I heard somewhere that on Tumblr at least, support for Sense8 has gone down. I know that people are tired and depleted, but I urge you NOT to give in. We still have work to do before admitting defeat. And if you are still tempted to give in, consider this:

Fight for truth. Netflix has lied. Its time for them to be held accountable to that.

Fight for justice. This cast did not even get the consideration of a phone call when the plug was pulled on a show they poured their heart and soul into. Fight for them! Fight for Lilly and Lana, who spent a decade putting this story together. Fight for them!

Fight for love. Netflix simply cannot understand the vast amount of global love this show has generated. To them, it boils down to numbers, but to us, this show is about peace and love, acceptance, and diversity. Fight for that!

Fight for the conclusion to this beautiful story that we deserve to have, and our cast deserves to tell. Netflix owes us this when they did not even have the decency to give proper warning to the creators before letting them film a season finale with an open ending. Fight for that!

And we are still fighting on Facebook and Twitter and also Instagram. You can’t look at a post of theirs without seeing Sense8 comments first and foremost. We are still a dedicated bunch, and we aren’t ready to give up.

Our new Global Cluster account on Twitter (and now Tumblr), has already done projects to raise awareness to our cause. Plus, we are nominated for a major poll we are currently winning in! Emmy nominations have been sent out, and Sense8 is on the ballot!

So please, do not give up! No matter what microscopic chance there is, I’ll take it because this show is too important to let die like this.

renaissance high school AU
  • michelangelo: the angsty gay art kid who hates literally every other person even though everyone respects him.
  • machiavelli: honors student but still rollin in the hoes and always in trouble. makes really long political posts and gets into fights on facebook. gets expelled for his schemes.
  • raphael: the chill art kid that smokes a lot of weed and is loved by everyone. gets even more women than machiavelli.
  • leonardo da vinci: jack of all trades nerd who smokes even more weed than raphael. loves animals. actual genius.
  • lucrezia borgia: queen bee. owns every boy in the school. uses them for test answers.
  • isabella d'este: the other it girl. has it all: style, grace, gets amazing grades. fucking hates lucrezia for stealing her man.
  • julius ii: angry alcoholic football coach. may be a huge dick but gets results and the school worships him. bisexual art hoe also somehow.
  • lorenzo de'medici: the sugar daddy principal. knows how to run the school and keep people in order. talks big game on expanding art and science programs.
  • rodrigo borgia: that one sly fucking math teacher. knows when you're cheating (because his class is too hard) and exacts punishment swiftly. flirts with other teachers in the lounge.
  • savonarola: the puritanical disciplinarian. convinced the entire student body is evil and does everything in his power to stop their debauchery. hates rodrigo in particular. would light the whole school on fire if he could.
  • cesare borgia: school drug kingpin who put every other petty dealer out of business. spiked the punch at prom. has a knife fetish.
  • caterina sforza: silent freak. everyone's afraid of her. bookish. could probably kill cesare if she tried but she gets her weed from him.
  • leo x: school secretary who constantly embezzles money to buy weird exotic pets at shady conventions. never seen without a literal buffet on his desk. kinda creepy.
  • martin luther: disgruntled student who talks a lot of shit and writes graffiti in the bathroom stalls about all the fucked up shit people are doing.

Facebook vows to fight Islamic terror — while ignoring the threat of white nationalism

  • In a policy blog post on Thursday, Facebook announced that it is using artificial intelligence and other methods to curb Islamic terror.
  • That distinction — Islamic extremism — is key. As Facebook noted, “We are currently focusing our most cutting edge techniques to combat terrorist content about ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates.”
  • So no white supremacist terror groups or non-Islamic groups — although “we expect to expand to other terrorist organizations in due course,” the post says.
  • Facebook restated its stance against ISIS and Al Qaeda by offering transparency on how it handles content that may support terrorism, attempt to recruit from the platform or spread terrorist propaganda. Read more (6/16/17)

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Social Media TGC headcanons

Pierre Bezukhov:
-spends all of his time on Facebook fighting about politics
-has a Twitter but forgot the login
-has the Snapchat app but doesn’t actually use it, he just has it so no one will steal his phone and make him get one

Natasha Rostova:
-Twitter famous after a tweet of hers went viral
-has a semi-popular Instagram

Sonya Rostova:
-aesthetic tumblr
-has an Instagram, mostly uses it for group chats

Anatole Kuragin:
-Snapchat. He loves the filters. 
-Also Instagram, though maily so he could repost anything Helene posted and so she could tag him
-Has a tumblr on which he’s mutuals with Sonya but enither of them realize it

Fedya Dolokhov:
-ran a pretty popular vine account that mainly consisted of the stupid things Helene, Anatole, and Pierre (and sometimes Balaga) would do

Helene Kuragina:
-Also a Facebook because sometimes it is fun to chime in on politics
-Also has a tumblr, but she rarely uses it

-Vlogs on YouTube and has a Twitter that Dolokhov runs

Marya Dmitrievna:
-Facebook wine aunt who posts pictures of cats and nothing else

We will acquiesce to the scanning of Facebook posts to fight terrorism, which has killed 56 people in the UK in 10 years, but will still regard the killing of two women a week by their partners as a private domestic matter.

fifteen years ago i came out to my mom as bisexual, and she asked me what it meant, and asked why i couldn’t just be a lesbian since it would be simpler, and honestly she was just having trouble understanding all this because she never interacted really with a lgbt+ person before and now there i was.

right now she just reblogged a trans positive article and honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying that seeing her facebook fights with my close-minded relatives.

