Jim is the type of person that gets a cardboard cutout of Spock for when Spock has to leave on a diplomatic mission so that he can always see Spock’s beautiful face

Bones is the type of person that spends fifteen minutes a day explaining how much he likes this version of Spock better because it can’t talk but is still pretty

Hey pals it’s me, Facebones! I hope you’re excited about Dethmas in July because it’s gonna be fucking metal. You might not know what it is, so here’s this important boring stuff.

Dethmas in July is a summer celebration of the Metalocalypse fandom.  Hosted by homicidaltyger and hookingspirals, it’s a ten-day virtual Dethmas party complete with real-world presents!  

Of course, a party is only fun when people show up, and Satan’s SANTA’s list could use some names on it.  While we’re planning memes, chats, and a few surprise activities, the true spirit of Dethmas in July is celebrating the art, fic, and crafts that make our fandom bright and brutal.  EVERYONE is invited to participate by creating and sharing Dethklok fanworks, and doing so just might get you presents.  Which is what the holidays are really all about.

Here’s how the presents work:

  • ☃  There will be ten days of Dethmas in July, running from July 1 to July 10 of 2015.
  • ☃  During each day of Dethmas in July, post a new, completed piece of Dethklok fanwork (art, fic, crafts, etc!) with the tag #dethmasinjuly.  
  • ☃  We will reblog your qualifying posts here.  
  • ☃  Posts earn PRESENTS, with one present for each day.
  • ☃  Post all ten days for a very special extra present!

All Klokateers hoping to receive actual physical presents by mail must first read the complete RULES and then fill out the SIGN UP SURVEY.  Without the survey, your only present will be disappointment.

Follow this blog (and check the tag #dethmasupdates) for future announcements!



-Facebones voice- Hey everyone, welcome to Hell Yes It Is Kloktober!

This is here blog is gonna bring all sorts of fun dedicated to the one thing we all love most: METALOCALYPSE!

This calendar has all the days laid out with all the fun activities we’re gonna have! Be sure to tag your participation with #metalocalypse and #kloktober, and feel free to tag us @hellyesitiskloktober and on Twitter @kloktoberfest. 

All the activities are laid out under the read more here!

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