As promised, I made Facebook banners (twitter headers, wallpapers and icons will come later I promise!)


  • 10 Facebook banners made by H-D
  • Dimensions are 830x315 
  • Facebook doesn’t like HQ so it will not turn as good as it may seem, sorry! 
  • Like or reblog if you take please :)
  • No need to credit us :) 
  • Download here (.zip)

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us

Once again, happy birthday to our dear Thomas and don’t forget to watch him tonight on Top Gear :) 


Tutorial on how to make a really nice futuristic banner~ Hope it’s going to be useful!

Facebook VS Tumblr : Thor Edition

When someone adds you on Facebook

When someone follows you on Tumblr

When someone sends you a Facebook message

When someone you a Tumblr askbox-fanmail

Losing a friend on facebook

Losing a follower on Tumblr

Error on Facebook

Error on Tumblr

Scrolling threw Facebook news feed

Scrolling threw Tumblr Dashboard

 Someone  trying to argue with you on your facebook post

Someone  trying to argue with you on your Tumbr