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7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

In our last newsletter we helped you to navigate the choppy waters of email marketing with our 7 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid infographic. Now, to help you sail the seas of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with ease we’ve pulled together the 7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid.

In this infographic find out why you should never post too much or too little, what content you should share and why you should be careful with your hashtags, #ok?


it has come time to unlike the reptile report page and advocate against them.

this is a page on facebook that essentially “markets” (reposts, links) things going on in the reptile community (mostly in the us). they’re usually good about sourcing their stuff. but… they’re now endorsing and advocating for breeders who are absolutely horrid.

there are several people who have posted about how bad brian is. here is one big post, and here’s one with screenshots of him claiming that retics (can be up to 20 feet long) never stretch out in the wild. there are so many sources on how bad underground reptiles is (they’re importers who knowingly sell sick animals).

I am here to tell you to unlike this page and share this post because of this bs.

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9 tips to boost your Facebook Organic Reach

In January Zuckerberg turned scrooge and reduced the average organic reach of posts by business pages on Facebook to just 13% of their total audience. Before you go dipping into your pockets to pay for more ads and sponsored posts, check out our 9 tips to boost your Facebook Organic Reach.


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Travis Beauchesne | Facebook Marketing Strategies

Now a days Facebook marketing has gained very popularity to create online conversation for brands and websites as well as building a community for the client’s. Here Travis Beauchesne has shared Facebook promotion strategies which will get you quick and real results for promoting your brand.