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Thank you Bryony Hannah for potraying mental illness in a way that was accurate and not dramatised. Thank you Bryony Hannah for showing us the true reality of mental illness, the heartbreak it causes and the horrors it surfaces. Thank you Bryony Hannah for showing that mental illness is a valid illness, and that that’s okay. Thank you Bryony Hannah for giving mental illness the representation it deserves.


30 Days of Call The Midwife: Day 8, Favourite Storyline Arc.

Sister Mary Cynthia’s storyline throughout series 5 and 6 has been my favourite storyline ever featured on Call The Midwife. I’ve written in length about this previously.

But I loved this storyline because we saw Sister Mary Cynthia go on a massive journey. After she was attacked she was scared and lost. The attack left her more vulnerable than before. Her mind became fractured and she fell into a spiral of depression from which she couldn’t see a way out. Bryony Hannah’s portrayal of this was beyond phenomenal. 

The storyline line shed light on the very real and very heartbreaking impact of mental illness. But it also showed how understanding and compassion can help someone who is lost in the black cloud of their own mind find a way out of the fog and see the light again. 

Dr Turner’s line will forever stick with me. When Sister Mary Cynthia asks if he think she’s ill he simply responds with “Yes I do, but that means you can be healed”

What this storyline highlighted  is that there is no shame in mental illness. It showed that by sharing your own experiences, as Dr Turner did, you can help others, and that you can overcome it. 

“There are so many secret wounds, so many types of hidden scar. The soul, being stronger than we think, can survive all mutilations and the marks upon it can make it perfect and complete.”


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