Arp 87: Merging Galaxies from Hubble : This dance is to the death. Along the way, as these two large galaxies duel, a cosmic bridge of stars, gas, and dust currently stretches over 75,000 light-years and joins them. The bridge itself is strong evidence that these two immense star systems have passed close to each other and experienced violent tides induced by mutual gravity. As further evidence, the face-on spiral galaxy on the right, also known as NGC 3808A, exhibits many young blue star clusters produced in a burst of star formation. The twisted edge-on spiral on the left seems to be wrapped in the material bridging the galaxies and surrounded by a curious polar ring. Together, the system is known as Arp 87 and morphologically classified, technically, as peculiar. While such interactions are drawn out over billions of years, repeated close passages should ultimately result in the death of one galaxy in the sense that only one galaxy will eventually result. Although this scenario does look peculiar, galactic mergers are thought to be common, with Arp 87 representing a stage in this inevitable process. The Arp 87 pair are about 300 million light-years distant toward the constellation Leo. The prominent edge-on spiral at the far left appears to be a more distant background galaxy and not involved in the on-going merger. via NASA

Galaxies for the Signs

Aries:  Andromeda Galaxy

The Milky Way and Andromeda are expected to collide in 3.75 billion years. The apparent magnitude of the Andromeda Galaxy, at 3.4, is one of the brightest of any of the Messier objects

Taurus: Pinwheel Galaxy

Is a face-on spiral galaxy distanced 21 million light-years away. Contains an ultra-luminous X-ray source - a source more powerful than any single star but less powerful than a whole galaxy

Gemini: Mayall’s Object

Is likely to be not one galaxy, but two galaxies undergoing a collision. It is also   located 500 million light years away

Cancer: Bode’s Galaxy

Is a spiral galaxy about 12 million light-years away. The active galactic nucleus  harbors a  super-massive black hole.

Leo: Cigar Galaxy

Is a starburst galaxy about 12 million light-years away. It is about five times more luminous than the whole Milky Way

Virgo: Sombrero Galaxy

This Galaxy is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo (Main reason why I picked this one) located 28 million light-years from Earth. It is known for it’s very bright center.

Libra: Tadpole Galaxy

Its most dramatic features are a trail of stars about 280,000 light-years long and massive, bright blue star clusters. Which is said to be caused by another galaxy almost hitting Tadpole.

Scorpio: Black Eye Galaxy

It has a spectacular dark band of absorbing dust in front of the galaxy’s bright nucleus, giving rise to its nicknames of the “Black Eye” or “Evil Eye” galaxy. Not much is known about this galaxy also.

Sagittarius: Cosmos Redshift 7

Known  to contain some of the earliest first stars that produced the chemical elements needed for the later formation of planets and life as it is known

Capricorn: Whirlpool Galaxy

It was the first galaxy to be classified as a spiral galaxy, and has a current high rate of star formation. A black hole, surrounded by a ring of dust, is thought to exist at the heart of the spiral.

Aquarius: Hoag’s Object

A nearly perfect ring of young hot blue stars circles the older yellow nucleus of this ring galaxy 600 million light-years away. Many of the details of the galaxy remain a mystery, foremost of which is how it formed. It is also very rare type of galaxy.

Pisces: Cartwheel Galaxy

Is a lenticular galaxy and ring galaxy about 500 million light-years away. “one of the most complicated structures awaiting its explanation on the basis of stellar dynamics.” - Zwicky

I just want to say thanks to all of you. The ones that say stuff, hit the like button or just take a peek. It’s motivational and pushes me whenever I’m tired or frustrated. When I paint I really don’t think at all. Forget the worries and troubles of the current moment. #face #art #artist #artwork #lost #thanks #melt #Psychedelia #psychedelicart #painting #spiral #depth #layers #onions #pizza #pizzaparty #gimmeyourpizza #holypepperoni #dipbeanie

Scarlett doesn’t like the way that Zhalia gets anxious about her and Dante’s long-distance relationship (bc let’s face it after the spiral war they’re bound to have kissed and tango’d already there’s no way anyone with that kind of tension and situation wouldn’t), so she decided on girl’s night, every Friday as long as no one’s on a mission. This was partly for fun but mostly to keep Zhalia company.

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Is Speed's shirt in the last update a Naruto reference? omg he's a fucking weeb isn't he

No, actually! It’s not a Naruto reference, it’s a reference to an amazing horror manga called Uzumaki, meaning “spiral” in Japanese.

  Body horror under cut

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Is Young A Word For Dumb by gossip-goat featuring zip bags ❤ liked on Polyvore

Maison Scotch silk top, €165 / 80s jeans / Dr. Martens black wingtip shoes, €72 / Fjällräven zip bag, €62 / Baby G white jewelry, €91 / Eyevan 7285 tortoiseshell sunglasses, €640 / Tony Moly lip treatment, €9,16 / Fat Face A5 Spiral Bird Notebook, €5,25

“Oh why has my “suit” disappeared?” A soft chuckle escaped his lips. “Well only part of it has been retracted and I bet you’re wondering why “Llussive’s teeth have become ‘millions of teeth’ and why the radiation detectors are going mad?” 

