Ruki: #the9thatmademewhoIam

so, I tried choosing these on the basis of the sweet-sour memory I have of that time when I was on my way home from school, I didn’t open my umbrella and while standing in the pouring rain I ended up having a flaring look of longing in my face when I thought about becoming a leading lyricist. It was the time I started to become aware of the fact that it wasn’t just music but an outlook on the world.

I’m sure you guys had an experience like that too, right?


1 - Zilch - 3.2.1.
2 - Luna Sea - Mother
3 - Kuroyume - 迷える百合達〜Romance of Scarlet〜
4 - X Japan - Blue Blood
5 - The Yellow Monkey - Smile
6 - Sex Pistols - The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle
7 - Hide - Hide Your Face
8 - Skid Row - Subhuman Race
9 - Body - Flame

*the original hashtag is #私を構成する9枚, it means something like “the 9 albums that I am made out of” or “that I consist of”, something like that.

The Sun Returns:  A playlist to celebrate Ostara or simply the coming of spring. A 45 minute playlist for the morning that the day and night reach equilibrium and everything is becoming green again.

1. Drops in the River - Fleet Foxes
2. Halcyon - The Paper Kites
3. Welcome Home - Radical Face
4. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
5. Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine
6. Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
7. Doorways - Radical Face
8. Kiss the Grass - The Paper Kites
9. Oats We Sow - Gregory and the Hawk
10. Heaven Waits - Geographer
11. The Valley - The Oh Hellos

My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 5

1. Concerned girlfriend is concerned

2. Bagels!

3. Bagel trivia… for thirty minutes

4. Fruiticide

5. Just look at how she is looking at her

6. Her face

7. Her face

8. Jane Rizzoli in aviators is hot

9. Jane with gun

10. Is Frankie the human equivalent of wearing wet socks? Let’s take a test to find out! 

[Album] The Weeknd-Beauty Behind The Madness

Want an early listen to The Weeknd’s brand new album Beauty Behind The Madness? Well lucky for you, we have that. The official release is not out for another 7 days, but you can still pre-order right here. 


1. Real Life
2. Losers
3. Tell Your Friends
4. Often
5. The Hills
6. Acquainted
7. Can’t Feel My Face
8. Shameless
9. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
10. In The Night
11. As You Are
12. Prisoner (Feat. Lana Del Rey)
13. Dark Times
14. Angel

Also catch him, Travis $cott and Banks on tour when they come to your city, tour dates below.