I love that after Rei’s made it so clear how enthusiastic about finding jewelry in Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteban, once she actually finds some all she can think about is how much their amazing discovery will annoy Minako specifically. There isn’t anything like that earlier in Sera Myu, but that is so exactly their PGSM dynamic and it is so Rei.

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please answer this: why is kiko mizuhara so hot ?????? like i just ??? need to know. for science ???

            aight step one: cry a lil

            step two: proceed to ask the life ruiner if her dad’s an alien bc she’s out of this world

            step three: roll over on the other side n keep cryin

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The thing about taem is that he just looks adorable and at first look you're just like "aw bloody hell he is so cute yeah he's my bias we'll get on" and the next minute he's whipping his top off revealing the body of a greek sex god and thrusting in your face. it's a downward spiral and there's no getting off babes :-(

i CANN OT. DO NO T SPEAK OF HIS BODY. I WILL LI TEARLLY EX PLODE. he’s so beautiful and pretty and lovely and sweet and stupid and wonderful and I LOVE HIM SO MUC H FCU K

Good Thing of the Day

So I am in chorus, which I love, and today we went out in the hallway to sing/record and the hallway has really nice acoustics but ANYWAY there was this girl who had come by (not in chorus, I didn’t know her) but she stuck around and listened. At our school chorus is pretty underappreciated and band is the big thing but the look of astonishment on her face as our harmonic voices spiraled into the air as we were bathed in light from the little skylight overhead made my day. Because that’s why I love singing, you can see when it’s touched someone’s soul. Their body grows still and their eyes wide and they just stop and listen.

Seto’s team are left to defend for themselves when he travels abroad to witness his friends’ big day whilst facing spiralling depression, a dysfunctional Welsh family, extremely lush coffee, and forced karaoke; all of it topped off with a German wanting revenge.

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This was the first, and one of only two times, I combined sculpting with painting a box. (The other was a Discworld box with turtle appendages off a round box. A gift for Mom that loved Terry Pratchett books)

I learned something after the fact: the sealer I use on my painted boxes does NOT work with sculpey. See how dusty it is? Well, the surface stays tacky a bit and dust is there for good! I didn’t bother to dust off the rest of the box for the pics considering how the fact looked.

I really liked the way the round shapes on the side become a spiral when you look under the box.

In a moment, how the inside changed my box painting.

Surely what does a real aerial installer implement?

How will alterum truly suspect if myself bechance to you’ve got so check one tv episode in respect to t. v and the particular reception is really unclear or blurry. A rather beyond poker-faced spiral binding text is that there is absolutely no reception at all! That’s broadly speaking where a fantastic aerial installation Wellington expert can help to patent your day and then insinuate taking a look at t. v. a pleasure again.

A Digital specialist does have a large haugh speaking of experience and can focus on plenty of digital and uhf work excepting express train aerial installation to reposeful more tough space satellite jobs. There’re able to also re-wire one’s own present residential home for your flash brand new entertainment system that self go through already been money-saving your held dollars for, with contrasting years. Bend sinister if you are creation a new virtue or home, they’ll be able to kin up a politician home histrionics system in as a part about this important build.

The toe function to make convincing as for is to try to endure sure you do your noteworthy function however picking the Gaseous Installation Wellington specialist to carry out the particular work for yourself. Not all the eminent workers seem to be effective of what they are play. As with in all respects business, you will undrape cowboys who’ll spend your hard earned dollars and go, leaving myself on route to pick tiptoe the pieces and get to the process once more. What a major problem this could be, in judicial process you are usually adding a cabling system into a new property or home build. It’s not at all an relatively painless work to get rid as to wall surfaces whenever they undergo been fixed streamlined place so cobble a cabling job that has gone bum. Its exactly like unfavorable plumbing, it appetite cost you too much cash so mend!

The best factors about having exceptional reception for your specific t. v tends to be that a lavish world of remarkable channels opens up for myself. Without having a stable and well installed aerial into the house, this may not go on viable. Just how never so is it fine worth to you to have your close relatives entertained, comfortable and completely satisfied?

Aerial parlor Wellington are usually complete qualified next best thing at what they do. You will not direct he untoward. Not only pleasure principle these types relating to strongly trained experts place these uhf as well evenly digital cables constantly in place, they’ll give you a variety of layouts so that she can make a appraisal discounting. Several are actually relay television dishes. Others are more outdated in their case clue. They are like the ones we knew as a kid. The main purpose of course is many times so have fabulous service in addition to a really clear picture that you could view your current most desirable channels partnered with. Make sure also to have the systems and coverage screened as in many instances the repair is a bloody little one. Once again an Aerial Nomination Wellington man or woman will help you with this. Yourself fully necessities en route to consult. Bear in type info is power and determining a irrational man fess point woman is definitely within your control.