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your first time w/ connor

A/N: hey guys!  so anon requested this, sorry this took me soon long to write, but its probably one of the longest ones I’ve written. id like to thank snog-a-con for helping me find inspiration to write this. 

also waring: sexual content and a bit of a visual (not that graphic i promise) and blah blah if you don’t want to read about having sex with Connor i wouldn’t recommend reading (;


it was the week before uni and you couldnt be more excited, this was the college that was your first pick. but thats not the only reason you were excited. you have been dating connor through the internet, and all other sources of communication; you were finally meeting him for the first time. you had met him through twitter and you guys went back and forth on twitter and snapchat until you both were at the point of needing each other’s number. you and him texted back and forth for a while until you confessed that you had feelings for him, them thankfully being mutual. you began facetiming and doing everything you could as far as talking on a daily basis. you had planned out a few skype/facetime dates but they were always really relaxed ordering pizza at the same time or even just talking for over an hour. now you were taking a flight out to him, also due to the fact he was only a 2 hour drive to where your university is. you were beyond nervous to see him face to face for the very first time. you had all of your things packed up since you were staying the weekend at his and then you would head to university early to set things up. he texted you knowing that you had to drive to the airport soon. the text reading “ hi baby, have a nice flight. cant wait to see you xx” making you smile and responding with a “thanks babe,see you soon xx” before slipping your iphone and headphones in your pocket and heading to the airport. the flight was supposed to be a quick one only a little over an hour. you didnt have any bags that needed to be checked or anything like that since you just had a carry on. you sat in the gates area reading the sign saying the flight took off in 15 minutes and theyd be boarding soon. you shot your boyfriend a text before getting on the plane “ see you in an hour, getting on the plane now (:”, quickly getting a response “ill be waiting outside of the gates, have a safe trip”

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your flight went by relatively fast because you were just sat watching a movie the whole time intill you were interupted by the announcement about the plane landing. you quickly turned your phone back on whilst popping a piece of gum in your mouth, because no matter how many times you flew you still werent a fan of the landing part. finally you made it off the plane and looked everywhere for your boyfriend still unseen. you felt a squeeze on your body from behind “hi” he whispered cutely. you knew by the voice exactly who it was and quickly turned around to look into his blue eyes. “youre, youre here. i just i cant belive youre actually in front of me.” you said in pure shock. “yes im here, babygirl” he said smiling bringing his hand to your cheek. “you look even more beautiful in person” he said in a voice only the two of you could hear, just before leaning down to kiss you. this caused you to drop your bags and grab his face kissing him back. he slowly pulled back both of you out of breath “ive wanted to do that for so long, you have no idea” he said smiling. “i think i have a pretty good idea” you sassed back making him chuckle. “come on lets go, thats all your stuff right?” he said looking at your rather large backpack on the floor. “yup,thats all ive got” you said picking up your backpack.


the two of you finally made it back to his apartment and it was a relief, most of it was actually because of course you believed that he was real and everything but it was a bit scary because you were meeting for the first time ever. now that you know everything is legit it was sort of calming. “hey, um where should i put my stuff?” you questioned. “well you can put it in my room if you want, but i mean you dont have to sleep in the same bed if that makes you uncomfortable i can sleep on the couch this weekend” he rambled. “relax, no ones sleeping on the couch” you laughed a little. you put away your stuff and saw your boyfriend sitting on the couch watching whatever it was that was on tv. you sat crisscross on the couch next to him trying to see if he was paying attention. “hey Y/N, you wanna watch a movie?” he said looking over at you. “only if my boyfriend will cuddle with me” you said trying to be cute. “deal” he laughed moving over to be closer with you. he turned on a random movie and you guys

