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For your sidekick!Adrien au in which Adrien teams up with HM: What if his plan backfires? He succeeds in slowing Ladybug down but she also ends up a lot more injured, even coming close to death. The exact opposite of what Adrien wanted. What would he do then?

Feel horrendously guilty and conflicted.

Cry a lot.

Never forgive himself. ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ

In 1846 Theophile Gautier, with the assistance of that influential lady, Madame de Girardin, brought about a temporary improvement in Borel’s circumstances. They procured him the post of Colonial Inspector in the interior of Algiers, near Mostaganem… but he was soon dismissed from it, his strong sense of justice having led him, unfortunately for himself, to accuse a superior official of defrauding the government. -Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature,  Brandes

But Unfortunately, Actual Principles: A Biography

I’m watching PLL and these girls are dumb as fuck. First of all, Hanna, I would’ve thrown that cup of beer in Noel’s face and punched him in his dick. He would NOT have taken that damn phone with me.

Secondly, Spencer, I would’ve stuffed that flash drive up my ass and then take it to the COPS. Because after YEARS of people breaking into my house while I was still in it and taking shit, I would’ve learned SOMETHING by now.