Cause the Diabolik Lovers Cafe opened today and I CAN’T BE THERE…I made some Facebook banners using the cute cafe chibis.  

Feel free to use them to your hearts content. 

Watermark will even get covered by the Facebook bar. You’re welcome.

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anonymous asked:

amanda speaking of how extremely incredibly unbelievably visibly gay u are how do u achieve that level of irrefutably sapphic to everyone in a 10 mile radius bc i am a simple lesbian in a city of ppl who wouldnt know a wlw if she invited all 14k residents to her gay wedding & if anyone can help them itll be me channeling every amanda catsi lesson u have to spare. signed a lone lesbian in a city of harolds

ok i been thinking about this ask all day and here’s what i do:

  1. i have a necklace with two venus symbols linked. i literally never take it off. i wear it everywhere and make sure it’s always showing
  2. i have an undercut. this one isn’t necessarily sapphic but it helps
  3. i sit kinda gay. like futch to butch gay chicks sit kinda different so do that around people you want to know you’re gay
  4. my customer service voice is really high pitched and heterosexual but my real voice is pretty deep and gay. if you have a deep and gay voice don’t hide it. let that bass rumble
  5. my facebook banner is a gay pride flag
  6. my twitter handle was @lacklusterlesbo for a while
  7. make facebook posts about being gay. like on april fools day i made a post like “im straight. haha april fools can you imagine”
  8. but for real just generally like… being gay is a fundamental part of who i am and it permeates everything i do and i think that’s what makes me more visibly gay. like i talk a lot about gay culture, and the gay community, and gay dating, and gay movies and gay books and gay games and gay celebrities and gay tv shows and gay everything and it just kinda follows that oh, she’s gay

so like… if being gay isn’t as integral a part of the personhood u project that’s ok! it just is for me and i think that’s why everyone who talks to me for 2 seconds goes ‘oh yeah shes gay’

also, holy shit “A Lone Lesbian in a City of Harolds” killed me dead bye