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I want this to happen in the Season Finale of HTGAWM :
  • Oliver:Wow, I have a mighty headache.
  • Connor:Yes, you drank a lot.
  • Oliver:I didn't do anything stupid, did I?
  • Connor:No, not at all. *laughs*
  • Oliver:What?! So I did?! Your friends are probably making fun of me right now.
  • Connor:No, you didn't make a fool of yourself at the bar. I took you home safe and sound. But you did do some pretty funny things here.
  • Oliver:What did I do, Connor? Tell me.
  • Connor:These are your words, okay? You said: "Bring me that hot ass. Give it to me." *laughs*
  • Oliver:Oh my god. Did I really? I'm so embarrassed. *puts face in his hands*
  • Connor:You also said those three little words...
  • Oliver:*looks up* Did I really? Okay, I know that we said we'll take it slow, and I was totally out of it with the alcohol. So you don't have to take what I said seriously because I understand --
  • Connor:*now he has Oliver's face in his hands* I love you, too. I really do.
  • Oliver:You don't have to say it back if you don't mean it.
  • Connor:I don't say things I don't mean.
  • Oliver:How many guys have you used that line on?
  • Connor:Surprisingly, only one.
  • Connor leans in to kiss Oliver, their lips fitting like a final piece of a puzzle falling into place. A masterpiece in their own right.
  • Oliver:So are you officially my boyfriend now?
  • Connor:I'll even change my relationship status on Facebook to prove it.