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Please Share this! Beware if this person comes to you asking for art! Eric Neely may seem like a dependable commissioner, but I think it needs to come out that he has scammed many artists here on Facebook and Instagram, including myself. Some artist’s we’ve talked to have requested to remain anonymous, but another artist (Jordie) and I have our own testimonies. 

I posted this on Facebook but was advised to also post this on Tumblr as well. So far lots of other artists have come forward saying they were scammed as well. But just in case, I think it needs to circulate here too. 

Eric had bought a commission from me and told me he’d pay in November, but then didn’t pay me until Jan. 6th. (I don’t do art until I’m paid first). 2 weeks after payment he told me his parents were getting suspicious about the art and they wanted a refund, even though he claims he didn’t want it. I assured him that I was working on it and sent him an update.

I finished the drawing on February 19th, and sent it to him, and I didn’t get a response. About a week later, I got a paypal notification that someone requested a refund from me. I asked Eric about it and he claimed it was his cousin’s paypal (Kenneth) and his cousin was the one who did it. He sent me a screen cap of him messaging Kenneth about dismissing the refund, but then didn’t send a screen cap when Kenneth responded. I disputed it with Paypal, but then I was penalized 20 dollars from this “Kenneth” guy’s bank. I talked to paypal about it and they said he requested the refund directly through his bank claiming he didn’t get the “requested item” even though I finished the art.

Eric apologized saying he was so busy with school and hadn’t been on Facebook, even though it said he had seen my messages and he was posting a bunch of pictures of himself to Facebook. When I came out and said he or “Kenneth” owe me 60 dollars (40 for the drawing, 20 for the penalty) didn’t responded to me. He finally messaged me today saying that he was going to get me the money back tomorrow, but I have a hard time believing him. Plus, how do I know whether or not he’ll just refund that money too? He also blocked me immediately after so I couldn’t message him, telling me he’s gonna be away from Facebook to focus on school. Which I know is a load. He also blocked my friend Audra.

Jordie had come to me in November saying Eric wasn’t paying them for art and then buying art from other artists. Jordie was eventually paid, but I came to Jordie when this happened and Jordie had the same thing happen. This is what they had to say:
“Eric requested five pieces of art from me, each cost $10. Took him 2-3 months to finally pay me in full. A month later turns out he used someone else’s paypal account to send me money and Paypal sent me a dispute which held and took the $50 AND a $20 banking fee, and it ended up being taken away from me regardless of me fighting against it. He has yet to do something about it.”

Now it’s not for certain, but Audra, Jordie and I are pretty sure that his cousin “Kenneth” is fake. It just doesn’t add up. I emailed Kenneth myself, as well as tried to add him on Facebook. I got no response. With all the things Eric tried to pull it, we just think it sounds fishy. Regardless, Eric Neely and or his cousin Kenneth Polk took money from us and that’s not OK.

So why am I doing this for just 60 dollars? It’s not because of the money. He’s scammed other artists. I’m sure he’s scammed other artists besides Jordie, I, and the other artists that wish to remain anonymous. I want this out there so people can be aware, and also if others have been scammed by him to come forward. PLEASE SHARE this around! His name is ERIC NEELY on Facebook. He really needs know that what he did is not ok. 

His tumblr is http://neely-kun.tumblr.com



Apparently Facebook decided it’s a good idea to just import your FB friends into your contacts. So yes, that random guy you’re friends with from high school is in your phone, now. The weird aunt who you’re only friends with because your mom told you to is in your phone, now. All your Facebook acquaintances are in your phone contacts now.

And you are in theirs. 

I’m the sort of person who triple checks my page every day to make sure that my number and email address are still locked on “only you can see”. The only reason Facebook has my number to begin with, is I like the double device security thing they have. 

So imagine my surprise upon going to find a contact the other day and suddenly there’s all these names and numbers I know I didn’t add. 

I don’t know how long this has been a feature. I do know that all these people were added in my phone within the last day or two (I just got a new one, so settings on my apps must have changed when they transferred). 

I’m really hoping that what I’m saying is old news and there are already a bunch of posts circulating about how to fix this. But if not/if you haven’t seen one…


  1. Go to your settings
  2. Scroll down until you see Facebook and click it
  3. Look under “Allow these apps to use your account” and make sure your contacts are switched off

Stay safe, everyone. 


Warning a Facebook user named Awesome Sniper is claiming to be giving away a rifle using a picture they took from my page. The rifle is custom built by me so it isn’t a case of the same model etc…

My original post-

Ripped off pic on Facebook (let them know in the comments!)-

I messed up the original post trying to fix a link so here is a repost.

And this is why you never threaten someone permanently stuck in survival mode.

(warning: long story)

Been enjoying this blog, and thought I’d post my own story here. While not as epic as some of these or as clever as nobody ended up in jail or out thousands of dollars, for me it was a pretty important victory.

Regarding the survival mode thing - years ago I was living with a couple of friends and lost both my job and my place to live within the same 24 hours when the economy shit itself and the bank foreclosed on the owner where we were staying. Had about two weeks to get out, and I ended up homeless and living in my car for two years. That’s another story entirely. The point, however, is when living in a large city in a vehicle, your survival mode kicks in constantly. You’re always worried, you’re always cautious, and in the event something happens that’s a threat, you usually think of the most effective, brutal, and quickest way to remove it as a threat.

As a result, even years later now that I’m stable, I don’t really have the ability to gauge an appropriate response to a threat. Maybe that’s why I went overboard here, but I’ll share the story and let others be amused or pass judgement as the case may be.

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my dad is posting bible scriptures on facebook and warning people of the date of the end of the world coming up soon.

Sometimes, I hate being so naive. I’m in the verge of a meltdown because of a ridiculous scam. Someone hacked one of my old classmates’ email address and sent me a mail, asking for my financial help.

What they were asking was too much, so I tried to come up with other solutions to help them, but they were guilt-tripping me and manipulating me and all I could think was : what if something happen to them and I could have helped them, but I didn’t ?

Fortunately, my old classmate has posted a warning on Facebook to say that their email address has been hacked, so I never sent money or anything like that. But god, I was so anxious. Heck, I’m not even in the verge of a meltdown, I had a meltdown because of this.

My boyfriend saw right away that it was a scam, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking it wasn’t. I’m so gullible and I really hate that. Because of this, I’m tired, I’m shaking, I’m sweating, but I have to look fine because I’m working and I can’t let them see how much I’m in distress.

F*ck this person, whoever they are. I can’t believe I almost gave them money…

my mom shared a post on facebook that was warning parents of some gross pedophile messaging a young girl and she was like “he’s an absolutely disgusting piece of shit”

hmm. funny

thats not what you call your (soon to be ex) husband that sent almost the exact same type of text messages to me when i was younger and he still had a phone

in fact,,, you get mad when i call him an absolutely disgusting piece of shit that deserves to die

so whatever i guess

My Facebook decided to warn me about @markiplier ‘s latest photo update, letting me know that the image may contain glasses, one or more people and indoor. I’m really glad that Facebook warned me about this rather than properly loading the photo because I’m just not sure if I was ready to see an image with glasses (despite wearing them myself), so thank you, Facebook!