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On your previous anons you responded that your use to draw traditional before you get your wacom. Can you draw something simple using traditional tools? *v*

I haven’t done this in forever, I’m rusty! I started with the eye and I think my brain subconsciously forgot that you can’t move layers on paper, that’s why her face is running into the spirals lol. *leaves pencil in the photo like all the cool people*



Hooo boy this is my first time trying this so reblogs are very much appreciated, spread the word yknow?

Each dragon is named and has lyrics in their bio, I absolutely don’t mind if you change either of those things, but if you keep the art please keep the credit attached, okay?

With that said, here’s the STARGAZER TRIO

Atlas - cry/face/spines male spiral - 200k - lyrics are The Ghost Woman and the Hunter by Lacuna Coil

Electra - cry/face/underbelly female spiral - 200k - lyrics are Starlight Reverie by Edenbridge

Celaeno - cry/face/underbelly male imp - 200k - lyrics are Hello New Star! by Lo-Fi Resistance

Stargazers ride through the ancient realms!


please help me omfg i cannot dress this cutie for the life of me give me suggestions :c

i kinda see her as a silly little witch? like, brews potions and has kitties and stuff like that, vs the spoopy kinda voodoo swampwitch trope

i really, really wish the wizard hats didn’t cover the entire face on spirals bc it’d be perfect.

finally found a candid photo of me on my mom’s phone that i didn’t even know she took but yes

dear teachers it’s been an hour of me trying to take a decent selfie for this stupid assignment and. do you realize how rough this would have been if i hadn’t been in a better mood. literally every time i look at my face i spiral 12% further into the abyss of self-hate and derision i’ve been plagued with for the past forever. today i was so pissed that it overrode this natural impulse but seriously can you think of the implications of your actions before you do them because not everyone is happy go lucky Mary Sue Sunshine thanks

Whose Clock?? Doctor Who's Clock! #SciFiSunday

Great project from gizmologist on instructables!

I like making clocks. I’m fascinated by time and time travel. Possibly because of this, I also like Doctor Who (the longest-running Science-Fiction TV series ever!).

The latest seasons feature a new title sequence that has a clock face spiraling into a sort of “time vortex.” Very appropriate and very cool. Amazingly enough, I haven’t found anything like this on the internet yet (at least, nothing I liked), so I painstakingly designed my own spiral clock face for all my timey-wimey needs.

What’s The Doctor without his TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver? The hands of this clock are sonic screwdrivers, and the second hand is a TARDIS spiraling into the vortex!

Read more.

Untitled #565 by desertunknownwolf featuring an oil pastel drawing

Black felt pen, 325 ZAR / Restoration Hardware oil pastel drawing, 205 ZAR / Five Star Spiral Notebook, 1 Subject, 100 College Ruled Sheets, Teal,…, 115 ZAR / campus a5 notebook, 90 ZAR / Rilakkuma Medium Face SP Notebook Rilakkuma Mouth Open Face, 78 ZAR / Small Spiral Notebook | The Container Store, 77 ZAR / SM New York buckle flap backpack, 390 ZAR / Tech accessory, 2 575 ZAR / Casetify elephant print iphone case, 515 ZAR / Comic book, 71 ZAR
Christine Kuo forced to pay fine to TVB?

17 Aug - Christine Kuo has been facing a downward spiral in her acting career since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year.

The actress was dropped from several endorsement deals due to her weight struggles, and seemingly demoted to minor appearances on TV shows from her original starlet status.

However, according to Oriental Daily, rumours are rife that the issue was actually much more severe than what it seemed. Christine, who had taken a long hiatus from work, reportedly had to pay a six-figure fine to TVB due to her lack of work.

Sources claimed that after much discussion between the two parties, the company decided to put the fine on hold, since Christine had not been paid at all for the past nine months. It was also alleged that TVB had rejected all job offers for the actress.

When asked to address the rumours, Christine, who is currently busy with her dim sum cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui, declined to comment further, and only replied, “I don’t want to talk about this too much. But TVB has been taking good care of me.”

Meanwhile, it was also rumoured that the actress has invested over HKD100,000 (approximately USD12,893) in the new cafe.

To this, she replied, “You’ll learn about it later on. For now, it will remain a secret.”

(Photo source: orientaldaily.on.cc)

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