Amy McLean: Uncovering Helena Bonham Carter's elusive role in THE EARLY LIFE OF BEATRIX POTTER

Interview with Mike Healey, the writer-director of ‘The early life of Beatrix Potter’ (1991). 

“It was written with Helena in mind. We met for the first time at the Savoy in London. I had, earlier that day, been holding auditions for a child to play the younger Beatrix but Helena convinced me over tea and scones that she could play both roles. In the finished film she ages from 10 to 30 - a quite remarkable achievement.”


“I always wanted to be a character actor, even when I was stuck inside a corset playing innocent girls. I always thought that they were so passive, which I now see as unfair. They weren’t passive; they were these amazing, dynamic women from the novels. But I’m afraid that’s how I saw it.”

Happy 49th birthday to the remarkable Helena Bonham Carter (May 26th,1966)


“The other day, I was getting changed at the gym and this woman, a stranger, looked me up and down and said, ‘Do you have a broomstick at home?’ I thought, ‘Honestly, I’m just trying to do some exercise here.’ Another time I was doing yoga, and someone tweeted ‘Bonham Carter’s wearing bloomers to the yoga!’ I was going to tweet back saying they’re not bloomers, but then I realised that actually they were. Hahahahaha!”

Helena Bonham Carter for the Sunday Times May 2016 issue