anonymous asked:

I've noticed that in two of your asks, you mentioned playing the Walking Dead. I really enjoy the series as a whole, regarding choices and of course, Clementine. She had such character arch from season 1 and in season 2. In your perspective, what did you think of her. And more importantly, who did you choose at the end of season 2?


So, I’ve played season one of the Walking Dead game, and I cried ugly, gross, sobby tears. I loved it, and I loved Lee, and I loved Clementine. And it HURT ME. It took me a little while to get used to the art style, and to stop panicking every time a timed choice came on (who am I kidding, I’m panicking now thinking about them), but REALLY got invested and was very emotionally moved.

…and I OWN the second season, but haven’t played it yet! I don’t know why. Time. Perhaps fear of more ugly, gross, sobby tears. It’s on my list, though! So I don’t know ANYTHING about Season Two! I haven’t (yet) been spoiled. Really, I should play it soon just to ensure I DON’T wander into a spoiler!

jadelotusflower asked:

Just saw your tags on the OTP post - YES to Miss Parker and Jarod! My childhood was ALL about The Pretender.

I think Miss Parker may have been one of the most formative characters of my entire childhood. I loved both of them and I remember spending an entire summer fretting that they might turn out to be brother and sister and then what would I do? I’m 90% sure that was the same summer as Lois & Clark’s “Who’s asking, Clark or Superman?” cliffhanger.