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Many people confused Serena of game to of anime, I GIVE THE DIFFERENTS TO CHARACTERS:

  • Serena (pokemon XY) she oldest teenager about 16/19 years and while another serena has same age FREACKING ash!!
  • Notably, in the games she’s taller than Clemont and has to bendway down to talk to Bonnie. In the Anime, she’s somewhere between Ash and Clemont in height.
  • Serena is one main option Main character and another serena is just support charatcer.
  • Serena (anime) is another FAILED love interest of kiddie ash and Serena (Game) is freacking badasss not need a man protect her and she freacking FABULOUS.
  • THIS IS OPINION MY! Serena (Game) is part main canon of games (GAMES ARE TRUE CANON) and after many years see anime i think myself that ANIME IS SPIN-OFF (just thinking than original series are based game but after MANY SEASONS NOT SENSE, series becoming more spin-off in hoenn and everyone season later…. we need killed ash!… )

ANOTHER… i see many disguting SEXUALITY a serena (anime)….. SHE’S FUCKING TEN YEARS, YOU SICK FUCK!!!!!! (especially you japanese!!!!…. see in pixiv…..)

thank you for understand!!! ALSO HEIGHS IS  NOT THAT EXACTED SO SORRY!!!

Jane frowned, cold brown eyes staring at the guard below her, her jian pointed at the neck of her opponent. “Weak” was her stoic response, as she stepped back and sheathed her sword. They knew that she was strict when it came to the guards, especially when they slacked off, but this was another level of coldness. As she turned around, the guard stood up and tried to attack her, Jade quickly dodged as she heard him stand up, grabbing the extended arm and sword, she kicked one of his legs and threw him over her shoulder.

“It takes 10 seconds to defeat you” she stated, stepping on his sword hand, “how do you expect to protect any of the royalties?” There was a small growl that came from her throat, eyes glaring at him, she hated people who only thought of guarding as a job, especially since she was often ready to give her life to her princess and the royal family. “Stand up and find someone to change duties with. I do not want someone as incompetent as you to ‘try’ and protect them… It’s like asking enemies to just grab a royalty and go.”

As soon as the guard scurried away, embarrassed and angry, she felt a hand placed on her shoulder, “What?!” she angry shouted, glaring at the person.

lordwhat replied to your post “im shaking like jello in an earthquake partially because i just almost…”

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no i am not i feel like my skin has turned to fire and my bones are steel  i am so fucking fueled by feminist fervor no man can stop me i will burn everything to the fucking ground 

OH u mean to almost car crash? i said almost didnt i? it cool, we didnt hit, i am okie dokie