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After a tiresome game of badminton a group of friends go for a night out at a local restaurant. They indulge in some tapas and a few drinks, which sounds like a lot of fun - but ultimately somebody has to pay the bill at the end of the night. What has started out as a pleasant evening ends with a shocking twist, as an argument about who is going to pick up the bill erupts - and then spirals out of control.
- The Bill, Tuesday 21st February 10pm, BBC2.

BBC - BBC faces tough challenge to do ‘More Of Less’ as cameras return to W1A - Media Centre
The BBC’s Head of Values Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) is once again throwing open the revolving doors to New Broadcasting House to allow cameras to film series three of W1A.

So it’s all good.


Episode 4 Clip

This show. Seriously.

I miss series one cast, especially Leighton and Julie, but man this show is still great. The addition of Aisling Bea and the return of some store romance has set a different pace which is great. I hope next series has romance and a character like Richard to add some more tension.


365films challenge

“Tell me now you regret it. Tell me now that sometimes in the night you think of me. Tell me even if it isn’t true”

Miss Austen Regrets was okay. It wasn’t like, spectacular or anything, but it was an enjoyable watch, and a pretty good cast list. SO. MUCH. FRUSTRATION. I was just… Shouting at her. So much XD