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Hey Jen, I heard How Would You feel has "Paean" in the title because it's Cherry's middle name but I looked it up and it means "song of praise" so is it named after her or not? Just wondering because I thought it could be the type of song. I thought you would know. Thank you for your blog!

Hello! I believe How Would You Feel could be classified as a paean if you wanted to call it one – which I think Ed did – but it is also his girlfriend’s middle name. So since the song is about her, the word is working two different ways in the title. 

…You don’t understand how long I just spent going through my Ed video folder to find his quote about this, haha! But here you go. This is what he said: 

The reason I called it paean… A paean is a song of praise, if you google it. But uh, Paean is also my girlfriend’s middle name, that she has had the piss taken out of her for so many years with. And uh, there was just part of me that was just like, everyone rips into her for it, so I thought I’d put it as a song title that would be a hit, and now it’s suddenly a cool thing. In my mind. I hope so, anyway. 

So there you have it! If anyone thinks “paean” is a cool thing now, it’s because of Ed. :)  Thank you for your question!


Must watch indeed! Sweetest, most important interview ever 🌺💕

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Have you seen this bullshit about Ed and his crew paying $143 for a sandwhich and they bought 5? I'm sorry but I don't care if you're a millionaire thats bullshit

I mean… yeah, it does sound a bit extravagant to us poor folks… but I think something we have to understand is that Ed has earned the money that he has, so he’s got every right on earth to spend it however he likes. You know? It’s not worth anything if you don’t spend it on something, and if what you want is an expensive cheesesteak sandwich with a lobster on it, then why the hell not go ahead and buy it? That money also supports the business and pays the people who work there. Having had money struggles my entire life, if I suddenly had the means to spend the equivalent of a roundtrip plane ticket to Europe on a single dinner then I’m not sure I could actually bring myself to do it, but I wouldn’t begrudge Ed the opportunity. He’s just living his best life! And that money is his, not ours, so it’s not fair for us to sit here and critique his use of it. 

Something that may make you feel better, though, is to consider how much Ed gives to charity and good causes all the time. He is constantly giving back. I just read the other day that he recently donated to a new music school… let me see if I can find it… Ah. 

And he doesn’t just donate his money, but he also donates his time and his image to so many really worthwhile things. Like bringing attention to the little girl who needs a blood stem cell donor. Stuff like that is so important, and he’s always willing to show his support. But most of the time when he supports a good cause with his money, we don’t even hear about it because he’s not running around pointing it out. And I think that’s so cool. I’ve got mad respect for the guy and his financial decisions.

So, you know, if he wants to collect watches that cost more than my house, or buy a whole vineyard so he can spend one week per year there, or five sandwiches that cost $143 each just for the experience of it, I say go for it! There is absolutely zero wrong with enjoying the life you’ve earned. :) 

My heart is SO Teddy-happy.

I absolutely adore that he (seems?) so much more relaxed and happy on Instagram now that he’s free of Twitter. He’s posting SO much more frequently and interacting with US again. I love this, and I’m SO glad he made the right decision for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️

He should have quit Twitter ages ago if this was gonna be the outcome. Just sayin’.