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A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty-Six

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

Maebh walked slowly between the stalls, looking at all the goods for sale. Many of the townspeople saluted the princess, glad to see her well again after the turbulent birth of hers and Prince Loki’s second child. She had missed the town as she came toward the end of carrying Vali and had been forced to remain at home. With Vali asleep wrapped close to her, she selected a leather belt with a loop to hold a sword as a small gift for Loki.

Loki was currently speaking with Odin and Heimdall as Thor was in Midgard with many of the warriors, leaving more duties than usual for the younger prince to fulfill, especially with Odin feeling so weak. Ásvaldr was also due to visit within days of the warriors return, and with what had happened in Svartalfheim, Loki was adamant that there would be no retaliation or issue of any sort in Asgard.

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