Honestly, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is going to be Samwell University’s 2016 Valedictorian.

This young man:

• has a 4.0 GPA
• majoring in Biology
• is co-captain of an extremely successful university sports team
• probably involved in other extracurriculars (BSA) (you can’t convince me otherwise)
• is Facebook friends with every student at Samwell i.e. sociable, knows everyone

In short, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is a well rounded young man who is going to give a heartfelt speech at graduation that makes the entirety of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team bawl for at least half an hour. (Bitty continues for an hour. Holster continues for two.)


Notre Dame students to stage walkout over commencement speaker Mike Pence

  • On Sunday, VP Mike Pence will take the stage at Notre Dame University’s commencement to address the recent graduates — but some of the university’s students are making it clear he won’t have their support.
  • Student activist group We Stand For is organizing a protest against Pence during Sunday’s commencement exercises, in which participants will walk out of the ceremony when Pence begins speaking to stand in solidarity with those affected by his damaging policies.
  • “For us, there’s nothing that could be more in the spirit of the university and the university mission than to stand up for human dignity and the most vulnerable among us,” We Stand For organizer Luis Miranda said in an interview.
  • In addition to students, a Facebook event for the protest encourages all attendees, including faculty and students’ families, to participate in the protest. Read more (5/19/17)
Opportunities to Meet People In College

Before Move-In

Admitted Students Days.
Your school/uni may have these under a different name, but days where you can go to get to know more about the academic programs and campus activities.

New Student Send-Offs. 
Casual gatherings hosted by alumni of your school/uni who live in your region.

People From Your High School. 
Maybe you know people from your high school who got into the same college as you. Knowing some familiar faces can make adjusting to a new environment easier.

Class of 202_ Facebook Groups.
Student-moderated Facebook groups for prospective students. Be sure to look for the one that is moderated by current students at your school/uni. There are some that are affiliated with businesses and posts a lot of advertisements. Once you join, make a brief post introducing yourself. You’ll get better responses if you’re specific about your interests (talk about your favorite TV shows/movies/books, your major, what you’re looking forward to doing in college, etc).

Contacting your Roommate(s).
You’ll need to contact them anyway to make sure you guys know what you’re bringing for your dorm. Eventually, you can talk to them to get to know them better. Ask about their interest, but also ask about anything you should be aware of (e.g. allergies, sleeping/studying habits, etc).

During/After Move-In

Helping Others Move In.
Maybe someone's struggling to move a heavy box or needs some tape to hang their photos on their wall.

Keeping Your Door Open the First Couple Days.
Maybe one of your floormates will notice your cool collection of band posters and you two can bond over your similar music taste!

Orientations/Welcome Week.
Meeting people through activities or department-specific informational sessions the first couple days after move-in.

Joining Clubs, Sports, Fraternities/Sororities.
This one speaks for itself.

Creating/Joining Study Groups.
On the first week of class, ask your classmates if they’d be interested in creating an online study group, a place where you can share notes, ask for help, or get information about the classes you’ve missed. You can make a GroupMe (recommended for smaller classes) or a Facebook Group (recommended for bigger classes) or any other social media you see fit.

Good luck next year! Remember that it’s okay to be nervous. There will be lots of people adjusting to a new environment just like you!

Youngmin’s Teacher’s Facebook Post

My student Youngmin
From all the students I have met,
The most humble and hard-working Youngmin.
I met him when he was in high school, but now he’s already 23.
When he entered the class and when finished class
Youngmin always bowed 90 degrees while saying “thank you.”
He still has that same kindly smiling face~~~
How diligent you must’ve been all that time.
I’m proud of you Youngmin. Let’s hit big!! Fighting!!

translation credits: @imyoungmine

How do you learn a language that is not your own? How do you speak in a foreign voice with a native tongue? How does it feel to not be able to pull the right words out of your throat when you need them?

It is as difficult to be understood as it is to explain when using borrowed words, when what you say means less than what you want to say. In films and poems, they call it “Lost in Translation”- not being able to understand poorly translated words. If we were to be honest, there’s nothing romantic about it. There’s no beauty in oppression. It isn’t aesthetic to be misinterpreted, to be unheard, or to be silenced.

In a classroom setting, students are always asked to adhere by the English Only Policy. We ask them to keep their mouths shut unless they learn to correctly use the golden words we inherited from our generous invaders. We teach them to speak, but more often than not, we put the words in their mouths. We feed them the “right” words. We force them to repeat as we say. We serve them a fistful of thoughts they can barely comprehend and gets offended when they don’t chew or disappointed when they choke.

