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My mom is a piercer and you have no idea how many times people have asked her to do their collar bones/other places that are not face piercings. They're basically dermals BUT are hard to do and you gotta be careful with them because if they get snagged THEN YA DEAD

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Part 6- Avery's Babysitting Adventure

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Pairing: Eric x Avery

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“Aves,” A small voice whispered in the dark. Avery groaned in her sleep, turning on her side. “Avery, wake up.” This time, small hands shook her shoulder. She sighed and turned to face the little girl that stood by her bed. “What is it, Luce?” She asked groggily. The four year old in front of her fidgeted. It would’ve been cute if it weren’t for the fact that it was 2 am in the morning and Lucy had a troubled look on her.

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