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have you seen this adorable fan picture with Andrew? I didn't see it anywhere on tumblr yet. www(DOT)reddit(DOT)com/r/Sherlock/comments/6lwn1b/awkward/


Sorry if you sent this ages ago, I didn’t have any notifications for my inbox til today for some reason and it was only for the one anon message I just answered :/

I actually have seen this picture a lot, although I don’t think I’ve seen it on tumblr myself, I spoke to Holly and she said she thinks it’s on tumblr somewhere but I don’t know for sure. It is very adorable though!

thank you for your message and sorry if I took forever to reply!

Amber <3


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

Before commenting that mainstream media is not covering something, please take a sec away from Tumblr and open a new tab to check if that’s really the case.


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!

  • Elizabeth: Would you slap your master in the face for two million dollars?
  • Sebastian: *looks at Ciel* Yes and I'd give him half.
  • Claude: I'd roundhouse kick Alois in the face for a couple hundred bucks.
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So I wrote a supercorp THING based on this post because it made me irrationally happy: 

(Original post here for credit)

I thought a facebook crack reveal would be hilarious and fun, and apparently so did a few of you SO, I did it. Enjoy <3 :) 

@supercorptrashed @nevertobeships @project-alice

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Eu não sei o que Deus reserva pra gente, mas converso com Ele todas as noites e peço que o meu daqui pra frente seja ao teu lado. Eu não sei quanto tempo vai durar, mas eu tenho tentado fazer com que seja pra sempre. Eu não sei se existe algum coração maior que o seu por aí, só sei que me acomodei dentro dele e não quero que me tirem jamais daqui. Eu não sei você, mas eu ando feliz pra caralho e se depender de mim, a vida vai ser bem melhor se estivermos juntinhos, como sempre foi. E como sempre vai ser. Eu por você e você por mim, tá?