What better way to be perfect but to copy, right? What is better than not having a choice? I’ll tell you what: freedom.

Students deserve to be free to speak their own language (Filipino) or their own words (colloquial) from time to time, to make mistakes from time to time without being judged or being laughed at, to agree and disagree, to be honest. Words are made so we can use them.

After some time, they’ll learn to swallow the language- after years of playing video games, watching Kdrama and sitcoms, reading comic books and badly-written young adult romance novels, listening to mainstream pop songs, and copy-pasting Facebook statuses.

Time has changed. Students learn from various appropriate and inappropriate media. They are smarter than we think they are. Our job has also changed. It focuses more on guiding them better. Teach them that it is courteous to not use the F word inside the classroom, that it is cooler to use “is not” instead of “ain’t” in formal conversations, that you can place words like “fat” or “gay” in a sentence without making an insult.

Tell them that words are fire. You can use them to light or use them to burn. Tell them to be careful, that they’ll burn themselves when they try to burn others. Tell them to be wise in constructing what can break. Teach them to be better writers of their lives. Teach them to be better.

-// Teaching English as a Second Language; S.J.M.

Take You Home (Baekhyun, OC) Part 1/2

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In your eyes that try to smile, there is sadness
But I can’t do anything about it
I can feel it - Take You Home (Baekhyun)

OC - Kang Nami

Baekhyun have always pride himself to be a very rational guy.

He believed things could be settled through thorough communication… through a civilized and humane manner. For he was, in other words, a lover not a fighter.


The pain that shot through his jaw was agonizing and Baekhyun immediately tasted rust against his tongue upon the hit. The impact shoved him towards the neighbouring table, causing the couple sitting there to stand in fear and surprise. He winced as he held his mouth, feeling like his teeth was knocked off.  He hoped he was wrong because that would definitely be a big problem for his singing career.

“Never thought you had it in you Byun,” Park Jun said, a.k.a. the guy Baekhyun had attacked the moment he heard those two menacing words come out of his mouth:

“She’s nothing.”

A fiery rage came over him then and before he could think twice about his actions, Baekhyun had delivered a punch to Jun’s face, which was then followed up (quite swiftly he might add) with a punch to his jaw.

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“I don’t think I was familiar with the phrase ‘oxford comma’ until I saw this early facebook group, this is going back to the real early days of facebook, called ‘students for the preservation of the oxford comma’ and I mean I basically knew what it was, I knew that was a place where you could take or leave a comma, but I never heard it called an ‘oxford comma’ and that really stuck me as such a kind of an elegant name for a piece of punctuation. and then I remember being home at my parents house during winter break of our senior year and just started like playing that song on the piano and made a little demo, and those were the first words that popped into my head as I played the chords”

some things to consider in your college au fic


~Instead of the average “omg my baby is leaving for college so many miles away sob sob” show the roadtrip to a distant town and NO-ONE KNOWS WHERE THEY’RE GOING, DAD, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG LANE. WHY ARE THERE FIVE FUCKING LANES

~Apparently lots of students meet online?

~Or by playing pool in the common room

~Facebook chats among students are the actual best and there’s tonnes of groups to join even if you’re not with the “In” crowd

~Okay but if your character has social anxiety (a common trope I’ve noticed) think how hard it’ll be for them to make friends if they’re in a room by themselves? Having to push themselves out the comfort zone?? Having to convince themselves that it’s okay to meet with strangers just for the hell of it??

~Exploring town: gotta get the good shops

~The party dorm; there’s always one or two that everyone goes to


~Buying icecream to eat for breakfast because yo fucking lo and shit tonnes of freedom

~Seriously so much freedom: the amount of alcohol you can sneak in without having to really try because literally no-one gives a shit.

~Not being ID’d correctly at clubs because the bouncer’s don’t know what the date is, they just want your ID to be real and have your face

~Fresher’s week: starts off good with absolutely everyone piss drunk

~Then it’s shit. Really really shit. The welcoming festival was a sham 

~Can I just make a note that you can’t just walk into the dorms?? You have to give the reception paperwork.

