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The answer to "what should a social movement do" appears to be just "things other than public protest." Social movements should accumulate soft/hard power as necessary to achieve their goals, and do things that are actually persuasive. For example, the time and resources spent on a public protest could be spent flooding the feedback forms (phones, email, etc.) of the people in power, instead.

I think I basically agree with this, though I do want to note that protests aimed at public officials (flooding your Congressperson’s office or town hall or rally or event) do seem to be effective - it’s not even ‘peaceful protesting is useless’, just ‘peaceful protesting needs to target someone who can actually do something about the problem’. 

And I think it’s 100% okay to want to go counterprotest the local neonazi rally or join a march against a terrible bill or something. Just like it’s 100% okay to complain on Facebook or design angry t-shirts or do any other of a million things that are forms of political expression which do not seem to change the minds of people who disagree with you. Organizers and organizations need to know the answer to ‘what works?’. And I think everyone else should also know that answer, so they don’t go ‘well, I don’t want to protest but maybe I’m morally obligated to because it’ll stop Trump if enough people show up’. But it’s totally okay to go ‘maybe it won’t change a single Trump supporter’s mind but it’ll help me psychologically to go get outside with a thousand other people who are on my side’. 

The lesson from evidence that protests don’t do much isn’t ‘don’t protest’ (though it is ‘don’t engage in violent protest’, as those actively harm a cause). The lesson is ‘in addition to protests, do things that work’.

Aesthetics for each sign

Aries: Wet grass, screaming at nothing, hoodies, falling in love for the first time.

Taurus: roses, soft kisses, moonlight, campfires, dream catcher.

Gemini: flashing lights, blaring radio, lavender, the smell of laundry detergent, skinny jeans.

Cancer: feathers, ball gowns, blow up mattress, nose kisses, long walks.

Leo: lucky pennies, puppies, long hugs, bubble gum, hair ties.

Virgo: blue eyes, grape vines, cursive handwriting, movie dates, clean rooms.

Libra: coyotes, blue hair, cloudy skies, bike rides, reading before bed.

Scorpio, black shirts, loud bands, sleeping in, bed head, shattered cup.

Sagittarius: butterflies, mandalas, first kiss, warm rain, San Francisco.

Capricorn: cherries, cocoa cola, studying, bunk beds, running to the finish line.

Aquarius: protesting, Facebook, bright hair, t-shirts, swimming, reading all night.

Pisces: secrets, first day of school, rock candy, the color gray, typewriters.