People in the steven universe fan group on FB getting all up in arms over asieybarbie‘s depiction of Rose as black and its really sad. The people in the group are going on and on that Rose is “light pink” and not white and a black  Rose would only make sense if she’s human.

Regardless if she’s “light pink” Rose still looks WHITE. White people have a pinkish tint to them so in my opinion Rose is depicted as a “white woman” even though there’s nothing wrong with that.

And when people freak out over asieybarbie‘s depiction of Rose

As this beautiful big/fat black woman I believe race DOES play a role in your opinion when you see her as just “light pink” aka WHITE

If Cas got a Facebook (destiel)

“Okay Cas now click create profile.”

“Dean what’s a Facebook? Is it a book about faces?”

“No, I’m showing you Cas. Just create the profile.”

“Last name? I don’t have a last name Dean and it won’t let me proceed.”

“Cas just put Winchester.”

“But that’s your last name.”

“I know Cas, just do it.”


“Yes Cas, click on that. Now type my name.”

“Why Dean?”

“Just do it.”

*types Dean’s name in and hits enter*

“Cas let me see.”

‘Castiel Winchester is now in a relationship with Dean Winchester.’

'Sam Winchester likes this.“

"Why did I have to make this Dean?”

“Because Cas, I want the whole world to know that you’re mine.”

“I was always yours Dean.”

“I know Cas, now everyone else knows I love you.”

“I love you too Dean.”