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  • Junkrat: *driving random Overwatch-stamped vehicle* I dunno WHY the company puts me under this kind of pressure, I’m just the FACKIN'delivery guy! THEY'RE the ones overpromisin’ customers, but I HAVE TO RISK MY LIFE to get their packages to them on time, it is ABSOLUTE bull shit. *Later* What can I do here, can I find a shortcut, here we go, up this hill, get to do a bit of a trick as well *goes flying 20 feet in the air* TO KEEP THE DAY EXCITING. Ya orda’ ya fuckin’ doll off Amazon in the mornin’, ya get ya doll in the afternoon, THAT’S OUR GUARANTEE. *fixes ramp on front of vehicle* Ya know what, the other problem is there’s TOO MANY PEOPLE on the road! *driving full speed* If all these BUMS could just get off the fuckin’ road, then they would NOT interfere with my job! Look at me kids, GET A JOB, GET A JOB, FUCK OFF, I got fuckin’ packages to deliva’, thERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING ON THEIR DOLLS OFF AMAZON! Fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off, fack off! Ya may THINK I’m actin’ Like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down, But *vehicles flying off* I’VE JUST FOUND A WAY TA BECOME SUPA’ EFFICIENT IN MY PROFESSION, THIS IS MY FACKIN’ CRAFT, I DON’T CARE HOW THE NEWS REPORTS IT, PEOPLE ARE GETTIN’ THEIR FACKIN’ PACKAGES!
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I apologize for the quality, I had to take a picture of my computer monitor because my prtscn button is broken.
So a ‘friend’ of mine on facebook reposted this gross video (i watched part of it and was utterly repulsed by the transphobia the video features) so I commented on the video. These responses are just 👌
Fuckboy really hitting below the belt there with the deadnaming

Backstory: This guy (a cisgender pansexual) messaged me after not talking to me for a while. It was a normal conversation, then he suddenly asked me if I’ve “had the surgery” yet. I told him that was rude, then ignored his messages trying to defend himself. Then, he sent me a long, angry message calling me an asshole, which lead to a long argument where I called him transphobic and he claimed he wasn’t, and explained to me what transphobia was. He also claimed that he wasn’t transphobic because he’s attracted to trans people.