Lian and Damian headcanons

(Bc why the fuck not)

  • damian is lians favorite uncle. He teaches her the coolest sword moves, actually gave her a wooden sword to practice (and promised her, when jason wasn’t listening, that he would get her a real one on her tenth birthday), he never patronizes her, and practically treats her like an equal (which was a bit of a mess a bit but eventually damian learned when he could treat her like he would treat everybody else and when he need to remember she was just five years old)
  • Damian and lian conspire to get her a pet at least five times a month
  • damian promises lian she could be his robin once he finally takes the batman mantle..
  • dont tell anyone but damian really enjoys babysitting her…
  • “father, as much as it pains me to say this, you need to get hood on this case. He is obviously the best choice for a mision like this.” “Damian you’re not coming along, you’re aware of that, right?” “I do know. That’s why I suggest you also accept arsenals help” “Damian… you know you can visit lian anytime you want, right?” “what are you trying to insinuate father?” “… nothing. You’re right.” “Alright. Now if you excuse me I have homework to do. Oh and feel free to remind Todd I’m the only one in the country at the moment, and that last time Hawke babysat he didn’t color lians coloring book properly. I know this because lian told me herself.” “Ahá.”
  • Jason and Roy come back home a lot of times to find them sleeping on the sofa, still with either wooden swords or crayons on their hands
  • Jason definitely takes a thousand pics that he sends to dick, bruce, alfred, and cass.. (not tim or stephanie because he doesn’t want to be directly connected with that.. dick will probably put it on Facebook anyways so,)
  • Damian fights tooth and nail to keep Lian’s interest in swords alive… but of course the Archer DNA is stronger.. (or that’s what roy says. Damian knows theres no such thing)
  • Damian pretends not to know the basic archery techniques so Lian can teach him what she’s learning with daddy, aunt mia, and uncle connor
  • the moment lian knows she wants to become speedy and not robin after all, she tells roy and jason, very seriously, that she needs a little sibling so damian could have a robin…
  • (roy and jason take that request very seriously by the way..)
  • Lian doesnt let anyone but Damian help her with her drawings (“no dad! Uncle dami said those two colors dont match! They dont match!!”)
  • She starts using “fool”, “buffoon”, and “imbecile” when she wants to insult someone (and roy and jason cant really complain because it could always be worse)
  • theres that time lian insists on damian tagging along to their zoo visit (he listens to her pointing to the animals and telling him the names even if he had visited that same zoo with dick a thousand times), and she finds really amusing when some old lady tells jason he has two wonderful kids and damian and jason jump at the same time indignantly “HES NOT MINE” “IM NOT HIS KID”… and even more amusing when roy wraps his arms around damian and exclaims “i love my beautiful child!” (and admonishes damian when he tries to elbow him on the crotch, even if she does find it a bit amusing too)
  • When Damian is having a Bad Day he just stops by the Harper-Todd household, and he doesn’t even give explanations before sitting with lian to draw while she tells him about her day at kindergarten
  • one Halloween, Damian soberly announced Dick he wouldn’t be trick and treating with him anymore. Dick was heartbroken, thinking Damian has reached the “I’m too old for that!!” Phase, but when jason sent him a pic of damian in a speedy costume and lian in a green arrow one, with the caption “Oliver queen eat your heart out, you son of a bitch” he almost started crying
  • Damian most definitely attends Lians tea parties, even when Stephanie (and Cass) are also invited
  • When roy gives damian a ridiculous bright red “Best Uncle in da world” shirt, Damian seriously considers to stab him, before he sees Lian in a matching “Best Niece in da world” shirt. He wears it often and Bruce and Dick try very hard not to cry everytime.
  • connor and damian “agree” that they’re both lians favorite uncle.
  • “I’m favorite arrow uncle and you’re favorite bat uncle.” “I’m her favorite altogether but if that helps you sleep at night.. Alright, hawke”
  • Jason and roy see it as a victory.

A recent conversation made me think of this, but the biggest Facebook fight I’ve gotten into in the last two years was a friend of mine posting about how a man harassing her group for their BBQ (in CA, not here, in liberalandia) made her feel unsafe, talking about trans women, etc, and her friends basically didn’t do anything and left her to fight on her own FOR THEIR FUCKING BBQ.WHEN HE WAS OUTNUMBERED. 

