So you want to put more black people in Star Wars including a black stormtrooper…cool don’t care; I’m sick of those stupid clones anyway. So you want to write in more female characters and design their outfits to not be revealing…also don’t care. What does piss me off are the dumbasses and their click-bait non-story articles that treat it like this is some great civil rights achievement, and are taking a victory lap. Like as though black people have never been in a Star Wars movie before or a woman has never been fully clothed in one before. Somebody asks why the character doesn’t wear more feminine armour and now we get flooded with bullshit articles like “Star Wars facebook page brilliantly slams sexist commenter.”

You are Star Wars you don’t need to pander to SJWs to do well this isn’t an all female reboot of ghostbusters, you don’t need a social justice angle to market it…you are Star Wars. As long as you don’t fill the movie with nothing but gungans and politics people will go see it…hell they probably would even if you did. Write whatever characters you want, design them how you want, just make them cool and interesting for Star Wars fans. No need for a social agenda infusion.

So this guy is on Facebook pretending to be Deadpool and posted something quite sexist. I am Chloe^^

Deadpool isn’t a sexist cunt. Don’t make him out to be. It’s actually ridiculous how you’ve come to the conclusion that he is.

In fact I’m sure if Deadpool / Ryan R saw this he would be disappointed with you.

when people call Rachel Dolezal a “transracial hero” but say that Caitlyn Jenner “isn’t a real woman”

This was on an article about an instagram “star” who puts women on leashes? ( linking later as I’m on mobile) I will never stop saying that jokes like this about abuse and rape and assault shouldn’t be tolerated or brushed over. Its not funny. Undermining the severity of these topics and turning into a “joke” reinforces the bullshit sexist culture we live in. The irony in this is how the comment above mentions respect and equality and how women have agency in the respect men give…?? As if women only deserve respect if we act a certain way?! instead of men respecting us because were people. And then both comments mention or hint to women dying ( above saying some women should “stop living” and other implies being abducted.) Both end in erasure of women at the hand of men- but oh if we acted in a way that pleased them we can avoid it, we deserve living?! Fucking comment section of facebook. Vile shit.

Publié par la page Facebook “je suis une pub sexiste” doudounes ultra légères surtout pour les hommes qui payeront 40€ de moins que les femmes.

put an end to the “commenting on a popular facebook post with racist, sexist, homophobic, fat-shaming, outdated 9gag memes to fish for likes from fellow idiots with the intellectual capacity of an empty beer can”- culture