nina‪: We started out as fetuses. Now we are women. The trips, adventures, and laughter I have shared with these beautiful souls makes me tear with joy. I love them more than I could ever explain or begin to put into words. Each of these photos is from season 1. We were all so young, and SO excited about the new and exciting show we had booked. And even more excited that we got to be a part of it together. It felt like we had this awesome little secret, no one had seen Vampire Diaries yet. But we couldn’t wait to spill the beans, for the pilot to air so people could see it. We hoped so much that people would like it. Prayed that it would be a success and continue for many years. We got our wish. 8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own. These are incredible women and forces to be reckoned with. I’m so proud of you all. #FlowerPower #TVDForever

Kelly said ringing the bell “let some people out” and we know David Anders and Sara Canning are back for the finale.

Esther confirmed that Jenna found Peace™ and moved on. If by some cosmic ass-pull Jenna Sommers, AKA the purest pure to ever pure and perhaps the only 100% unproblematic character the entire CW has ever had, ended up in TVD!hell…. I’m going to throw something.

John didn’t deserve hell either. Yes he was a not-so-great person but he wasn’t terrible enough to deserve eternal torment.

Hopefully I’m wrong and they appear in TVD!heaven or a dream or something.