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It is Austria, Krampusnacht, December 1977. Julian Devonshire, his pregnant wife Kathy, their son Toby and mother-in-law Celia arrive at the alpine chalet for a family holiday. They are shown around by Klaus who tells the family about the local legend of The Devil of Christmas. All the good children are given gifts by St. Nicholas, and all the bad ones are punished by the demonic Krampus. But who has been good, and who has been bad?
- The Devil of Christmas, Tuesday 27th December 10pm, BBC2. 



Today we continue our journey through Call The Midwife Series 2 Episode 4.

Jenny manages to persuade Ruby to walk a little with her son.

As Jenny and Ruby go outside to take the baby for his walk, a neighbour of Ruby’s makes terrible remarks to Ruby about her Son and herself.

The remarks upset Ruby to the core as they are directed at her Son’s condition. Ruby rushes inside leaving Jenny looking very cross with the neighbour.

Photo 1: Jenny and Ruby prepare to take Ruby’s Son for his walk.

Photo 2: One of Ruby’s neighbours is standing beside Ruby’s Son’s pram.

Photo 3: The neighbour makes terrible remarks to Ruby about her Son.

Photo 4: Ruby is so upset that she rushes back inside leaving Jenny feeling very angry with the neighbour.