And one of them posted in response, “Ugh yeah, we were giving him so much side eye” 

And my response was “We gave him so much side eye: Profiles in courage” 

Cue fireworks, me not understanding safety, whatever the fuck ever, but I said it because it was true. 

Because they were acting a fucking coward. Because they wanted to be this brave thing but when the shit hit the fan they were afraid. And they didnt want to cop to their cowardice. They wanted to be the revolutionary liberale without any of the discomfort. 

I have been a coward. And the times I have been a coward haunt me for life. I still, in moments I wake up from a dead sleep, remember the eyes of the German girl looking around for help while this fucking drunk loser debated with her about her Turkish boyfriend. Because I knew enough German to know what he was saying but not to fight with him. Because my mother was with me. 

No. Because I was a coward. And I should be ashamed. 

Shame is good! Shame makes us better next time. Shame should burn inside us and haunt us, so that next time, we remember the pain of having been weak, and we are strong. 

I’ve literally been fucking arrested for not putting up with nonsense and I can still act a coward, apparently,when the time is right. I am glad every time I feel shame, because I deserve it. Because I need to be better. 


Girl gets yanked by her hair threw drive threw window by another girl because of Facebook beef. #fights #girlfights #drama #beef #omg #beef

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Possessiveness: your partner is not an object

Your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner married or not is NOT yours.

Humans have had the conspicuous habit of trying to own everything; from lands, animals and people. The expression: ‘I’m off the market’? Pet peeve. I mean are you’re objectifying YOURSELF.

Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean your partner is YOURS. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, it doesn’t matter how much you love each other, it doesn’t matter how great your relationship is. You are in a relationship with a human not an object.

This human regardless of what you may think, has thoughts, abilities, desires, needs and feelings. Many or even most of which you don’t even know about. They have the ability to make decisions without you and act upon them without you.

What does this mean? It means while you may be in an exclusive relationship with rules and expectations, that other person may withdraw from the relationship whenever necessary. They are not obliged to stay with you forever and you are not entitled to make them stay where they don’t want to be. You are also not entitled to tell your partner they may not go certain places, be with certain people or do certain things.

Being in a relationship is a CHOICE.

Many people ask me how I’m so cool, calm
and collected knowing they my boyfriend is a musician and often goes out partying,clubbing, bars and has attractive friends. Well while I’m not setting my situation to be the pinnacle of healthy relationships, we do follow through basic principles that have made our relationship last.

My friends are shocked to find out I do not care what he does, who he’s with and what time he comes back. Just as he choose to be in a relationship with me he is able to take the choice of leaving me, cheating or loving someone else. I will not stop him. It is not my place. It is not my decision. I do not own him. He is a free agent, allowed to do as he pleases as long as he respects me. I know he will not disappoint and if he ever does I won’t hesitate to let him do whatever makes him happy. I also have the ability to make the call of forgiving it moving on. How is this possible, my friends ask. While this may sound detached, it’s not it’s reasonable and allowing healthy habits to flourish. Your relationship must consist of trust. It’s the fundamental piece of the whole wall. Trusting your partner will allow you both to have space and peace of mind.

Why should you consistently call your boyfriend when you know it’s boys night out?Why should you not allow your girlfriend to have guy friends? Why should I be worried that my partner is a musician? Why does your partner have to call you every night? Or check in? Or have to ask or tell you where they are going?Why should you question who’s pictures they like on Facebook, fight over their affection, argue with another person over their crush on your partner?

Doing the above makes your partner bored, exhausted and feel trapped.

As they say you must love in a way your partner feels free.

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Your confidence in the the CBX Stack™ is astounding, so you've countered my Chanyeol, Jongin and Luhan and it seems like the stack is unbreakable. But for how long? Yes, CBX is constantly up each other's asses but how long do you think that camraderie will last? All you have to do is wait for that sweet moment when Jongdae either has to go to Sunday service or Baekhyun's noodle arms start to waver then BAM, watch them fall like Jenga and attack with a Sehun-type Pokemon then its GAME OVER BABY!

Listen. A common myth is that CBX is always in stack formation. This is untrue and weak for the unit. Like if we all could have unlimited stacks forever, no one would ever leave ihop. Anyway, CBX rarely even engage in spontaneous battles. They organize fights via facebook messenger. For example, they had scheduled to fight Kr*s at 3pm in the parking lot at dennys. On the rare, unplanned fight when the stack is disassembled, CBX actually have a 6th sense and are aware of potential threats to the stack and gather quickly while the member in danger climbs to an elevated surface and projects a CBX beam into the sky. Thankfully, most of the time CBX is actually together. JD & Baek had accompanied Min along to all of his master’s classes and earned honorary degrees themselves but Jongdae ate his out of spite and is now pursuing his own and Baek uses his as a mousepad to play world of warcraft or whatever it is. So TL:DR CBX schedule fights in their day planners but have arranged their lives to be with or almost with each other 99.8% of the time for convenient stacking.