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This is worth watching, especially the part where he tells Alex Jones and WikiLeaks to “grow the fuck up.“

In 2015, an African American president legalized same sex marriages across America. In 2016 a white male with sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist etc. tendencies has been elected the president of the United States of America. I can understand and sympathize that Americans craved change, someone with a raw attitude who does not feed them political BS. But at what cost? Obama made leaps towards equality and I will be sincerely heartbroken if this man takes America back a couple strides with his outdated attitude towards those of minority. Stay together, America, because you will move mountains as a unit but create a war amongst yourselves if you remain divided.

Alright so I’m in a public library right now, using the computers, when I sat down I noticed this guy next to me quite clearly tapping out an angry response to a post on facebook. Obviously I want to know what’s up, so I try and glance out of the corner of my eye as to the post that he was replying to, but all I could make out were a couple of phrases and mostly just “Clinton would…” followed by “Trump would…” Now this guy sitting next to me was a middle-aged white guy, and basically fit the description of what I would say is a stereotypical Trump supporter, and the fact he was typing something about Trump on facebook and seemed to be upset about it only added to the fact. But it wasn’t until I actually started to read his post when I realised that all my assumptions were wrong. He was actually telling off the poster because they were praising Trump for the misogynistic/racist/just plain awful things that Trump has said and done. So you go dude for making me rethink my stereotypes, and for standing up for what you believe in

Samantha Bee criticizes Trump claims: ‘For the record, massive voter fraud is a lie' 

Samantha Bee has taken on Donald Trump’s continued claims that voter fraud affected last month’s elections, calling them “big lies”.

The host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee criticized the former reality TV star for a set of tweets alleging that undocumented voters lost him the popular vote.

“For the record, massive voter fraud is a lie,” she said. “But this lie didn’t spring Athena-like from Donald’s collapsing pumpkin of a head. He’s a marketer. His big lies are like his buildings: he doesn’t build them, he just slaps his brand on them and tricks the press into promoting them for free.”

She then examined where the seed of this claim came from, blaming “noted Sandy Hook truther and moon landing denier Alex Jones, who despite protests got approval to build a bullshit pipeline straight into the president’s brain”. She also said we needed to go back further and look at the Republican party in general.

“If Trump manages to smash America’s institutions, it will only be because GOP termites have been gnawing away at the foundations for years with baseless claims of voter shenanigans,” she said.

While Trump, and some of his staff, continue to claim that Hillary Clinton’s win of the popular vote was the result of major discrepancies, Bee joked that he would have “won even bigly-er if you deduct all the ugly chicks, flag burners and Alec Baldwins who shouldn’t even be allowed to vote”.

She also spoke about Jill Stein’s much-publicised campaign to crowdfund a recount in key states, claiming people should be more invested in a key Louisiana vote on 10 December.

“Liberals, I know you only gave her money because you thought she’d take off with it and never come back and we all want that,” she said. “But instead of using your energy to undermine democracy, why not participate in it and help Foster Campbell win his Senate run-off? You could make a difference.”

From the 12.05.2016 edition of TBS’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee:

Samantha Bee nails it yet again. #FullFrontal #SamanthaBee

h/t: Benjamin Lee at The Guardian

  • Interviewer: What are your skills?
  • Me: I never got into an argument with someone on Facebook during the 2016 presidential election
  • Interviewer: You're hired

Everything Janelle Monáe has been posting on Facebook lately has been making my life. She’s saying what needs to be said and calling anyone out who thinks that voting doesn’t affect them and/or aren’t willing to push for what we need. We millennials have the power to brig the right person into the office and stop a very racist sexist man who thinks its a great reality television show from being placed there. We only need to VOTE!