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LMAO of course some idiots are trying to start a campaign against the ACLU based on false information that they’re suing UC Berkeley

I swear you could talk this website into severing one of its toes with any post in all caps sourced from a Facebook post

Okay 😏

So, I’m being “followed” by a celebrity blogger or something. Perfect opportunity to be a nuisance to my sister who’s rich and not helping me with my medication I desperately need to sleep. So I say, “Part of me says, ‘SU, I’m in pain. The other part says, God, this is awesome. Everyone else says, Where’s the Money. I say, What have you done for me lately? Exactly. Step off. You’ll be lucky if I notice you in a Facebook post.” 🤣 Right after a post about the fact I learned that the publicist Alexis Chateau is following me on WordPress. He’s out of Atlanta where Lee Pace is shooting “Halt and Catch Fire”. How delightfully serendipitous. Or just purely coincidental. Interesting that his personal blog is following me and so is his business blog. 😁 The giggles are real. Back to work. I have a surprise for everyone. Forthcoming…The Saga of Thranduil finale (original version). The world is watching you more than me.😉

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I’ve seen a bunch of posts on Facebook recently and heard a lot of people talking about “ugh I hate when people complain about making 85s/90s/other ‘good’ grades on assignments” and I thought I would talk about that a bit
I come from a family where a LOT is expected from me, especially academically. I’m a kid who gets in trouble for bringing home anything lower than a 94 on my report cards. I’m one of those kids whose parents constantly monitored their grades, and no matter how little a bad grade counted, I got grounded for a week. All of that piles up, man. When I get a test back and see that I made anything less than a perfect score, I know that when I get home, I’m gonna hear my parents go on and on about how it wasn’t good enough or I didn’t try my best. I made a 94 on a test the other day (the highest in my class) and almost had a meltdown because I knew it wasn’t good enough for my parents. It never is.
So next time you go to complain about someone having a near breakdown about a seemingly good grade, think about what kind of pressure is put on them to excel and what happens if they don’t.

when i lived in switzerland i popped down to the irish pub in town for the north london derby and accidentally met the entire english speaking expat community, which was unofficially led by a spurs fan named nick. nick took me under his wing, invited me to his place for his birthday, introduced me to everyone including his wife haidie and daughters, one of whom is just a year younger than me. haidie saw my spurs tattoo and asked me what it meant and so i called nick over and he identified it immediately (it’s just the number 1882) and he was thrilled and haidie was horrified and anyway, she’s just tagged me and nick in a unilad facebook post with a clip of what must be geordie shore bc i can recognize charlotte, but one of the geordies has given the other, a massive arsenal fan, a big spurs tattoo right over his heart, and isn’t it funny how football brings people together

The details about the protests from Romania which might have been left out of the news: people bringing their laptops out at the protest site during the day and working from there, people giving flowers to policemen and other law-enforcement agents who are tasked with maintaining order, kindergartens offering free baby-sitting for parents who want to protest, people sharing food and hot drinks, taxi-drivers giving people free rides to the protest site, people staying back and cleaning the protest sites, protests being planned in Moldova and Bulgaria in sign of solidarity, and people all over the world expressing their support.