No, I haven’t watched the Face Off episode yet. (I’m only vaguely a fan of Monster High – I have a few of the dolls, but I haven’t watched the show or anything.)

However. Are those really the fangs the makeup team came up with? I know that part of the whole challenge is time constraints, but … those are not great fangs. I am unimpressed. 

(But the dress they put on her? That seems lovely.)

I did not like the Face Off

I need to rant you guys. I did not like that Face Off episode of Monster High. Lagoona shouldn’t have won. Skelita looked EXACTLY like her doll, she should’ve won. I didn’t like that they went so far away from Lagoona’s bubbly and sweet personality and made her look like her Monster parent instead of her own character. The look is ok if you were to see it in a classic horror film or something. But this was to see how they would look like in a feature film and this does not look like something you would see in a movie geared towards tweens and younger kids. Kids wouldn’t be scared of the original dolls, they would be scared of this Lagoona Blue. The design team tried too hard to make Lagoona look like an actual monster instead of Lagoona Blue. They didn’t even know anything about Monster High, yet they won and got to walk away with a prize package of Monster High dolls. Skelita should’ve won in my opinion. I loved Draculaura, Cleo, and Skelita. I liked Venus, but the fangs were too big and Chewlian was way too scary. It looked nothing like Chewlian. Clawdeen was cute, but the wolf nose was a bit too much. The same goes for Abbey. But Lagoona was definitely NOT Lagoona. She shouldn’t have won. I hope when they make a live action feature film for Monster High that they don’t take ideas from this Lagoona because I don’t think she looks anything like her doll and this look wouldn’t be in the original line, let alone in the reboot.

Signs as Reailty Tv Shows

Aries: Big Brother

Taurus: The Bachelor

Gemini: Dancing With The Stars

Cancer: Americas Next Top Model

Leo: Project Runway

Virgo: The Voice

Libra: Face Off

Scorpio: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sagittarius: RuPauls Drag Race

Capricorn: Dance Moms

Aquarius: The Amazing Race

Pisces: Survivor