facebook photo contest

“At the end of my exchange year my host family has taken me on a road trip. In two weeks we have driven from Missouri through southern states all the way to California, stayed a day on the Ocean Beach and returned through the Northern states. It was a wonderful and diverse adventure where I saw many things, most notable, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

The photo was taken in June 2000, somewhere along our Journey in a space museum with my host brother Dusty.”

— Giga Vashakidze, Future Leaders Exchange Program 1999-2000

“During my exchange year, I did more than 200 community hours and once, during my volunteerism at the elections I got very lucky. Accidentally, I met Texas State Representative Rob Eissler who invited me in Austin, state capitol building after hearing about my future plans.

In May, I visited the capitol building where he showed me the building and let me be present at one of the meetings which was attended by serious diplomats. This visit was vitally important for me as I made sure one more time that it was the sphere I wanted to go to.”

— Anna Abesadze, Future Leader’s Exchange Program- 2009-2010