Send me “Bad Touch” for some randomly generated violence.

Or send “Bad Touch reverse” for our muses to switch roles.

1) Slapping your muse across the face
2) Punching your muse in the face
3) Punching your muse in the shoulder/arm
4) Kicking your muse off of their feet
5) Stepping on your muse’s foot
6) Biting your muse
7) Grabbing your muse’s face
8) Wrapping hands around your muse’s neck
9) Pushing your muse into a wall
10) Pushing your muse to the ground
11) Holding a gun to your muse’s head
12) Shooting your muse in the arm/leg
13) Holding a knife to your muse’s throat
14) Using a knife to slash your muse across the arm
15) Hitting your muse in the head with a blunt object
16) Scratching your muse with their nails
17) Throwing something at your muse
18) Stabbing your muse with a sharp weapon
19) Breaking one of your muse’s bones
20) Twisting your muse’s arm

The “Studying makes me sleepy and coffee isn’t working today” checklist

1. Stand up and walk around, poke your head outside

2. Chug some water (if you have trouble making yourself drink water put some lemon or lime in it)

3.Ten-twenty minute power nap (more of a doze. Who can fall asleep in ten minutes?)

4. Eat some citrus fruit like clementines (or cuties or whatever you call them), oranges, grapefruit etc. Blueberries can be good too.

5. chew some gum

6. Do a quick chore, like loading the dishwasher, folding your laundry or making your bed.

7. Brush your teeth, wash your face

8. If none of that works, and your can afford to, take a longer break or give yourself a change of scenery

How birds act around Bleach characters

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already imagined how cats and dogs act around Bleach characters. But what about birds? If a bunch of birds invaded the Bleach universe, how would they act around various characters?

1. Rudbornn: Is very popular with birds

They like to nest on him.


2. Yamamoto: Is very popular with birds

They like to nest in his beard.

Yamamoto: My beard is…chirping?

Yamamoto: …

Yamamoto: How long have I been asleep?

3. Renji: Gets pooped on whenever he leaves the house

The birds just always seem to find him.

Renji: Man, good thing I was wearing sunglasses when I looked up!

4. Yoruichi: Scatters the terrified birds before her

Even when she’s in human form, the birds take flight at the sight of her.

Yoruichi: Birds always recognize a cat, I guess!

5. Grimmjow: Finds himself followed around by like five fat ducklings

They seem to have imprinted on him.

Grimmjow: Oh come on! You run from a house cat but not a freakin’ panther??


6. Ikkaku: Gets into a fight with a swan

The swan started it.

Yumichika: Ikkaku, you look terrible.

Yumichika: Did the swan win?

Ikkaku: Hey, I’m still alive. That means I’m the lucky one.

Yumichika: And the swan?

Ikkaku: ….alive and not injured. 

Ikkaku: Swans are fucking crazy.

7. Bazz-B: Gets into a fight with a rooster

It is unclear who started it.

Renji: What, was he copying your hair?


8. Yumichika: Is pretty sure the birds are following him

Every time he turns around, there’s a bird nearby. Watching him.

Yumichika: They may be angry about the feathers.

Ikkaku: Do birds work that way?

9. Yachiru: Keeps catching birds

Nobody is quite sure how.

Kenpachi: Huh? Is that a bird in your hands?

Yachiru: Yup! Bids are super easy to catch!

10. Chad: Is covered in birds

Like a dozen of them. Sitting on his head and shoulders.

Chad: They recognize me as their protector. 

Chad: It’s basically the best day ever.

11. Ukitake: Throws out birdseed

He likes to watch the flocks of happy birds gather in his yard.

Ukitake: And the one fat squirrel.

Ukitake: Mean little bastard.

12. Kira: Is deeply annoyed by the loud birds outside his window

It seems to be their favorite place to gather and sing.

Kira: What is it with birds wanting to shout at me?

13. Rose: Tries to join the birds while wearing his mask

Unfortunately, they are not fooled.

Rose: …maybe I shouldn’t have brought my guitar.

14. Orihime: Immediately makes bird friends

They follow her chirping and land in her hands.

Riruka: Ew. You’re like a real life Disney princess.

Orihime: Thanks!

15. Hichigo: Is quickly proclaimed the bird king

It’s his warble that does it.


Hichigo: I’M NOT A BIRD

XIUBAEK answered the Chen Quiz

Q1 The role Chen is in charge of when promoting as ChenBaekXi?
B: Nain vocal! Also, he’s in charge of sweetness
X: He’s in charge of being the “Dancing Machine’ and  "High pitched tone”

2. (Though I don’t want to acknowledge it) Chen is better at ‘this’ than me. Please explain what ‘this’ is.
B: High-pitched tone
X: Singing

3. Please chose the eating method when Chen eats Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour beef/pork)
BX: Dip the pork into the sauce

4. Please guess what Chen save your contact name as on his phone.
B: Baekhyunee
X: Minseokie hyung.

5. Please write all of Chen’s favorite snack to have with alcohol  
B: Chicken! Snacks!(chips, cookies, candies etc)
X: Gopchang (X) —-I wish you would have confirmed that you had to write everything