sat there watching the movie for a while until you ended up just looking up at him in happiness. he caught your eyes with his own and leaned down to kiss you again, but this kiss was different then the one at the airport it was so much more intense. you kissed him back with everything you had. before you knew it you were in the midst of a makeout session and you were on top of him and he pulled away. “we should stop, if we go any further i dont know if i could stop myself from going too far” he said sweetly. “what if i wanna go too far” you challenged. “i just dont want you to feel like you have to or anything like that.” he said rubbing your sides. “there has been nobody ive ever wanted to do this with more, trust me this is what i want” you say confidently. “i know this may sound rushed, but i love you and i wanna make sure that you wont regret this later.” he said in a calm yet worried voice. “ do you just not wanna have sex with me? is that the issue here?” you said getting irritated. “no,no of course not. you’re fucking beautiful and id be honored to have sex with you baby girl” he said kissing you deeply. “but let me lead” he whispered in your ear before the both of you were flipped positions on the couch. “maybe we should take this to your room” you giggled as he was peppering kisses all over your neck.


before you knew it he playfully lifted you up and leaded you to his bedroom. he put you down only to rid himself of his shirt and lightly press you to the bed kissing down your neck causing little whimpers to leave your lips. you reached to pull your shirt over your head but his hands stopped you. “let me” he said sweetly, whilst lightly lifting your shirt over your head and putting it on the floor. he held your face as if it was glass, with the most sensitive and delicate touch and looked into your eyes with love evident in his face. “beautiful” he whispered before kissing you again and again; on your lips, on your neck, on your chest, and trailing all over your stomach. “i want you to know that every inch of you is absolutely beautiful, and im going to cherish every inch of your body” he said smoothly running his hands behind your back ridding yourself of your bra. once the bra was off of your body you heard a noise come from connor that you’ve never heard him make in your entirety of knowing him. he cupped your breasts in his hand rubbing you and running his thumb over the sensitive skin, causing you to shut your eyes in pleasure. “does that feel good princess” he said in a low voice. you let out a strangled moan. “just enjoy it,hm” he said before putting his mouth where his hands were making your mind block out everything besides him. your hands gripped onto the sheets not knowing where to put your hands. he placed your hands in his hair in response causing you to run and pull your fingers through his hair. he slowly made his way to where your waistband was as he fiddled with the button on your jeans and looked up at you almost asking for permission. you nodded your head causing him to pull your jeans and underwear down and off of your body.

his head was between your legs bringing you to a state of ecstasy  your hands in his hair moaning out like you never thought you would but the pleasure took over your body.

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your high was approaching when you felt the lost of contact making you gasp in confusion making him chuckle and leading his lips back to your neck relaxing you. “when you come baby, i want to be inside you” he said before separating your bodies only to take his pants off along with his boxers. he came close to you kissing you with passion before speaking to you again “you’re absolutely sure about this right?” he said searching for any sign of doubt from you. “i’m positive, as crazy as it may seem i love you too babe” you said kissing him with everything you had. he grabbed a condom and pulled it on himself before entering you. “sh,baby i know its gonna hurt in the beginning but im gonna go slow okay?” he said softly caressing your face. he wasn’t lying, he took it slow and it was painful in the begining but once you got past that you felt extreme pleasure throughout your body. “shit con, you can go faster, please” you said almost sounding desperate. you didnt need to tell him twice because after that he went so fast you swear your legs were shaking. you could feel your high approaching again and you gripped on the back of his neck, your head falling back. “just let it go, babygirl.” he said in a soothing tone before both of you rode out your highs and he pulled out to lay next to you.

you looked down to see you bled all over the sheets, you were absolutely mordified and shut you eyes murming words along the lines of “fuck” and “shit”. “babe whats wrong?” he said looking over to you. “im sorry, i kinda um” you said glancing down embarassed. “its alright, we can change the sheets its not a big deal. its normal babygirl dont be embarassed” he said kissing you. him as well as yourself put some clothes on before changing the sheets and throwing the stained ones in the dirty clothes. you had underwear and a random shirt you found on top of the dresser of what you assumed was his shirt. “cute” he commented on the shirt making you laugh. after everything you and connor headed to bed and slept intertwined with each other.