The inverse of corruption: the hero has lost, but in a way that forced the villain to face goodness within himself, which spirals out of control and turns him into a hero more virtuous than the one he defeated.

Hubble Spies a Spiral Snowflake : Together with irregular galaxies, spiral galaxies make up approximately 60 percent of the galaxies in the local universe. However, despite their prevalence, each spiral galaxy is unique like snowflakes, no two are alike. This is demonstrated by the striking face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6814.

The Mistake (Part 6) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One Where They Return Their Rings”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader

Author’s Note: This chapter might as well be a collaboration with @ellie-bee242. She helped me so much, so far as to offer ideas for lines throughout the piece. I am grateful. Aaaaaaand as always, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times more, all my love and devotion to the number one homie forever @fillthevoid-stilinski. Go read Between Us!

Summary: Stiles and Y/n make a decision about their relationship. 

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

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I do. Let me prove it to you.” Stiles waited until your eyes connected with his, then leaned forward and crashed his lips against yours.

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haikyuu fic rec #1

i’ve read quite a bit of fanfic since joining the haikyuu fandom, so i’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorites so far. obviously i’m a shameless multishipper so these are gonna be all over the place. 

along dream paths by mysecretfanmoments (ukatake, 3.2k)

Ukai makes the mistake of looking in Takeda’s notebook after practice one day, expecting volleyball notes; what he finds is a love poem. 

just a really good ukatake 

azumane asahi’s big gay romance by jibrailis (asanoya, 13.6k)

The air-con gets cranky, Asahi gets a job, and Nishinoya gets his man.

kind of silly and a lot cute. 

jaywalkers by batman (kurotsukki and assorted pairings, 127k)

A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will.

Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.

my dudes. the hype is real. i literally cannot recommend this series enough.

pieces by therabbitwhisperer (bokuaka and assorted pairings, wip)

The miraculous life of Akaashi Keiji, a tragedy in ten parts.

what’s funny is i started reading this thinking it was going to be a fluffy tattoo / florist au, then the end of the first part happened. really highly recommended but do heed the warnings, there’s a lot of potentially triggering / upsetting material in there. 

saffron and cayenne pepper by dontsaycrazy (kagehina, 30k)

Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you.

In which Hinata’s lack of cooking skills are a danger to him and others. Luckily (or not), Kageyama is willing to teach him, for the sake of avoiding any burned down apartments.

tooth-rotting kagehina fluff with a side of kiyoyachi, what more can you ask for

oh we play, in autumn days by aruariandance (kagehina, 7.6k)

“I think about your collarbones in Calculus,” he says, and then waits for death to be swift. 

all of aruariandance’s kagehinas are great but this one is my fave.  

impulse by metis_ink (semishira, 15k)

Second year Semi Eita faces the downward spiral that is his life following the arrival of some first year setter who’s way too cocky for his own good. 

tfw you actually find good fic in a rarepair tag

birkenstocks and other problems by dicaeopolis (asanoya, 2.5k)

Nishinoya Yuu has 99 problems, and Azumane Asahi is all of them.

Or, “tiny panicking bisexual meets tall panicking lesbian”.

rule 63 asanoya. nuff said

on stranger tides by theroyalsavage (kagehina and assorted pairings, 74k)

When Hinata Shouyou is 13 years old, his village is raided by pirates.

Most everything Hinata knows is destroyed in the attack, lost to the flames, but he and his sister are pulled from the wreckage by a boy with eyes the color of a storm. Their lives are saved, but irrevocably altered - their home is lost forever, and there is something strange about the pirates, something blurry and shadowed and wrong.

A darkness is rising out of the depths of the ocean. The sea itself is stirring, and nothing can stop it when it wakes.

pirates of the caribbean was, like, my childhood, so. this au is crazy good. 

he always starts something by codango (kurotsukki, 38.3k)

In his third year of high school, Kei is recruited by Kuroo’s university to play volleyball. A weekend on campus is plenty of time to check out the team, meet the coaches, see a game from the bench… and see if his two-year-old crush on Kuroo has any chance at all.

this is actually the fic that got me interested in kurotsukki. i had read the asanoya fic in the same ‘verse and continued with this one out of curiosity. suffice it to say this fic holds a special place in my heart lol. 

the dew of little things by poulerslashes (kagehina, 3.9k)

It wasn’t as though Kageyama needed the friends–kids who shared video games, who watched cartoons, who did this and that of no consequence–who would eat up all his time if he gave them any to start with. He had volleyball, and volleyball was more than enough.

10/10 would get slapped in the feels again. 

anyway that’s all for now, i might do more of this once i accumulate more recs. 

