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1) I have epilepsy which makes my hands shake so when i take pictures they always come out blurry

2) Ive recently been wearing my mums wedding ring on a chain around my neck because it makes me feel like Frodo

3) I am an old woman who enjoys scrap booking 

4) I saw the film ‘room’ last weekend and am still emotionally unstable from it

5) I have one and a half brothers

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❝ I don’t want the whole world…❞

NAME: Priya Annalise Hamilton
D.O.B: May 25th
TYPE: Heartthrob | Wardrobe
FACECLAIM: Luisa D'Oliveira

The sun, the moon…

THE PAST:  Priya grew up in the same, small farming town as Tara did and, as a result, knew the Sages quite well. She was an only child and the daughter of a hardworking couple. Before Priya was born, her parents started up a small, family-owned restaurant in that town, with her mother dealing with the finances and also waitressing and her father as the chef. By the time Priya started school, business was booming and the restaurant – which was called Hamilton’s, fittingly enough – was pretty much a staple in the small town.
Priya didn’t really care for the whole restaurant scene. She had no interest in watching her father in the kitchen, nor in learning any of the recipes that Hamilton’s menu was known for. She didn’t really want to help her mother balance the books either, and waitressing was hard work and a bore. Still, it was a family business and Priya was expected to help out. By the time she was in middle school, she was working as a waitress in the restaurant.
With her confidence, good looks, and charismatic nature, Priya was incredibly good at her job, even if she didn’t like it very much. However, with the amount of time she spent working, her grades suffered, particularly in science, which was her worst subject.
When her science teacher recommended her a tutor, Priya wasn’t impressed. She thought that if she just kept working at it on her own, she would have some sort of epiphany and be fine. Besides, the tutor that the teacher mentioned was one of the preacher’s children. The boy. Isiah. She didn’t know Isiah very well, but she knew his two sisters, and she didn’t care much for their outspoken, tactless nature. Still, she needed her grades to improve and her parents agreed to set her up with the tutor.
Much to Priya’s surprise though, she and Isiah hit it off. He was much shyer than his sisters, much more like his soft-spoken, kind-hearted father than Tara or Miranda were. Though Priya, with her charisma and good looks, had many admirers throughout school, she and Isiah wound up dating from the time they were in middle school. By the time they graduated high school, they were engaged.

And all their light.

THE PRESENT:  At first, Priya had little to no interest in attending Hollywood U. She was happy where she was, in the small town she’d lived her entire life, planning her wedding, and planning to take over the Hamilton family’s business. She didn’t want her life to change but, whether or not she wanted it, life did change. Isiah began attending Hollywood U part time and, as he came home, bursting with excitement over the school and the program he was in, Priya realized she wanted more for her future. Having always had an eye for fashion, she asked Isiah and his twin sister, Miranda, what the fashion program was like at the school. It was their stellar reviews that convinced her and she applied, receiving her acceptance letter only a few months later.
At Hollywood U, Priya fell in love with fashion all over again. Suddenly, she couldn’t remember why she had been so adverse to change, or why she’d thought that taking over the family business was what she wanted. She went from attending the university part time to full time and even chose to postpone her wedding in order to focus on her degree.
Though Priya enjoys designing and making clothes herself, her true passion is putting together outfits for other people. She’s looking at a job as a celebrity stylist and currently works as a stylist for her future sister-in-law, Tara.
Speaking of Tara, Priya and her get along okay. They like each other as people, but they do butt heads a lot over the topic of Priya and Isiah’s engagement. Tara thinks Priya and Isiah have rushed into marriage too soon and for the wrong reasons, Priya thinks Tara needs to mind her own business. Though Priya loves working for Tara, she is looking for a job with a different celebrity because of these disagreements. Out of all of her future in-laws, she gets along best with Isiah’s twin sister, Miranda.
Priya is a perfectionist in everything she does and will rarely back away from a project until it’s done just to her liking. She is also very opinionated – and outspoken about these opinions. She doesn’t really like conflict, but she does often find herself in the middle of an argument because of these opinions that she’s expressed and she isn’t about to back down if that’s the case.

❝ I just wanna be the only girl…

PERSONALITY:  ✓ Out-spoken, confident, charming
                       ✗ Perfectionist, opinionated, argumentative
                       ✓ + ✗ Hopeless romantic

❝ You love all your life.

CONNECTIONS: Isiah Sage - Fiance
                          Taralynn Sage - Future sister-in-law
                          Miranda Sage - Future sister-in-law
                          Dallas Emerson - Friend
                          Lyndsey Hansen - Friend
                          Sean Daniels - Friend
                          Lola Rosario - Friend

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