~Also your dorm-mates are never in when your character is. And if they are then they either speak in a foreign language or they have to leave.
~Timetables are absolutely impossible to read and the amount of coursework you have to do by yourself… Well let’s just say it’s likely that your character is going to need a source of internet that’s available 24/7. And not always provided in the dorms…

~You literally will never meet someone coughloveinterestcough by bumping into them. I don’t care if it’s fiction, it’ll never ever happen!

tangina pagka-open ko ng facebook ko buhay abm students agad bumungad sakin yung sikmura ko bumaliktad nanaman TANGINA SERYOSO KA NA BA SELF ABM NA BA AYOKO PA PUMASOK DI PA KO READY?!?!?!

Same-Sex Marriage In Taiwan: Progression Via Judicial Review In Spite Of A Passive Centrist Politics

On the 24th May, Taiwan’s Council of Grand Justices issued Constitutional Interpretation No. 748 in which they stated that The Civil Code violates the freedom of marriage and equal rights for all citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution, and that If the government has not changed the law in two years, same-sex couples will be allowed to register their union at household registration offices.  This has since proven to be a destructive mistake. Marriages across the nation are falling apart as heterosexual couples realise that their union is not only no longer sacrosanct but has also been stripped of any meaning. Young impressionable students across Facebook and LINE are declaring their desire to marry themselves and their pets, and at least one of the remaining statutes of Chiang Kai-shek has been spotted weeping. Traditional Chinese culture and Confucian values are dead. The malaise of Western liberalism has destroyed yet another nation. That at least, with little exaggeration, was the prognosis of what would happen should same-sex marriage be legalised. What has actually happened is that the nation has spent a day or two in mild celebration that the Council of Grand Justices affirmed that some of the rights laid out in the Constitution do actually apply to everyone, as is the purpose of a Constitution. There has been little of a social, or political earthquake in response to the ruling, but for those who campaigned so hard to enjoy a basic right to join in a legally recognised union with the person they love regardless of their sex or gender, it was a seismic moment.  It is one that Taiwan should rightly be proud of as the first country in Asia to release the institution of marriage from illogical and exclusionary heteronormative constraint.

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carol-ars  asked:

fun fact: one of my university teachers shared one of your tutorial posts on our facebook group of animation students

2) actually the post isnt even yours sorry, but its your reblog they shared so im assuming i have a university teacher following you?

Wow, I wonder why they’re following me. Uni teacher must be a haikyuu or YoI fan. :D 

Thank you for telling me. 


My name is Zoe and I’m studying a Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services at the Australian Institute of Design in Brisbane, Australia.

My college includes a “tribal” themed look as part of the syllabus. As an Aboriginal Australian this made me very uncomfortable but I was also sick that day, so I didn’t attend class. This is something I’m grateful for now.

Several students across different classes did blackface and were not once stopped by their trainers. Trainers went as far as to post photos of these “looks” as examples of brilliant work in our student Facebook group, as is done regularly to highlight the day’s best works.

Another student commented on these photos immediately calling it as it is; blackface. Then ensued a few days of absolute nonsense during which another ATI student was humiliated in from of their peers in a “group meeting” called to ask that the “bullying” on the Facebook page be stopped. No one criticised the work of these people or bullied them in any way. I have receipts that clearly show my friend and I saying that this is blackface and blackface is unacceptable, nothing else.

I have sent multiple emails to my head of department and some high-level management of the institute and am still awaiting response beyond “we’re sorry your feelings got hurt”.

They have issued public apologies which I have just learnt is because of these screenshots. Apparently Twitter has named and shamed them and I am so glad.

I’m tagging popular beauty tumblrs (and literally anyone else who I think would give a damn) whose artistry and ethics I respect and adhere to because I want to get this out there on tumblr too.

Myself, other Aboriginal students and those who stood up for us were ignored and effectively told to get over it until Twitter got a hold of this. Please help us effect real change in our classroom in a way that values our input as POC and First Nations People.

The Australian Institute of Creative Design has a public Facebook and Instagram page, both easily found by searching “Australian Institute of Creative Design”.

@bedpartymakeover @yeoja @playugly @tomfordvelvetorchid @desired-doe @daddylongxlegs @wrath-the-furious @balmawuy

To all Exchange Students

A piece of advice. A soliloquy. An ode.

