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The Marauder's Map
  • Harry: So you mean this map shows...?
  • Fred: Everyone.
  • Harry: Everyone?
  • George: Everyone.
  • Fred: Where they are.
  • George: What they're doing.
  • Fred: Every minute.
  • George: Of every day.
  • Harry: Brilliant! Now I can creep on Malfoy whenever I want, stalk him, lurk wherever he's going and jump him on every corner!
  • Fred:
  • George:
  • Fred: Oh no!
  • George: What have we done?

“(No) Catch and Release” the third winner in the reader vote. Back in the early days of LieFace I would get random attention from passers by. Someone would add me, talk to me, and then get creeped out by me and block me. I thought it was something I said until this happened.

Unfortunately a lot of Aspies and Autistics find themselves on the receiving end of the dreaded “You’re creepy” block having done little to nothing at all. Much less anything to deserve it.

Maybe next time wait for the person you are talking to to actually do something creepy before you jump to conclusions. Ya'jerkface.
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Maybe some of you have heard about Richard T. Bui lately on your Facebook feeds. He was one of the creators of the Cosplay Photographers website. He has left Cosplay Photographers over a year or so ago. In any case, he is well known in the NorCal cosplay scene. I have not lived here that long, however those I know here tell me he was a familiar face at conventions and cosplay gatherings in the area. He had a large circle of friends in the cosplay and cosplay photography communities including well known (or “cosfamous” as some people say) photographers and cosplayers. A lot of people who have known him for years were completely shocked and appalled by this behavior, which proves to me even further that he was selecting cosplayers who were not as outspoken or known in the community in hopes they would not speak out.

He used this position to lure and groom these ladies into giving him nude photos of themselves in order for him to be able to “trust” them. – First question that comes to my mind is what fucked up kind of logic is that? It should be the cosplayer who would need a reason to trust the photographer!!! And in some instances, these propositions for nude photos were made to underage girls. Minors.

In the messages above, it is pretty damn clear that he was using classic grooming tactics in order to have the victim doubt themselves. He made it seem like it was “no big deal” and that others were doing it, so therefore the girls should feel more comfortable in giving in to him. He also mentions that he deletes the photos, but then immediately afterwards says he’d share a few examples, even some of “well known” cosplayers – this means he in fact DOES NOT delete them.

These brave girls have spoken out about him. At first it was just one comment, then it seemed like a flood of others came to speak out in hopes to raise awareness, and in hopes that he doesn’t victimize any more people. Please, BEWARE of this guy. If you are a victim, please speak out, I understand it is a hard thing to do, and scary, but you could potentially be helping victims in speaking up, as well as preventing this shit from happening to others.

Remember, NO ONE SHOULD EVER need nude photos of you to get an understanding of your body type for a photoshoot. If someone asks you, tell them HELL NO and do not communicate with them any further. This is not professional behavior!

The cosplay community should be a safe place for all of us – let’s work together in making it that way.

Edit: Photo of Richard added as to know what he looks like in order to avoid him.

linneaxskam  asked:

But there's also a conversation between tarjei and his friend leaked and that convo is from the other persons pov so I don't think it's Tarjei's facebook that's been hacked. Awful either way but

still fucking awful and the person who hacked tarjei’s/his friend’s facebook is a fucking creep 

Today, I fucked up when I tried to facebook creep my boyfriend's ex girlfriend.

Today, well early AM, I fucked up and got super wasted and tried to search for my bf’s ex on fb, but when I typed in her name, nothing came up. I searched over and over and nothing. This evening, I see that I had posted her name all over my wall. Kill me.

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On Friday I was out partying with friends. Talking to some mutual friends and am introduced to some of their friends that were visiting from NYC. One of the girls had a super familiar last name..asked her if we had met before..no okay. Then why did her name sound SO familiar (same with her face)
This girl gets trashed and me being the good person I am, help her get all fixed up and have her friends get her an uber.
So later I get home, decide to Facebook creep her and what to I find out?

I’m fucking her dad. Her dad is my fucking sugar daddy and I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together. (I blame it on the shots) BUT GIRLLLLLL, talk about oh shit moment. I’m still laughing.