And I was lying if I said I didn’t love you any second
Even if it was just in my face
Even if I said I didn’t want to talk I need my space
I loved you every second even if I couldn’t see grace on the beautiful sweeping mistakes we both make
I’m sorry if I couldn’t show my true feelings
I’m a robotic, psychotic, peeling back
So I can see the true nature of my future and my hunger and the things that make me wonder
Why we’re not just holding hands glued together, why we don’t even know each other
We know each other a lot but I bet we could know each other a bit better
It’s only one year of pressure, we can make it with more effort
I let hurt build up in my body until breathe it out, then I can see without
My own strains, my own conditions, my own pictures frames I wish the both of us could silently sit in
My own submission, fobidden, unforgiven.
Thats where I start to search
But it hurts if you don’t come first
—  Pill by Face Candy