ex girlfriend.

Today, well early AM, I fucked up and got super wasted and tried to search for my bf’s ex on fb, but when I typed in her name, nothing came up. I searched over and over and nothing. This evening, I see that I had posted her name all over my wall. Kill me.

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Survey #152 : Bold What's True

One of my parents is laid off. 
I can’t stand when people tell me to “describe my pain”, I can’t. It fucking hurts, that’s it. 
Every girl best friend I’ve ever had leaves me for their boyfriend. 
There’s a song that makes me smile every time I hear it. 
I replay songs until I get completely sick of them. 
I’ve been awfully depressed lately. 
I wonder what kind of first impression I give. 
I don’t dot my I’s. 
I’ve never had a problem swallowing pills. 
My handwriting isn’t legible at times. 
I use Google everyday, it’s so handy. 
I can’t use the Internet on my phone. 
I don’t like when people get close to my face when they’re talking to me. 
Someone keeps constantly letting me down. 
I’ve had a nightmare recently. 
I Facebook creep on everyone. 
I think I ‘like’ too many people’s statuses on Facebook. 
I hate pumping gas. 
I feel like I’m going nowhere in life. 
If I don’t look absolutely perfect, I won’t leave the house. 
I hate when pills have a yucky after taste. 
I’m allergic to cats. 
I haven’t really been myself lately, at all. 
I cry really really easily. 
I’ve met someone who looks like me. 
I’ve never been a huge fan of PDA. 
I don’t like to kiss and tell. 
I have friends who consider me “one of the guys”. 
I wish I had $$$. 
I’ve applied to a lot of jobs recently. 
I HATE getting lost while driving. 
I’d rather be the passenger in the car than the driver. 
I don’t understand why girls WANT to get pregnant so young. 
I wont be a teenager on my next birthday. 
I should be sleeping right now. 
I plan on buying the Jersey Shore when it comes out on DVD.

ok but picture this: courferre dated in high school, but went to different universities far away from each other, broke up before going and fell out of touch, like you do

and then a few years after college courfeyrac gets a new job and moves to the city combeferre is living in now; doesn’t realize it at first but then he’s sitting in a coffee shop and he sees him walk by with this really, really obnoxiously hot blond guy

he’s not like 100% sure it’s him, because he looks different–taller, buffer, better haircut, new glasses, and a full tattoo sleeve??? so he creeps facebook (he muted combeferre when they broke up to help him get over him) and yeah, that’s combeferre all right, and the blonde guy is in his profile pic with him too, so courfeyrac assumes they’re dating

and he knows he should leave well enough alone but instead he messages combeferre all friendly and casual, like, “hey, i see we’re in the same city! we should get coffee, catch up!" 

and combeferre mentions enjolras, whom he lives with, and who courfeyrac quickly realizes is the hot blonde guy, but the way he talks about him it’s unclear if they’re dating???

(they’re not, but it takes courfeyrac falling in love with combeferre all over again–or maybe he never really fell out of love in the first place–and a pretty significant crisis of morality for this to come to light)

“Dating” to Friends in 15 steps

(Disclaimer: I’m still figuring out my labels. I’m not sure where I lie on the spectrum and I have no idea what my romantic orientation is.)

Step 1: Meet somebody who you enjoy being around. Somebody who makes you laugh, who is interesting, who you wouldn’t mind getting know better. This can be done at school, work, through a friend, at the local Ultimate Frisbee league you joined for shits and gigs, etc…

 Step 2: Exchange contact information. Save their number on your phone and if applicable, find them on Facebook.

Step 3a: Text them when something reminds you of them - usually this is related to an inside joke between the two of you.

Step 3b: Smile when they text you out of the blue. It means they were thinking of you.

Step 4: When there is an event coming up (eg., a party, music festival, movie, etc…) ask them, or agree to go - whichever comes first.

Step 5: Disclose how much fun you had and agree to do it again sometime.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4-5 a few more times.

Step 7a: Become increasingly confused after somebody else mentions “you’re going out again?” because you don’t know if you’re jut going out on your Friday nights, or if you’re going OUT out.

Step 7b: Be confused because if this IS actual dating, would it be so bad?

