It’s been ages since I posted! Here’s some shots of Tank Girl from back at MegaCon!  These have been edited a little bit just for lighting correction and adding the watermark, but there are no other effects on the photos, it’s all makeup and paint!  I’m super proud of this cosplay, and totally overwhelmed by the positive response it’s gotten! I’ll be wearing it at DragonCon next, since some people have asked :)

I’ll have some more cosplay shots coming here soon! You can check out my Facebook if you’d like for progress pictures (mostly selfies, I will not lie): facebook.com/emmarubiniart

September 2016 Have a Hart Day Events

Here are the September events! If you are near or around these cities, send in your RSVP and join us to help make our communities a little bit better.

9/9 - Toronto, Ontario

9/10 - Brisbane, Australia

9/10 - Lubbock, Texas

9/10 - Dallas, Texas

9/11 - San Francisco, California

9/17 - Lansing, Michigan

9/17 - St. Louis, Missouri

9/17 - Boston, Massachusetts

9/17 - Atlanta, Georgia

9/18 - Calgary, Alberta

9/24 - Seattle, Washington

Thank you City Captains for making these events possible!

For most up to date events see the Have a Hart Day Facebook Page

If you’d like to create events for your city send an email to volunteer@hartomedia.com with your name and city/country for more info.

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Edits: added Lansing 8/16/16
added St. Louis 8/20/16

Today(August 11) is the birthday of Delinquent Senpai!

Don’t forget to greet Wakatoshi-senpai when he appears in your game’s cafe today! Tap on him when he has the birthday icon! (This will only appear if it is currently August 11, 2016 in your timezone)

For Wakatoshi’s birthday, we are going to hold a GEM GIVEAWAY on tumblr, facebook AND twitter! :D
We will give out 250 GEMS to 5 people on EACH social media platform! 5 Winners on FB, 5 Winners on Twitter, and 5 winners on tumblr!

On tumblr, all you have to do is follow our page and post a screenshot on tumblr of Wakatoshi in your cafe! Tag your entries with‪#‎HappyBirthdayWakatoshi‬! Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday, August 17, 2016! UTC +8:00 You can join all three contests.

Stay tuned for his Birthday Fan Works Contest Announcement!
Tumblr Contest: http://skillshotlabs.tumblr.com
Twitter Contest: https://twitter.com/skillshotlabs

I am not that kind of person that writes a lot on their blogs but I have this thought in my head, I just noticed that my ex deleted me from facebook. Thing is that he did once he saw I was dating someone else, but he didn’t when he started to date his current girl ( like 4 months ago). Now, I’ve been dating my man for much more longer (2 years) but we never changed our facebook status. So when I posted pictures of us together, I suddenley get deleted by my ex. I asked him why and he just said “you have your life now and you didn’t talked to me anymore”. I tried to, as friends, which it was okay for a period, but when he got a new girlfriend HE stopped texting me on facebook, I’d ask him stuff, and would read it but wouldn’t reply, I would also comment on his pictures and he wouldn’t answer me either. So my thoughts are that he just wanted to “hurt” me because I broke up with him, and he thought I was isolated and alone, but when he noticed I wasn’t, he had a rage attack and unfriended me on facebook.

This is kind of a funny situation. I don’t really care, but it upsets me that he can’t stand the fact that I’m happy with my boyfriend now, and he just had me as friend on facebook to show me how happy he was but once he noticed I didn’t gave two shits, he deleted me. 

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“Happy Birthday!” screeches of an abominable bouncer shuttered through him, shaking the bed, his body as a specific somebody decided to interrupt his precious slumber. It was the particularly precious slumber of a very tired boy on his day off.
“It’s not my birthday” grumbled the scratchy voice of a morning monster capturing the energetic boy, stilling him from his morning destruction in a fit of wiggles from his tickling fingers, fingers that calmed moments later to pull him in against his chest as he mumbled, “Fuckboy… go back to sleep.”
By. Junhwe Mun

What does fuckboy mean to you?

anonymous asked:

¿Quebopinas del Poth? XD O mejor aun... ¿Que opinas de la chica que rolea a Palette en Facebook? Me da bastante gracia como lo hace(?)

Son lindos juntos nwn

Y como que hay alguien que rollea a Palette en facebook!? DIGAME DONDE ESTA!! D:


Getting to looking through my pictures from Otakon, and, well, I have enough selfie shots and photos with friends for their own post (I’m sorry @daggerhime that we didn’t hang out more). 

The photos taken on my phone aren’t the best quality, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Everyone wanted to be super serious, for at least one shot… and then there’s shit like:

(the bottom picture’s from Seraph’s twitter.)

Seraph is @Fataleflare

Minato is @daggerhime.

O’Brien does not have any social media other than a Facebook I’d rather not link, and I don’t know who the cute Jack Frost is.