I’m just such an emotional wreck over the Pulse shooting. My college was located in a “gayborhood” and I used to go to our local gay bars all the time. It felt like a gay bar in a gay neighborhood in a very blue city (and in my case, in a very blue state) was a truly safe place for me to be openly bi and to hang out with friends who were gay, bi, trans, etc., but of course it isn’t, is it? Not as long as any jerk can own a semiautomatic weapon and be allowed to take it anywhere s/he goes. 

I’m a graduate student, so there are many cases of these mass shootings where I feel like it could have been me, and the grieving families could have been my families. But it’s really obvious and personal for me here. This is my community that we’re now using as collateral in our gun violence crisis.

I’m so fed up with hearing about how this isn’t “political.” It’s totally political. This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world, including places with worse mental health care than we have. It’s America’s lack of gun control.

I’m sick of dancing around it. If you believe that even the most reasonable limits on gun ownership are bad, and you’ve voted and lobbied and campaigned for that attitude, you have blood on your hands. You’re partially responsible for the fact that even as LGBTQ rights advance, it’s still not truly safe to be LGBTQ because any homophobic, transphobic bigot can still enforce his/her bigotry on us, anywhere, at the point of a gun.

Now that it’s being targeted en masse at vulnerable communities, can we treat gun violence as the social justice and public health problem it is and fix these problems at the source? Nobody can live like this. We need to do something about it. Luckily, we have an election where this is a clear difference between the two major party candidates, and one of them has made gun control a key part of her platform. There’s also a chance to put Congress back in control of her party, the one that is willing to do something about this.

So please DO fucking politicize this shit. You fucking owe it to LGBTQ community to do it. You already owed it to Black community, not to mention the college students and first-graders being killed for going to school, and people who just go to the fucking MALL or MOVIES and get shot. We deserve more than your “thoughts and prayers.” And I have zero patience for the usual bullshit arguments today.

So, I used to be friends with this girl in school.  For almost nine years I put up with her shit, and apparently she’s still up to her same tricks.  She’s a heroin addict who is having some random guy’s baby, and here she is making fun of some woman innocent sitting at a bar—because apparently she’s too fat.  

This needs to get trending!  People need to stand up and let assholes like this know it isn’t okay to bully people.  You would think someone in their 20’s would learn that, but apparently high school habits die hard.