Step 7c: Eventually decide that yes, it could (would?) be bad because you don’t want to kiss them goodnight, let alone hold their hand.

Step 8: Have a super fucking awkward conversation and hopefully you’ll end up with a good friend at the end of it. If they react badly, let it go because you’re better off without their entitled ass.

Step 9: Become best friends. Talk about life while eating pizza and drinking beer. Take care of them when they get messy at a party. Have them bring you cold medication and chicken soup when you’re sick. Spend date-less Friday nights actually watching Netflix and chilling. Continue doing date-like things because it IS fun. Roll your eyes whenever somebody asks “sooo what’s going on with you two?”

Step 10: When they meet somebody who they can’t stop thinking about, get as excited as they are. Drill them with questions, encourage them, facebook creep the interest. Genuinely be excited and hope it goes well.

If it goes well, proceed to Step 11.

Step 11a: Meet the SO. If you’re lucky, you’ll like them. If you don’t, try to pretend that you do (unless you have a good reason not to like them, eg. they’re abusive, cheating, etc…but hopefully that won’t be the case).

Step 11b: Get really good at third-wheeling.

Step 12a: Start spending your Friday nights watching Netflix by yourself again. Struggle to find somebody to go to a thing (eg a play) with you, because your go-to person is celebrating their anniversary.

Step 12b: Gradually feel like you can’t talk to them about the deep stuff anymore because you worry that they’ll tell the SO.

Step 12c: Realize how lonely you feel. And then feel guilty for being so selfish.

Step 13: Reach out to old friends to fill that emotional gap in your life. Make new friends. And maybe go back to Step 1 with somebody else.

Step 14: Remain friends. Maybe not best friends anymore, but good friends nonetheless. Stand in their wedding, go to baby showers, be a god-parent. Be genuinely happy for them.

Step 15: Briefly wonder about the what-ifs. Wonder how life would have been different if you’d been attracted to them, if you had tried to date, if you didn’t realize that you were asexual.

Then scoff at the thought. You are and always were better as friends.

Teeny Bit Concerned About How they’re Characterizing Marinette (in her civies)

Alright I’ve tried to be lenient toward Marinette’s characterization (or lack thereof) when she’s in civilian mode, but I really hope that these last three episodes are last we see of (at least of a bit) Marinette’s life revolving around her crush on Adrien.
Mind you, I think they’ve done a lot of good and even changed some things that from the vibe the concept art and the 2-D preview were a bit problematic, like for example in this image and in the preview…

You kinda get the feeling Marinette doesn’t know how to take “No” for an answer, I even remember when this image came out some people saying that it made Adrien seem like a jerk, personally I thought it meant, Adrien is desperate to get away from someone who has ignored his previous rejections.
In the show they’ve changed her forwardness (or relentlessness) and gone with a less problematic and more sympathetic characterization which is the shy girl trope.  Personally I think it was a brilliant change,  making Marinette much more likeable and relatable as a character.

However, I hope for the rest of the season we get know more about her as person, and that the majority of the continuing plot line revolves on other aspects of her life than getting close to Adrien. It’s not just problematic… it’s boring. How long can one possibly watch young girl fixate over her crush through a season without being touch concerned that it borders on unhealthy obsession and stalking?

Originally posted by ignitetheliight

Listen, I get they are trying to be faithful to what means to be young and in love, I think the majority of us know, young love hits deep.  I get it! we’ve all facebook stalked or insta-creeped on a cutie, maybe made them a playlist, did a little detective work to see what they liked or who they liked, in short we were a bit fanatical…  it happens!  HOWEVER DESPITE HOW DEEP IN CRUSH MOOD WE WERE, WE  WERE STILL NORMAL HUMAN BEING WITH LIVES, GOALS, AND OBLIGATIONS.
We still had passions that struck as hard (even harder actually ) than our infatuation, maybe you played an instrument, video games, maybe you were a huge book nerd, maybe you hunted or played sports, maybe you did arts and crafts (*LOUDLY CLEARS THROAT* FASHION DESIGNING!!)  but there was certainly more to you than who you liked.

