Deathworlders Ho! - A Criticality Fatality

Even in death, deathworlders do not always die “correctly”.

Kreig, the ships insectoid medico, stood over the body of the dead Human.  The human, in return, waved back at him weakly and bore his facebones in a “friendly” manner.  "What’s the prognosis, doc?“ the dead body of Human Hobbs asked.

"As we told you multiple times before you went into the reactor core, you were exposed to criticality event, a fatal - even for a human - levels of neutron radiation.  Your cellular structure has begun to degrade and there is irreversable damage to your acid helixes.  Your biological processes have all either ceased completely or are running on the last bit of cellular inertia they had.  You have died.”  

Kreig despised having to do this, talking to a corpse like this.  The fact that this corpse was still talking, and walking, and occasionally leaking fluids and detrius all over his medbay, was just one more unique function of the fact that even in death the deathworlder’s terrible monster bodies were just too stupid to give up and have the dignity to shut down correctly.

Human Hobbs held his hand up and flexed his falanges, looking concerned.  "No regrets, doc.  With the auto-systems down and the ship taking fire from those raiders, If I hadn’t restarted the generator for the ionizing shields, we’d all be dead.  Now… do you have anything for the nausea and pain that I know are coming?“

Kreig hated wasting perfectly good supplies on a corpse, but he complied and gave Human Hobbs something that would lessen the symptoms - but not the actual damage - of the radiation.  Once he had been given a clean bill of "health”, which mainly consisted of the fact that exposure to him was not a danger to the rest of the ship or crew, Hobbs was released.

Kreig kept an optic orb on the dead human and his movements for the next day or so, and they were mostly mundane… he was released of his duties by the captain so he could “get his affairs in order”, a phrase Kreig still did not completely understand the meaning behind.  This appeared to mainly involve traditional embraces with other humans (called “hugging”) and some sort of expression of ductile fluid.  

Human Hobbs then recorded several and sent messages for his broodmates, mainly things involving well-wishes and instructions for things to do when he was “dead”.  There was a feast in his honor, which he could not participate in due to his digestive track having stopped working, but his body attended and celebrated with his comrades, who tried not to be offput at having a corpse in the ship mess with them.

By the end of the second day, the degredation to what was left of Hobbs’ body was such that it had to return to medibay and be placed in a biobed so that Kreig and the other medicos could oversee the remains as the rest of the biological processes failed.

On the morning of the third day, one of the strike scouts, a young and fit Human called “Dash” by some of the others, came and told Hobbs that the strike unit had tracked down the raiders responsible and had ‘avenged’ Hobbs’ untimely death.  Hobbs’ corpse seemed very pleased to hear this, and the two shared a solemn series of nods that Kreig noted but didn’t understand.

That afternoon, even the Captain lowered himself to this madness, coming to posthumously present a medal of valor to Human Hobbs for his bravery and sacrifice.  There was more expression of ductile fluid.

By the evening of the third day, the body of Human Hobbs requested that the medicos increase the analgesics he was receiving to the point that he would loose consciousness.  As Krieg inputted the final instructions into the biobed, the damaged corpse hand of Human Hobbs reached up and placed a firm grip on one of Krieg’s legs near where it joined his mesosoma.  "No regrets, Krieg.  You take care of them now…“

And that was it.  With a few button presses, the body of Human Hobbs FINALLY stopped moving and talking, days after being fatally wounded.  Even then, it still took another three days before his pulminary and circulatory systems failed completely.  

Kreig had argued (unsuccessfully) that they could increase the dosage of the analgesic compounds, or introduce any number of other chemicals, to halt the bio-mechanical processes completely, but apparently there were traditions and histories about this sort of thing.  Kreig wanted to point out that, traditionally, his people would have used a dead body like this to incubate their young, providing both a safe place for the eggs and a ready food source upon their hatching, but stopped himself.  

Humans were too set on their wasteful customs.


Been trying to make some quick shapekeys to make some facebones so that I can see how it works stills gotta play a bit more around with it to get a better feeling for it! Good old trial and error #gameart

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Musing on Sherlockians

How easy it is to be
when the object
of your desire

is a mink-sleek
man-boy, with facebones
that are all planes and angles–
well-lit and graciously

His lines, gloriously
written and delivered
with panache and
a Brit accent.

And if those fat, grey
whorls resided in the
cranium of someone

Flesh like a balloon
full of pudding,
face like it was on fire,
and the fire was put out

with an icepick.

Words that barrel out of
an untrained throat, or
stutter past crooked teeth,
a hare lip, some imperfection.

Would you love him then,
I wonder?

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

Note: I do not know who to credit for the image. Please let me know if you are the artist.

Jim is the type of person that gets a cardboard cutout of Spock for when Spock has to leave on a diplomatic mission so that he can always see Spock’s beautiful face

Bones is the type of person that spends fifteen minutes a day explaining how much he likes this version of Spock better because it can’t talk but is still pretty


This was supposed to be done for Father’s day but there were some…difficulties. ANYWHO, Based off of this post + what I wrote. Tried my hand at humor, but again I think I just ended up with something sad. Also, this is my first comic ever! 

Norwegian: I know dad is dead, just throw this in the icy water hole he died in.