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Lyrics&Vocal : Reol
Music&Arranged : Giga
Movie Director&Planner : Okiku
Movie Director : Toshitaka Shinoda Amana Ijigen

With the new comeback, CANVAS, coming in just 4 days there has been a flood of new fans who may or may not still be getting used to Nu’est. So here’s a small guide to help you all get better acquainted with the five Knights.

NU’EST stands for New Established Style and Tempo. Formed in 2012, they became the first boy group by Pledis Entertainment and garnered one of the most viewed KPop Debuts in history (recently surpassed by Twice) with FACE at a current total of over 51 million views and counting.

List of Korean MVs:




Fine Girl

Not Over You


Sleep Talking


Big Deal (Live)

Goodbye Bye Official MV

Goodbye Bye Performance MV


Love Without Love (Live)

I’m Bad

Overcome Official MV

Overcome Performance MV

Japanese Singles:

Shalala Ring


The Members:

Aron Kwak || May 21st 1993 || Los Angeles 

-Rapper, Vocals


- Got into NYU Journalism but dropped it to become a singer

-Played Golf in High School

-Was on the swim team

-Speaks English, Korean and Japanese

-Plays guitar

-Known as “Choding” for acting like the youngest

-Plays pranks on his members

-Hosted a Radio Show for 2 ½ years

-Friends w/ Amber f(x), Kevin Ukiss, Rome CClown, Jimin 15&, Peniel, Niel, Eric Nam, Ailee, After School, SVT & Hello Venus


Kang Baekho || July 21st 1995 || Jeju Island (Jeju-do)

-Main Vocals (Powerhouse)

-Trained in Kendo
-Can look scary but is actually really cute

-”Ugly” aegyo
-Helped produce & write Q Is Album

-Strongest Member (picked up 3 members at once)

-Close friends with BeatBurger, Kye Bumzu and many other industry producers

-Close with Ailee & After School Uee

-Got stage name from Uee

-Loves food

-Jokes about not getting enough attention from loves


Kim JR (Junior Royal) || June 8th 1995 || Kangwon-do

-Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

-Resident weaboo

-Actual sunshine

-Charismatic personality but is actually an angel

-Writes a lot of raps for Nu’est songs

-Helps Baekho and Minhyun write songs

-Plays with legos (builds them)

-BFFs with SVT Leader S.Coups

-Many appearances in After School / Orange Caramel MVs

-Treats Nu’est like his babies

-Very emotional and apologetic towards his members and fans


Hwang Minhyun || August 9th 1995 || Busan

-Lead Vocals

-Second Visual

-Actual mom of the group

-Nags a lot

-Actor Hwang

-Helped write songs on Q Is

-is a huge nerd

-Obsessed with JYJ

-Obsessed with Marvel & Transformers

-Cooks for the members

-Friends with Girls’ Day Hyeri, BAP Yongguk, SVT Joshua, S.Coups, Jeonghan

-Adores the ground After School walks on (especially Jungah)


Choi Ren || November 3rd 1995 || Busan 

-Maknae, Visual, Vocals

-Lady Gaga is his religion

-Loves Chucky

-Fashionista Ren

-Modelling for Fashion Week, and companies in China

-Violent when scared

-What are gender roles?

-Very mischevious

-Has gone from Ice Prince to ball of sunshine

-Sings to Beyonce in the shower

-Picks up dances really quickly


This has been a PSA.