facebook conference

MySpace Sucks

MySpace has been declining for a while now - they laid of a massive 47% of their staff earlier this year.

They’re trying to introduce new designs and formats, but I gave up on it ages ago. I’m a musician too and although my songs are still there, I very rarely actually login. 

My inbox gets spammed daily - messages from artists’ wanting to sell their music and get me to visit their page, but I can never be bothered. It’s just annoying. 

The music industry has changed massively since the the internet started playing such a huge role. 

Someone gets big on Youtube over night and the need for A&R and even the ultimate record deal seem to not be so important or even necessary. 

Sometimes I get a bit depressed about how much time we spend online. I’m a culprit - I can spend hours writing my blogs and editing my music or my photographs, although I don’t trawl Facebook so much. 

It seems Mark Zucherburg wants us to spend more time on Facebook - even though it’s clear most are obsessed with it, being the most popular social media site in the world. 

They’re going to be integrating music with users’ pages using partners such as Spotify and MOG. 

I wonder what else they’ll explore and how long Facebook is going to stick around for? September 22 is the Facebook developers conference, so I’m sure we’ll hear all about it soon after.