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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


David Tennant filming his Doctor Who video diaries

…so this is mostly Doctor Who Confidential filming David filming his diary while filming episodes of Doctor Who

(this post is a mix of gifs and still photos)

can i just say something please, like it’s bothering me so much

This is going to a be a pretty long post, but please still read.

Right, so.
This is basically about trash on Donna/Catherine.

“Donna/Catherine is old.” and “Donna/Catherine is fat.” are the most common ones I hear, but then these same people go on about how they love actresses like Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. 

I’d like to clarify something for you, okay? Sandra Bullock is 50 years old. Her birthday is July 26th, 1964. Catherine’s is May 12th, 1968. Catherine is 46 years old. Julie Roberts’ birthday is October 28th, 1967. Admittedly, that’s only one year older than Catherine. But you see my point.

Right. So. Fat?

Honey, that^ ain’t fat. Now, you might be thinking, “But she’s wearing a corset.” Oh, sweetie, I got that covered. I’d like you to go to this link, thanks. You go watch that now, the rest of this post will be waiting.

Finished watching yet? Now you tell me how that is fat. No, seriously. Message me, message me anon for all I care. I just want to know.

Finally, I didn’t mention this above, but the absolutely most common one I hear is that Donna/Catherine is a bitch. 
In The Runaway Bride, Donna is quite bitchy, yes. But that’s how the episode was written. PLUS, she comes back from that. She spends the rest of that time searching for The Doctor, for a new beginning. And she gets it. She is not bitchy once in series 4. She’s sassy as hell, oh yeah. But you’re sassy too. You’ve never sassed your parents? You’ve never gotten cocky with someone who was trying to tell you what to do?  That helped The Doctor see what he was doing. He needed Donna. He loved her. Whether you think romantically or bromantically is up to you, but he definitely loved her. And just because Donna in one episode is slightly bitchy and some of Catherine’s characters are quite rude, does not mean that Catherine is anything like that. She is a really amazing person.

One more thing, I’d like you to search the word ‘bitch’ and tell me what comes up. Oh, wait I could just put ‘em here for ya.

  1. a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter. (noun)
  2. express displeasure; grumble. (verb)

I also feel like this needs talked about.
Stories: Rose vs. Donna.


  • She had a caring boyfriend, who loved her to death. A mom that cared for her and loved her just as much. She ran away with a strange man anyway. Not even a second thought. She left her boyfriend on the street to go with another man. While with that man, she fell in love with him. Very much in love with him. Might I remind you that she was still in a relationship with Mickey? Then she brought Mickey along. She literally flirted with both of them and in front of the other. But The Doctor matched it and fell in love with her. Then Doomsday happened. Yes, sad. But then Journey’s End happened. Rose, even though it wasn’t exact, got what she wanted. She now lives a happy life with The Doctor, he can even grow old with her. Her dad is alive and her parents are even back together, PLUS her mom is pregnant. All in all, for Rose. It’s not that bad. She’s even living the rich life.


  • She has horrible relationships, where the guys treat her like she’s a worthless piece of shit. Her mom literally does the same exact thing. She refused to go with The Doctor the first time, but then realized she doesn’t want her shit life anymore, she wants to see the universe. So she sets out to find him, and does. They are instant best mates, a perfect duo. He needs her. She needs him. They help each other. She becomes the most important woman in all of  creation. She becomes something; someone. But then that’s all taken away. The Doctor erases everything that she ever was and became from her mind, even though she begged him not to make her go back. She can’t go back. Because she knows she’ll go from feeling important back down to nothing again. After this, she meets a guy. They’re dirt poor. They can hardly afford an apartment. She gets headaches. She gets so sad, but never knows why. If one little thing reminds her of the slightest thing with The Doctor, the memories flood back and her mind implodes. She dies. Donna literally gets nothing she wanted. 

Now, I’d like to see one person tell me Rose’s story was more sad.

01 Everybody's Got The Right
  • 01 Everybody's Got The Right
  • Assassins
  • 2014-12-23 - Assassins, Menier Chocolate Factory, London, UK (Matinee)

Everybody’s Got The Right - Cast of Assassins

Assassins - 23rd December 2014 (Matinee)

Everybody’s got the right to religiously search for tickets to this perfect show.