face: daniel sharman


Daniel: “When you meet a new person and you immediately realise it’s not (Y/N).. That’s when you realise you made a big mistake.”
Dylan: “What are you trying to say?”
Daniel:  “I still love (Y/N)..”

You shake your head slowly by what you just overheard. You didn’t want to overhear them, but you just walked by and heard your name.
But maybe, at this moment, you wish you didn’t want to hear this.

  • requested by anon.
So, I’ve watched ep 09 + 10. And the Oscar goes to...

Daniel Sharman! For the AMAZING job on a-fighter-Troy-Otto-behind-that-door-ready-to-die-for-his-opinion! This is definitely the best scene for now. Don’t bite me, but I can compare that to Joker (Heath Ledger’s). 

Daniel’s crazy laugh. His moves. His rush in that scene… OMG, that was awesome. I totally believed him. 

Face claim for Louis Weasley
Froy Gutierrez