100 Magic Items for 5e Pt. 13

Past Posts

Items 1 - 5

Items 6 - 10

Items 11 - 15

Items 16 - 20

Items 21 - 25

Items 26 - 30

Items 31 - 35

Items 36 - 40

Items 41 - 45

Items 45 - 50

Items 51 - 55

Items 56 - 60

61.      Robes of Earthmoving

Wondrous Item (Robe), Rare, Requires Attunement

These robes are made of soil crafted magically into string. Magical energy flowing through it makes the dirt still appear to be shifting. As an action, the player can burrow into the ground and resurface up to 60 feet away. You may use a pre-existing passage as a bonus actions instead of an action. This effect only works on dirt and soil.

62.      Collar of the Alpha

Wondrous Item (Collar), Legendary, Requires Attunement by Ranger with wolf companion

A magical dog collar that clasps onto its wearer’s neck perfectly and adjusts itself to growth. A shining white moon hangs down as it’s medallion – with the animal companions name magically etched into it. A wolf given this collar to wear will turn into a Dire Wolf one week after donning the collar. All of its stats become that of the statblock of the Dire Wolf (MM Pg. 321). You also gain the ability to telepathically communicate with your companion. Additionally, when you choose to attack with your animal companion, you can make one weapon attack yourself. (This stacks with “Extra Attack” and “Rangers Companion” effects.)

63.      Gladiator Sandals

Wondrous Item (Sandals), Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Fighter

Bands of leather wrapped in a criss-cross pattern up past the ankle. A fighter who attunes themselves to these Sandals gains the “Martial Adept” feat, if they already have this feat – they gain it again. Additionally every time the Fighter scores a critical hit, they gain a superiority die of the highest available die number.

64.      Shield of the Martyr

Armour (Shield), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A square shield almost 4 feet tall – ornate decorations flow all through the face of the shield, flowing spirals and lines snake towards a giant pearl centrepiece. The player attuned to this shield may activate it twice per long rest. When activated the player selects a creature within 10 feet. All creatures except the one attuned to this shield gain advantage on attack rolls against the target – additionally, the target gains advantage on all attack rolls against the player attunes to this shield. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

65.      Gloves of Hand Laying

Wondrous Item (Gloves), Rare, Requires Attunement by a Paladin

A pair of white leather gloves, the left glove is stitched with a road, and the right with a sunrise. When the player’s hands are held properly it shows the symbol of the god Lathander. A paladin attuned and wearing these gloves may heal a player for twice as much HP as expended from their Lay on Hands Pool. They may do this once per long rest, and must heal a character for more than 10 total HP and can heal for no more than 50 total HP.


“The spiral stands for imagination, the power of the idea.

The hand holds the gifts of skill, discipline, and craftsmanship.

The wand and the star represent magic: the spark that is ignited when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream”

This is the inscription on the BEAUTIFUL Disney Legends Statue that stands in front of the Team Disney Building. The closer you are to the statue, the more details you notice. Of all the statue’s tiny touches, the most difficult to spot may be Jaq from ‘Cinderella’. So, so cute!

Star Cluster, Spiral Galaxy, Supernova 

A cosmic snapshot from May 19, this colorful telescopic field of view spans about 1 degree or 2 full moons on the sky. Spiky in appearance, foreground Milky Way stars are scattered toward the royal constellation Cepheus while stars of open cluster NGC 6939 gather about 5 thousand light-years in the distance near the top of the frame. Face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6946 is toward the lower left nearly 22 million light-years away. The helpful red lines identify recently discovered supernova SN 2017eaw, the death explosion of a massive star nestled in the galaxy’s bluish spiral arms. In fact in the last 100 years, 10 supernovae have been discovered in NGC 6946. By comparison, the average rate of supernovae in our Milky Way is about 1 every 100 years or so. Of course, NGC 6946 is also known as The Fireworks Galaxy.

Credit: Paolo Demaria

Resembling festive lights on a holiday wreath, this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of the nearby spiral galaxy M74 is an iconic reminder of the impending season. Bright knots of glowing gas light up the spiral arms, indicating a rich environment of star formation.

Messier 74, also called NGC 628, is a stunning example of a “grand-design” spiral galaxy that is viewed by Earth observers nearly face-on. Its perfectly symmetrical spiral arms emanate from the central nucleus and are dotted with clusters of young blue stars and glowing pink regions of ionized hydrogen (hydrogen atoms that have lost their electrons). These regions of star formation show an excess of light at ultraviolet wavelengths. Tracing along the spiral arms are winding dust lanes that also begin very near the galaxy’s nucleus and follow along the length of the spiral arms.

M74 is located roughly 32 million light-years away in the direction of the constellation Pisces, the Fish. It is the dominant member of a small group of about half a dozen galaxies, the M74 galaxy group. In its entirety, it is estimated that M74 is home to about 100 billion stars, making it slightly smaller than our Milky Way.

