face: matt smith

Instagram post by Portroids • Dec 17, 2017 at 3:59pm UTC
74 Likes, 1 Comments - Portroids (@portroids) on Instagram: “Jenna Coleman promoting the new season of "Victoria" in New York, NY. This is the first shot I took…”

Cute Polaroid of Jenna in NYC last weekend. This Instagram specializes in taking polaroids of famous people. There’s another of Jenna that has been posted before, plus one of Rufus Sewell, and there’s also one of Matt Smith, too, taken recently during his promo tour for The Crown in NYC. I wonder if he and Jenna were able to meet up?

Thanks to @freelydifferentluminary for drawing my attention to this bonus pic!


So, we happened to do something huge this weekend at Dragon Con. I proposed to my long time girlfriend, @sinfulmarinette, on Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2017.

We met through Doctor Who. I roleplayed as the Eleventh Doctor and she roleplayed as Clara Oswald. We met each other as those characters so I knew I had to propose to her as those characters and Dragon Con was the place to do it. After a kick of motivation from a friend, @riallasheng, and several others, I finally decided to follow though with it this year. After some thorough sneaky planning, I was able to get the ring box and rings here in time and coordinate with the guy in charge of the cosplay photo shoot so he’d gather a group up together and then call us up to come forward. She had no idea of our plans. It caught her entirely off guard (as well as the others involved in the shoot, as you can see) and it was a huge success. I’m honestly still shocked that I didn’t completely screw up my speech, haha.

And the fact the entire Pond family was there to celebrate with us made it all the more amazing! They all seemed so excited to be part of the event and that made us both feel over the moon.

You could say it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. (Hahaha. Yeah. I had to go there.)

It was wonderful and so was the rest of the weekend. We were surrounded by friends and support and that made everything better. We can’t thank everyone there enough for a perfect engagement weekend!