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Dylan Sprayberry personal pics - icons without psd

•Hello everybody, missed here but FINALLY IM ON VACATIONS (tks jee)

•Fresh icons for you (or not so fresh, maybe someone posted first, idk who cares)

•If you are going to use/save or appreciate please like this post, reblog it or follow me (talke with me too, im nice)

•I know i know, some pics are with low quality, i am sorry but it’s personal pics, it means -taken with phone-, sooo i can’t do a thing for this :/ but i loved them ♥

hope you all like it ♥ 

On 22 October (yes, a long time ago) the “mysecret-door” completed three years and reached 4K :) I just have to thank you all for caring and for following me all this time. All this means a lot to me I thought not stay here that long, much less reach that number of followers. Thanks also for the beautiful friendships I made here love you all! Thank you!. And as a thank you, I made a package, it is simple but was made with much love. In it contains icons, Headers for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, psds, actions, brushes, textures, reaction gifs, Templates and a ‘Evanescence live 2012’ .

  • To get the pack: Be following the blog, reblogue this post and send a message asking the pack.

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