The spiral galaxy was first discovered by the French astronomer Pierre Méchain in 1780. Weeks later it was added to Charles Messier’s famous catalog of deep-sky objects.

This Hubble image of M74 is a composite of Advanced Camera for Surveys data taken in 2003 and 2005. The filters used to create the color image isolate light from blue, visible, and infrared portions of the spectrum, as well as emission from ionized hydrogen (known as HII regions).

A small segment of this image used data from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and the Gemini Observatory to fill in a region that Hubble did not image.

For additional information, contact:

Ray Villard
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Md.

Keith Noll
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Md.

Lars Lindberg Christensen
ESA/Hubble, Garching, Germany

Object Names: M74, NGC 628

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Acknowledgment: R. Chandar (University of Toledo) and J. Miller (University of Michigan)

Time And Space

Marichat: A Peeping Tom Cat Part 2

Part 1

So there is some slight sin here. There is NO smut but there is sin- kind of. The sin is more for comedic purposes than for other purposes well kind of- there is this ending …. okay let’s just say this is not for small eyes.

It was a stupid idea, a really really stupid idea. Even Plagg told him what a truly terrible plan it was but Adrien was determined to even the score between him and Marinette even if that meant embarrassing himself to do so. Marinette already had a hard enough time talking to Adrien and due to last night’s incident Adrien didn’t want the same to happen between her and Chat Noir. Adrien knew he was taking a gamble, his plan would either work and smooth things over with Marinette or it would leave them both completely mortified around each other for all eternity. No pressure or anything.

Adrien transformed into Chat Noir and made his way to Marinette’s and like the gentleman he was he knocked. There was no answer. Chat sucked in a breath before crawling towards the window. He peered inside to find the room empty. Chat made his way inside this time being sure to check that the bathroom door was open and there wasn’t a showering girl inside. Taking a few deep breaths to calm his nerves Chat paced around the room. Should he wait for her to get back first? Or should he just do it now? Chat stared at the trap door to her room. Gritting his teeth Chat made the decision that it would be better to just do it now like ripping off a bandaid.

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Second Chances // Part 18

Second Chances Series


Words: 2476
Bellamy x Reader; OC Grounder x Reader
this is a feel-strip everybody
3x04 Watch the Thrones

        You sat on a log that was next to a dead fire and sighed. You were consumed by your thoughts but quickly snapped out of it when an alarm chimed. 

        “All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate,” said a voice. You were in the security personnel, but you got up and made your way towards the gate as our curiosity got the better of you.

        You met up with Octavia at the gate to find Nyko and other miscellaneous Grounders just past the gate, surrounded by guards. You recognized one.

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anonymous asked:

Beca agreeing to date Aubrey as well as Chloe in the fear of losing Chloe if she said no when Chloe asks if they could date Aubrey as well?

“Okay, so… Don’t be mad.” Chloe says suddenly. Beca looks up from her laptop, brows raising slightly. They had been sitting quietly, Chloe studying and Beca mixing. 

Beca sets her laptop onto the coffee table and sits up a little. “Usually when someone says that, it means I’m probably going to be mad. But I’ll try…” She says warily. 

Chloe bites her lip, setting her book aside and sitting up. She looks anywhere but Beca as she takes a few breaths. “I–I’ve been thinking…”

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🌌 Seyfert’s Sextet 🌌, a group of galaxies 190 million light years away located in the constellation of Serpens. This sextet actually only contains 4 interacting galaxies as the face-on spiral galaxy in the Hubble image lies in the distant background and is coincidentally aligned with the main group. Though the misty condensation in the upper left may appear to be a separate galaxy, it’s likely a tidal tail of stars created by the gravitational interactions of these galaxies. 

📸Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA, ESA

A cosmic snapshot from May 19, this colorful telescopic field of view spans about 1 degree or 2 full moons on the sky. Spiky in appearance, foreground Milky Way stars are scattered toward the royal constellation Cepheus while stars of open cluster NGC 6939 gather about 5 thousand light-years in the distance near the top of the frame. Face-on spiral galaxy NGC 6946 is toward the lower left nearly 22 million light-years away. The helpful red lines identify recently discovered supernova SN 2017eaw, the death explosion of a massive star nestled in the galaxy’s bluish spiral arms. In fact in the last 100 years, 10 supernovae have been discovered in NGC 6946. By comparison, the average rate of supernovae in our Milky Way is about 1 every 100 years or so. Of course, NGC 6946 is also known as The Fireworks Galaxy.

Image Credit & Copyright: Paolo Demaria

Time And Space

rebeccaravenroth  asked:

Ever After-- Shirayuki and her struggles with pregnancy. Like, she wants children, and while scared of failing again she still longs for them. Just, the conversation in which she tells this to Obi? Obi's reaction?


The child goes by Nohai, it seems.

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