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It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

Facebook robots shut down after they talk to each other in language only they understand
Facebook abandoned an experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood. The two chatbots came to create their own changes to English that made it easier for them to work – but which remained mysterious to the humans that supposedly look after them.

i am screaming please dismantle these demons i just want to farm wheat again 


happy (late) birthday zen 


Long before the shopkeeper was the wise one, he was the reckless one. He did not care for himself, landed on perilous situations. “It’s fine, other people matter more” he would always say, with that kind look on his face. It was not okay, but the shopkeeper couldn’t care less. They matter, not him.

Unable to see his worth, his master called in the guardian. The guardian who gave him half of his eye when he lost his The guardian who gave him his blood when he needed it. The guardian who gave him his descendants so that he wouldn’t be lonely. Everything the guardian did, he did it for him. The shopkeeper whom he cherished the most, the shopkeeper whom he’d give his life for. The shopkeeper whom he loved irrevocably that it hurt.

The Guardian did (and would have done) all of this for the shopkeeper without asking anything but for the shopkeeper’s safety. However, with the path that the shopkeeper took, it was in vain.

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Ruin my chances at my dream job, will you? Please, let me return the favor.
(long story. tl;dr at the end)

I am a nurse. When I was in nursing school, I loved my rotation through ICU and wanted nothing more than to be an ICU nurse, because I eventually wanted to become a nurse anesthetist (ICU experience is required for anesthesia school). My first job after graduation was not in ICU, but after 10 months as a nurse, I was offered a position in a Multi-system ICU. It was a training program for new nurses and I was told I would get 16 weeks of training. Fantastic! I was so excited! Then right before I started, I was told, oops, no, you actually only get 6 weeks of training. Um, okay, kind of concerned that that’s not enough time, but I’m going to try my best. I was somewhat apprehensive, but still excited. Until I met my preceptor.

This girl was undoubtedly intelligent and knew her job, but she was so mean to me that I was regularly having near-panic attacks in the few weeks I worked there. She would send huge emails to the educator about how much I sucked, and would ream me out in front of other staff and patients (one time one of the other nurses had to intervene). The other girl who started the program at the same time as me even said how awful my preceptor was being to me. She was also arrogant as fuck, and always bragged about shit, like how her fiancé (who was a practicing nurse anesthetist and made a lot of money) paid all this money for her engagement ring, and paid all this money for his surprise proposal, and how once they were married and had kids if she wanted a thousand dollar baby stroller, that’s what he was going to buy her, and how her wedding was going to be so big and fancy and expensive and perfect. And she was one of those people who was “super Christian,” and was fake nice and passive aggressive when talking to you that it starts to make you wonder if you’re crazy for seeing the vile in them. I hated her with the fire of a thousand burning suns.

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For some reason the original Planet Panic Facebook post was taken down, but thankfully some fan has already put the Planet Panic short on Youtube!!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! Share it around!!