So here are 5 selfies, thanks to jamus-13 ritoruhana and moikoisglasses for the tags. So I guess I have to talk about these?

  1. Shayna (countdraculator) and I outside of school after coming home from a mass or something.
  2. The first selfie I ever posted on here, about two weeks ago
  3. Me, Isabelle and Shayna after meeting their squad for the first time. That was a good day.
  4. Taken approximately 10 minutes ago when I realised I needed another picture. Plus today was a good face day so it was a win win :)
  5. “Fun day” at school. Isabelle was being gross while lying on my knees..

I tag: tiberius-blackthorn b-xckybarnes darcylock perfbucky gonecrazybebacklater cilntasha brxkenbucky castiellupin irishduck and anyone else who wants to do it. Some of you have probably already been tagged oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The lovely louisfringe tagged me for the beautiful people challenge and here I am, with my study aesthetic, the pleasure oozing from my pores can be sensed through the screen. You’ve never seen me with glasses before, have you?
I tag tremulouis, likebelou, fxckofflouis, maybetheyarefireproof, bellybuttonpiercedharry, intenselouis, larrie2k15, amortentialarrygoqueerorgohome, adidaslilo, onhistippytoes and ciaoloueh. I went a bit overboard with the tagging, sorry!


Tagged by fandomquinn and dippor for a selfie. Or two since I’m an overachiever and have amazing hat hair.

Tagging clara-fucking-oswald whovians-are-cool10 itsaawhouffle uselessnugget my-darling-monster rebelsouffle queer-oswald rorabear7 fieldmarshalhawk outboundhat peterbaeafcapaldi amypund kaceish rivers-sing misswhouffle thegenuinesatan and if I didn’t tag you and you still want to post a selfie and say I tagged you PLEASE do because you’re all adorable and I need to see your faces. I’m not creepy I swear


I was tagged by the gorgeous goddess rockingstydia to do the selfie tag thing! 

I’ve been sick these past few days so excuse me if I look horrid :/ I’m tagging these beautiful babes: not-kylie-jenner, mccalspack, clarkepuff, winchester-why, holland-rodens, bellarke-olicity, elyzatailor, savedbythebellamy, ravenreyus, ravensreyas, fierymccall and all of my beautiful followers who want to do it!! 


87 pictures at the supermarket later i realised i am not a mature young adult and will probably never be one. Oh, bother. Anyway i was tagged by the impossibly beautiful goldenheadfreckledheart (seriously lexi, seriously???? It’s like you should be illegal❤) to post some selfies and i finally convinced myself to do it! I tag bellamyward, cachekakusu, malietates, ofmonty and everyone else who wants to do it 😉


I was tagged by ramblingsammy (edit: and very recently by subhumansam) to do the selfie thing. Here are three of my most frequently used expressions, I call them ‘that’s nice, dear’, ‘s’cuse you?’ and ‘long sigh’. I tried to get my cat in the pictures too but she didn’t enjoy being forced against her will.

Anyway… I tag:

snowsam, huggercas, notmoosegirl, jaredsnuggles, and soulpunk-satan :)