face: paul wesley

Paul Wesley Imagine

It was the wrap up party for TVD, the last one. Everyone were having drinks and digging deep in memories of the show and filming. You had joined for the last 2 seasons, still a long time to become close to everyone especially to Paul. Over the two season you and him had made a great contact, maybe even too close. Nothing happened but at some points it was close to that. Paul wasn’t single and you weren’t too at the time, now you were.

Looking around you found Paul standing by the bar drinking, alone. You decided to join him so went to the bar.

“Is this seat taken?” you asked when approaching him. He didn’t look at you just nodded. “What’s with the long face? Sad the show is over?” you assumed. Paul took another drink from his glass.

“No” it felt so distant.

“What is it?” Paul laughed making you feel  a bit weird. “Why do I feel like i did something wrong?” Paul drank rest of his drink and turned to you.

“I broke up with Phoebe. I did it 2 days ago, you know why?” he didn’t let you answer

“Because I wanted to be with you. But then I find out you are dating someone” those news shocked you, because it wasn’t true, but he didn’t let you say that. “I thought we had something. I thought you liked me, but I guess I was wrong. Just fooled myself.” he was about to walk away but you grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“I’m not dating anyone. I wanted to be with you, but you dated Phoebe so I backed off.” he’s face lighted up with a smile, he lifted his left hand placed it on your cheek and pulled you in for a kiss, kiss so passionate, if you weren’t sitting you would fall.

“Good, because I love you” you smiled and kissed him again.

“Took you long enough to admit it” he laughed and you stood there kissing in to the night.


The last episode was wonderful, but I’ll miss this beans..The vampire diaries is a big piece of my heart and will be forever here,inside my life. ❤