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I’m just really craving a whumpee with nightmares right now

The furrowed brow, the grimace, face scrunched up in pain, the tossing and turning, the mumbling and muttering that turns into screaming until they startle awake with a gasp in a cold sweat, eyes wide open in fear, heart pounding, chest heaving with quick and heavy breaths while they wonder where they are and what’s real until they eventually calm down, run a hand through their sweat-dampened hair and mutter, “Just a dream…”

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Hey do we have to draw robo Zen for all the days? Robots are hard to draw @~@

Not necessarily! Most of the Genyatta community is very open about Human Zenyatta. Though, I wouldn’t let the difficulty of drawing robots get in the way of drawing cute robot Zenyattas. It would be good practice for future robot drawings! After all, that is his true form. Haha.

But yeah, you can draw him human if you want. There’s no rules against it.

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can you please just leave this poor man alone? all of this gives me anxiety attacks, since yansim inspired me to develop my own game(though it's a VERY different type of game). this stuff makes me cry. am i wrong for liking this game? am i a bad person? you make me feel like i am.....

If you’ll look through the blog we state numerous times that liking the game isn’t a bad thing nor does it make you a bad person. We also link multiple areas to get reciepts from to show why we can’t just sit back and let Alex do whatever he want. Where’re you getting this from?


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Frick,, as I fellow Tsukishima Enthusiast™ I feel the need to tell you that I have someone that goes to my school that looks like him!!!!! its so great!!! I don't know him personally because hes a grade below me but I usually call him tsuki,,((although his real name is Thomas I think lmao)) *clenches fist* I'd love to get to know him but i know nothing about him!! gahhhhh!!!!!!

clenches fist
anon holy shit you gotta find out if he acts like tsukishima and if he does u gotta marry him bc ur a tsukishima enthusiast


It’s poison. I can feel it.