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With Cinco de Mayo coming up, please remember that you’re not allowed to celebrate it if you’re 1) white and/or 2) have not been invited into the celebration by a Mexican person. It is not your culture, it is not your right to celebrate when you aren’t even aware of what the day is about. It is not Mexican Independence Day, it’s about the Battle of Puebla and our struggle against foreign powers, namely the French. Do not take my people’s culture as an excuse to drink and party when you don’t care about allowing us to immigrate freely into the country or you support building a wall to keep us out after we’ve been deported.

If you are white and are going to “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo with your white friends, please stop for a moment and think. Think about how you only care about Mexican culture only on this one day instead of caring about us and our struggles for the entire year. If you are invited to the celebration, that’s great, but please be respectful. This is not your place, and for once when we actually have something of our own, do not appropriate it.