6. Please describe what Chen did today as soon as he woke up
B: Checked his phone (X) —-I brushed my teeth  
X: He went to the bathroom  

7. Please draw the emoticon Chen frequently draws (Hint - It reminds his facial expression )

Both drew Chen’s face

8. Please write down Chen’s body part he’s confident with and why
B: Butt! He goes around proudly talking about his duck butt
X: Eye! I think he has said that himself…I don’t know the reason  

9. What Chen says when he looks at himself in the mirror
B:He doesn’t say anything
X:He hums a song to himself (X) —I don’t do that

10. Please describe the signs that appear when Chen gets angry
X: His voice increases. He talks fast. His eyes get big
B:He tries to collect his thoughts —But I can’t calm myself well! Sorry


Baek - 90%

Xiumin - 85%




I’ve always fucking loved these photos the most and here’s why;

1. Why is most of the raving taking place in a bed?

2. Is it a costume party? Or is this supposed to be for real?

3. One chain earring, one hoop (LOL)

4. Indoor smoking, drink mixer in hand

5. Guy dancing with his floral shirt open

6. Matching leggings

7. Grace’s face

8. Eyebrow-to-ear eyeshadow

9. Giant gold chain??

And last but not least,

10. Why is fetus Elly having her picture taken in a shower?¿? lol

Ruki: #the9thatmademewhoIam

so, I tried choosing these on the basis of the sweet-sour memory I have of that time when I was on my way home from school, I didn’t open my umbrella and while standing in the pouring rain I ended up having a flaring look of longing in my face when I thought about becoming a leading lyricist. It was the time I started to become aware of the fact that it wasn’t just music but an outlook on the world.

I’m sure you guys had an experience like that too, right?


1 - Zilch - 3.2.1.
2 - Luna Sea - Mother
3 - Kuroyume - 迷える百合達〜Romance of Scarlet〜
4 - X Japan - Blue Blood
5 - The Yellow Monkey - Smile
6 - Sex Pistols - The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle
7 - Hide - Hide Your Face
8 - Skid Row - Subhuman Race
9 - Body - Flame

*the original hashtag is #私を構成する9枚, it means something like “the 9 albums that I am made out of” or “that I consist of”, something like that.

List of ten things that inspire me:

1. Jessica Jones 
2. The shade thrown by Jessica Jones
3. The people thrown by Jessica Jones
4. Jessica Jones wearing the same goddamn pair of jeans in every episode
5. Jessica Jones IN the jeans
6. Her leather jacket
7. Her bitch face
8. Her character as a very real representation of a victim of rape and domestic violence, the façade they create to assure normality among their family and friends, and the psychological repercussions of such abuse.
9. The possibility that these victims can be helped to escape from their abusers, recover, feel safe, supported, and live a happy life.
10. Jessica Jones squishing that cockroach with her thumb

My English professor had us write whatever we were thinking about on a notecard every day we came to class this semester. On the last day of class she told us to write them all out in order without editing what we’d written at all, so that the result was something like a very raw poetry/prose about how we had changed and experienced life over the semester. 


14. I am endlessly curious yet always slightly bored

21. I am trying to forget the 


26. Need. Coffee. 

28. I want to write something profound but the only thing I can think of at this time of day is coffee


2. Extreme enthusiasm over ordinary events annoys me and I wish it didn’t

4. Next time,

Try eating a waffle for breakfast instead of my boyfriend’s face

8. I want to read Cummings and sleep but it seems that when I need that the most someone else needs me

9. What is important? 11. Good memories

Are like a hot shower or mail

18. I have cramps gosh I want to go home

25. I wish the most complicated relationship in my life was my love-hate relationship with Charles Bukowski


2. Ethan painted my nails last night and wow

They look awful

4. Why are words powerful until they’re mine? 9. Crap I forgot deodorant

This morning

16. I’m sorry my smile is uncalled for

23. I am trying to feel nostalgic about the future

25. Paper dolls are why you shouldn’t share your feelings


6. A little wordless today

13. Please



15. I just know I’m going to have to pee after this coffee

22. I want to be up to my elbows in dirt

I want a garden

27. I’m sorry my handwriting is bad and that my best thoughts are recycled from indie rock bands and I’m sorry I cannot write anymore


4. I hate peer review - stop glaring at me just because I confronted your run-on sentences

11. I ran a red light to get here and I still feel guilty. 13. I want tacos

anonymous asked:

What's Stephen Amell's "dumb face"?

Stephen Amell’s “dumb face” is his expression as Oliver whenever he gazes moonily at Felicity. Amell has never used it looking at any of Oliver’s other love interests, and it’s super dorky and open and genuine. 

Here are some examples of Stephen Amell’s dumb face as Oliver:

1. “I’m a former playboy but you make me super nervous” dumb face

2. “I remember everything about the day we met” dumb face

3. “I want to have a million babies with you” dumb face

4. “I love you but maybe goodbye forever” dumb face

5. “I want to believe that I’m a good man” dumb face

6. “I looooooooooooove her” dumb face

7. “Casually hanging out shirtless waiting for my cranky lady love to come home” dumb face

8. “Whoa, she might want to marry me?” dumb face

9. “My face is so dumb!” dumb face

10. “I’m proposing to the love of my life” dumb face