• Antonia: No matter what you did in there, I think this is all that matters, really. You saved all these people. They wanted us to believe that we are who we are when we're at our worst. But you know that's not true. Don't you, Taako?
  • Taako: ...Y-eah. I guess...I really did save the day. At the end of the day, I guess it doesn't matter who pushed...what buttons, and who betrayed who, really. The important thing is we're all family. We're all part of this thing called life. By the way, you're welcome.

I want a really close bond to form between all of the random incidentals who made it out of Wonderland and got left in the woods while Our Boys went off to save the world. Because chances are? Most of them are not in the greatest state of health after an extended dose of Lydia-and-Edward.

Last we saw them, Antonia was recently blind, Sterling was a hot mess, and Rowan was apparently missing patches of beard and not looking great which doesn’t bode well for him long term. I imagine people who were there for longer were even worse off, missing limbs and years and big chunks of memory. They were in a forest full of dangerous animals, they probably had to rely on each other to get out. 

And then.. well Neverwinter is close and Sterling is the lord of it, even if he comes back ten years older and seriously traumatized. He can get everyone the best of care, just in time for the world to start ending around them. It’s a struggle to get out of the woods- carrying some people and leaning on others, regular breaks for healing and reassurances that everything will be fine once they get to the city- but they make it and manage to convince Lord Sterling’s that yes, this is the same boy who left a week ago. After that things are easier, but still not easy. They’re not a good state. 

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