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Small things that mean the most to the signs

Aries: Buying them their favorite food and reminding them they are cute

Taurus: Watching their favorite movie with them and making a blanket fort

Gemini: Sharing in general with them and bringing them around your friends

Cancer: Giving them an unexpected back massage and good morning kisses

Leo: Running errands with them and long hugs

Virgo: Doing something for the first time with you and believing in them

Libra: Always being down to hang out or talk to them when they have nobody else

Scorpio: Singing loudly to their favorite songs with them and asking about them in general

Sagittarius: Checking to make sure they got home safely and reading their favorite book

Capricorn: Appreciation for all that they do for you and surprise gestures

Aquarius: Being reminded why they are important to you and giving them space when they need to think

Pisces: When you can make them laugh when they are sad and being open minded to anything they have to tell you

What I look for in a guy: 

  • messy hair
  • wild eyes
  • jeans
  • likes to dance
  • lunatic fringe
  • dean ambrose
  • i’m talking about dean ambrose