Take yourself out of the rotary youth exchange student Facebook groups. Don’t let their silly mantras affect you or influence you. Do not sit in your room eating Nutella all day. Do not watch netflix all day. Do not hang out with the other exchange students every single weekend. When you hang out with people as American as you, you aren’t growing. You aren’t changing. You may be in a new place, but if you are with the same people, your mind will never grow. Make an effort with your classmates. Learn how to kiss ass. Everybody you meet has something to offer you. Try in school, or at least make it appear that you’re trying. You are no longer an individual. You have to live to please your host parents now, and that is a difficult effort sometimes. If you can do it, though, the reward is truly magical. If you want something, ask for it. If you need something, ask for it. Ask questions. Pursue conversations. Make plans. Allow yourself to fall, and be sad, and cry. Remind yourself that it is normal. It is helping you grow. You will feel isolated, lonely, and foreign. It’s okay. Allow yourself to feel this way, and then get over it. You will. Time heals most anything. Write postcards back home. Send packages on people’s birthdays. Skype your parents. Make your host parents dinner, buy your host mom flowers. Go to the library. Study. Explore. Don’t be lazy. This is the worst possible time in your life to be lazy. Do everything.


Well done, Wilkes Central High School, and your absolute forward thinking and acceptance of ALL students. Detect the sarcasm.

There is a post going around on Facebook about a student who attends WCHS. They came home with their yearbook. It’s quite lovely, as the cover showcases here. Now, inside is a page where throughout the year students were allowed to submit “anonymous secrets” that would be printed in the yearbook.

Behold the secrets.

Oh, but wait… what is this? Is there one with black electrical tape over it to obscure the secret? Upon peeling this tape up (carefully, otherwise you WILL rip this page as others have done) we see the secret that was just NOT ALLOWED: “I like guys and girls.”

Seriously. Let’s print about vomiting while kissing our boyfriend, but that is just TOO MUCH. So much so that every yearbook distributed was amended with this tape. Curiously, this was okay to make it into print but somewhere following production was decreed not acceptable and black tape - a defacement of property - was taken to the page instead.

I’m disappointed, Wilkes Central, but far from surprised in your behavior. I had so hoped that we had grown past this, but it seems we are still going around with the topic.

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Havalina idly glanced around the library, chewing on a wad of gum. The library was quietly humming with activities - the out-of-date computers struggling to run Facebook and students hurriedly typing papers due within the hour. The bull terrier blew a bubble which popped quickly, prompting her to scratch her nose to scrape off the gum remnants.

‘Bored…” she murmured, not having classes for quite a while. Not that Havalina had nothing to do; a biography of James Joyce was open in front of her, sitting next to a stack of his novels. But for some reason, the dog wasn’t interested in reading and instead busied herself with just being bored in the university library.

Unbeknownst to Havalina, her day was about to get a lot more eventful. As she sat in the plastic library chair, she idly shifted, it suddenly feeling (somehow) less comfortable than before. Her bottom half started expanding, plumping up as though inflated by a pump. She didn’t notice at first, her attention taken by a fellow student angrily pounding on one of the printers on the other side of the library.

Her hips continued to widen even as she leaned back in her chair, filling up her high-waisted jean shorts. “Mmm… Maybe I should grab some lunch?” Havalina wondered aloud, one paw idly going down to rub her belly. She felt a lot more plushness than she was used to - the bull terrier had been monitoring her diet for the past few weeks to combat the paunch she had somehow developed. However, a quick look down finally made the college student realize that her hips, belly, and bottom were ballooning outwards, starting to strain the integrity of her pants.

“Wh-What…?!” Havalina jolted upright, knocking her chair over onto the carpeted floor. “Eeep!” The bull terrier almost fell over, her growing weight throwing off her sense of balance. She took a few tentative steps, still in awe at her growing bottom half. She put a paw to her now spherical shape, partly amazed that her shorts were containing what was a large yoga ball-sized mass of fur and fat.

Havalina poked her belly, blinking in amazement at the sensation of feeling her finger plunging into very soft, plush-feeling fat. “Mmph…” the dog huffed as she took a few more careful steps, jiggling with each movement threatening to tip her over. Her buttons felt strained and there was a lot of pressure in her belly, but her pants miraculously held, not a single tear to be heard or seen. “What happened…?” she wondered, half holding, half supporting her waist, which seemed to have stopped growing. The dog’s lower half was at least three to four feet in diameter at its wider point, soft with fat.

Her ears perked up to hear grunting behind her. She slowly turned, the bull terrier careful not to whip herself around, although if a fall did occur, it would have been very padded. One of her friends’ roommates, a hyena with a propensity for piercings and cigarettes, slowly padded up to her. She was lightly out of breath, as her middle was bloated up to the same size - if not bigger- than Havalina’s.

“You, too?” the hyena asked breathlessly.