So I downloaded this app called Face Bomb and basically it takes a face in the picture you use and it replaces everyone’s face with that face. You can re-bomb to use someone else’s face if that’s not the one you wanted. So I find this old photo of my sister and I and it does this:

So I’m thinking “What the heck did it think was a face? Was it Mickey? Or Minnie? (My mom is a Disney fanatic by the way). So I re-bomb the picture so I can find out what it thought was a face and:


I’m dying.

No #makeup for a few days! Just had this narly thing pop up on my face! :( #ihatezits #spot #facebombs #uglylittleshits #nomakeupfordays #whyme #ugh BUT the rest of my skin is looking great! The #ClearProof is working, and just like any skin regimine, it will get worse before it gets better. #clearproofjourney #cupkatekreations #mua #MaryKay

Facebombs, then.. I found this on stumbleupon, I apologize if it’s a repost. I haven’t seen it on here, and I just want to make you smile. Is that so bad? Huh? I love you. And seeing you happy makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. It’s the best gift you could ever give me. You know that?

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