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fahc myan where michael boasts about how fierce and unstoppable he is but as soon ryan tuts to him to get his attention or pets his hair, michael just melts instantly

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god everything about this

just yes

Imagine Michael just standing proudly on the dining table in front of the guys who just want to eat in god damn peace. Michael continuously makes claims that he’s the most unstoppable warrior there is in the city and that no one can match the raw power of Mogar. He nudges some plates here and there and kicks off Gavin’s plate of food entirely off the table just for the shits and giggles. 

As he and the others laugh at the hilarious sight of Gavin crying over his once perfectly good food, he faintly hears a small click of the tongue. He looks over to see Ryan, with a big fucking smirk on his face, just tutting and clicking. Michael hops off the table like in an instinct, almost knocking Gavin off his chair, and walks over to Ryan with a “What?”.

Ryan just shrugs and says “Eh nothing, I just wanted you to stop kicking the food around. You’ll just make a mess sooner or later” 

“Oh alright. I’ll stop doing it when you’re not around. I’m gonna go take a shower now.” Michael replies and leaves without another word. The others are in complete shock at the sudden change of his mood as Ryan just continues to eat his mashed potatoes and beef. 

A few weeks later, Michael was trying to hunt Gavin and Jeremy due to a silly prank involving a bucket of water hanging over the bedroom of an easily aggressive man. He’s mad and everyone knows it. Michael calls out to the two, threatening them to come out of their hiding places or else. 

As he turns the corner, he bumps into Ryan. Hoping for some clues, Michael asks Ryan for some help finding Gavin and Jeremy. Instead of answering, he just reaches his hand on top of Michael’s hair and rubs through the soft curls.

“Don’t know, but I don’t think you should really be caring. Wanna watch some T.V with me? It’ll take your mind off things.” Ryan suggests, smiling innocently (if that was even possible in the first place). All Michael does is a simple nod before being walked off to the living room to flick through the channels, all while Ryan continues to brushes Michael’s hair softly with his fingers. 

Meanwhile, Gavin and Jeremy come out of their hiding spot, assuming Michael was off searching someplace else but they were still cautious because just in case of surprise attacks. They creep into the living room to become shocked at the sight of Michael curled up peacefully on Ryan’s lap, who was twirling a finger in a curl of his hair. 

Michael was basically in daydreaming land as Ryan turned to the pair. He didn’t say anything but place a finger to his lips, a clear sign to tell them to be quiet. They just nod acknowledging the fact that Ryan basically has it all handled and Michael might go into a rampaging mode if he saw them again. The two tip-toed backwards, hopefully going some room further away, as to not disturb Michael and Ryan spending some quality time together.