Originally posted by fudayk

We know more about the deuteragonist (Adrien)  than the titular character, Marinette!  Ironically enough I was concern Adrien wouldn’t be given any kind of attention and would just be some sort of pedestal sitting eye candy for Marinette, so I am definitely glad that he’s gotten attention, good writing, focus on meaningful relationships in his life outside of Ladybug (Nino and His father). We even know where he gets some of his fighting prowess (i.e. Fencing champion) and his exposure of Chinese culture (i.e. learning the language)
But I feel like we know too little about Marinette…
What are her parents like, what’s her relationship with her father?
What are her goals as a designer? Is there any companies she wished to work for? What designers does she follow?
What kind of student is she? What are her grades like? What does she excel at? What subjects are hard for her?
does she have any other friends beside Alya? Why or why not?
Does she only get her skills from the miracle stone she wears or can she defend herself without it? Does she take gymnastics? martial arts? Really anything that shows she’s proficient in some sort of athletic art.

There’s only been three episodes so this might be just me being nickpicky about an otherwise great show.
They are breaking barriers in so much including the genre, gender roles, and what was assumed possible about international projects such as these. The writing otherwise is top-notch.  The 3-D animation is to die for, everything is so beautiful.  
I want this show to reach it’s potential because it clearly shows that love has been pour into every aspect of its creation.
I don’t whine to hassle, I whine because I believe in this project and think it could become the next Sailor Moon, starting a real change in how animation, the magical girl and super hero genre, not to mention young female aimed programming comes to be in the upcoming future.

PLL questions I need answers to

1. What’s the deal with Sydney? Why did she come to Rosewood and why was she dressing like Jenna and wearing the sunglasses?

2. What was the role of CeCe Drake? Like she favors Ali but isn’t her twin and she kinda came and then left but she clearly knows more about what Ali went through than the girls.

3. I just don’t understand how they figured out that Bethany Young was the girl that was in Ali’s grave but yet there has been NO photos of her on the news or anything like the liars can’t even find a picture, facebook page, nothing…? Creeping around Radley was the only option?

4. What the hell happened on the night Ali disappeared? Like why won’t she at least tell them that much….

5. How was Ali’s room kept the same with all her little stuff (like money) hidden exactly as it was before she “died” when Maya lived there at the beginning of the series and Ali’s stuff was outside in boxes?

6. Something tells me there was more to Maya’s death…like in the first episode of season 1 Spencer saw Ali in her room, so does that mean that Maya knew Ali was alive the whole time?

7. I still don’t think this whole Ezra was just writing a book storyline is believable. He literally had surveillance cameras and stalked the liars..and how the hell did he never come across A in all that videotape if he wasn’t A.

8. If Ali was hit in the head and presumably unconscious which made her mother think she was dead..how did she hold her breath long enough to be saved? and how did she know it was her mom that buried her if her eyes were closed?

9. And if Ali was actually assaulted and buried alive then when the hell was Bethany Young murdered?

10. Is Jenna blind or not? One minute she seems to be able to see, the next she’s using the walking stick. Is it an act so people don’t know she can see or?

11. Why was Jessica DiLaurentis so unfazed when her and Emily found evidence that someone had been sleeping in her basement? Could that be who she was “protecting”? Would the person she’s protecting be A.. I’m assuming all this leads back to some underlying storyline that I have no fucking clue about but still..

12. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

13. Who killed Bethany Young?

14. Who tried to kill Ali?

15. What was A’s motive for torturing Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Aria in the first place?and for so long now? Most people had problems with Ali, not the girls. And when the texts first started the only thing they were somewhat guilty of was witnessing the Jenna thing. (then again the book series using the Ali twin concept made this question make perfect sense, but if the show doesn’t follow this i’m not sure how much sense it’ll make).

I have so many more questions I can’t even think of right now..anyone know the answers to or have a theory about any of these so far?

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5 Apps That Were Clearly Designed By Total Creeps

#3. Facebook Is Already Using Your Phone to Listen to You

Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to have bragged shortly after he started Facebook that people were “dumb fucks” who just handed him information about themselves. OK, you got us there, Mark, you rascal. We are idiots for doing that. But now Facebook is so used to us giving them access to our lives that they’re starting to take more and more of it any way they can. …If you recently updated your cellphone’s Facebook app, you probably gave them permission to listen in while you type a status message.

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