The silver haired Xithzul  buried his face in his palm, slowly spiraling into a mad cackle. “Well let’s just say you really know how to tick a man off. Really know how to. I usually don’t do this.” Parts of his skin began to turn black and split open showing the purple energy within. “I usually would cancel the business trade right now, but something about you folks has me just wanting to shed my skin, shift to my natural state, and irradiate the lot of you.”

“Just something.”

Well it took 10 years in the making, not really, but finally finished the repaint of a repaint, which finally turned into me just redrawing everything and then painting it. Very pleased with how it turned out.

Here’s Llussive pulling off what he has dubbed “millions of teeth”(more teeth when mouth is open. Lots of teeth) when he’s really ticked off or just wants to scare/prank someone. In this case he’s ticked off and halfway on his way back to shifting into his natural state which would kill the (un)lucky people that have ticked him off since Xithzul’s are on the very high energy being spectrum.

(Unnecessary short headworld babble below)

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I just realized I’m facing my worst fear.
All my friends left me in middle school, and over a little while I was convinced that it wasn’t my fault. Now it happened again, and I have been oblivious to the fact that I am abusive, manipulative, obsessive, I harass people, I am rude towards most people, and I am completely unaware of my malignancy towards the people I hold dear.
If you’re reading this and you know me, I’m sorry. Please inform others as I am too afraid to face them myself. Everything spiraled out of my hands. I am a bully, and I have some serious mental issues that I need to work out before I am worthy of any sort of friendship again.
There’s no excuse for the way I have acted. If it happened two times in a row, then I must be the problem, and it took me far too long to realize that.
I never meant to hurt anybody. I would never come to someone with ill intent, and this is the part that I know. My emotional instability and the rotting cavity that is my mental state has contributed to this mess. I am the mess. I am a bully, and I need to stop.
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Nobody should try and repair this with me, because I am completely unworthy of any sort of forgiveness for my actions.
People lose feeling for me because of me. People run because of me. I’m a creep.


Her head is down, bangs covering her face. The spiral like flams  traveling up her body is the only notification that there was no such think as Rika anymore. But the walk like she was walking through mud, sticky but getting there. They became smooth, her hand shooting to the side and a purple firey bow formed in her hand. Aiming it she looked up, her eyes had changed colors, one purple and one silver. “Aicho….go.” She released the bow and watched it hit next to Shinya, jumping up a few buildings to get to the defenceless Yoichi and Shinya she placed her foot on Yoichi’s back, keeping him from moving while multi colored eyes slid to Shinya’s face. “Aha! You are what made Rika so w e a k.” Her voice came out, slitted pupils showing as she grinned softly, perfect teen showing. “Hush child.” She glared down at the brunette and back to Shinya. “You know i have been seeing you through Rika’s eyes and i must say, its not fair my sister sees more of you…” As she spoke, 2 demons manifested behind her. “Aicho, Echo.” She whispered. “You didnt think she would loose control?” The soft whispers of the demons got to her, firey blue sword pointed at the other. “You killed my family..” She whispered, soft whispers of. ‘Kill him Rika’, ‘defile him Rika!’ , ‘Take his body and torture him.’ Stuttering in her step she took a step back. “I can hurt Shinya…” She whispered. “Shinya go!” She cried softly. “Go go!!”

Late night homework & studying with Cameron by rowenafsouriya featuring sakura gel pens ❤ liked on Polyvore

Red top, $27 / Topshop black jeans / UGG Australia flat boots, $215 / Forever 21 drawstring backpack / Chapstick beauty product / Fat Face A5 Spiral Bird Notebook, $5.71 / Glaze sakura gel pen

Infinity o'clock bởi Gary Cummins
Qua Flickr:
My 1st attempt. Taken with EOS 450d Processed in CS5 with pixel bender plug in.


Astrophotography with Bryan!

Target: M101, a face-on spiral galaxy in Ursa Major.

Setup: Celestron XLT-150 with a Nikon D80 at prime focus.

Nineteen 30-second exposures. We used the “long exposure NR” feature to do dark-rate subtraction. Stacked with lxnstack, edited in GIMP.

I think we had the ISO set a bit lower than optimal; I had to rescale the pixel values in the stacked image (before saving!) to prevent rounding-to-integers from causing artifacts.

A Face-On Spiral Galaxy in the Constellation Pisces

A Face-On Spiral Galaxy in the Constellation Pisces

External image

This is the face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Pisces known as Messier 74 (M74). At a distance of 32 million light-years, this galaxy sports two beautiful spiral arms, it has an estimated 100 billion stars. Messier 74 – photographed on November 8, 2015. TECH SPECS: Photographed on November 8, 2015 using a Canon 6D, Meade LX90 12″ telescope and Antares focal reducer, 78 x 20 second…

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