14-year-old accused of killing father, family says girl is ‘hero who saved them all’

WARREN, Ohio– A 14-year-old girl is behind bars, facing aggravated murder charges for killing her father, but her family says she did it to protect her mother and her family.

“She is my hero; I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she helped me,” said Brandi Meadows, mother of Bresha Meadows, who is currently being held in the Trumbull County Family Court on a charge of murdering her 41-year-old father, Jonathan Meadows.

With tears flowing down her face, Brandi Meadows told the Fox 8 I-Team that her husband abused her for years but she was afraid to leave.

She had filed for a protective order five years ago but later dismissed it.

“I am so sorry she had to go through this,” Brandi said Thursday. “She is my hero. She helped me; she helped all of us so we could have a better life.”

Bresha Meadows is accused of shooting her father in their Warren home during the early morning hours of July 28. Her mother called 911 right after the shooting took place.

The girl’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said Bresha is a child that faced years of abuse at the hands of her father, and she witnessed her mother being abused.

“She wanted to protect her Mom,” Friedman said.

Bresha allegedly used her father’s gun to shoot him. Family members say the father often threatened them with that very gun.

“Using that gun around the house, to intimidate, everyone in the home was terrified,” Friedman said.

There’s a link to the gofundme at the article. Please help this girl if you can. 

Bar fight
  • Drunk Bostonian:*goes to punch another guy in the face, accidentally hits Adrien*
  • Adrien:*eyes tear up and he stumbles back*
  • Nino:*completely trashed* h-hEY YOU JUST HIT MY FRIEND
  • Alya:Nino, it's ok, let's just get Adrien-
  • Alya:Nino, no- NINO WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  • Nino:NO *unbuckles belt and drops pants*
  • Alya:NI-NO
  • Nino:*whispers and holds up fists* ni-<i>yes</i>
  • *after fight, back at hotel room*
  • Adrien:Nino, why did you strip in the bar?
  • Nino:*face in pillows* it makes you lighter ... *passes out*
  • Adrien:... Thank god Marinette and Alya were there

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If you have a spare moment, please sign this petition! The Face Bar in Reading is threatened with closure after a boy was tragically stabbed at an RnB night. This venue is brilliant and has put on concerts from great up-and-coming bands like Pythia, Orestea and The Agonist. It hosts the best metal night I’ve ever been to and it would be a complete shame if it were to close just because of one individual’s terrible actions.

Thank you <3

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22. Mikayuu 😉

Mika languidly sipped the martini from his glass, lidded ice-blue eyes sweeping across the dance floor of the club. He came here just to accompany his friend, Lacus, after he’d been rejected by his long time crush. He could have been at home, sleeping the rest of the day away after a gruelling morning at work but you could say he was being a Good Samaritan by helping out. But as he watched the inebriated purple haired male grinding his ass against a Mister Tall, Dark and Handsome, it looked like Lacus didn’t need much cheering up from him any longer.

Though Mika wasn’t inclined to leave just yet. With his back leaning against the edge of the bar, facing the crowd and elbows propped on the hard wood, Mika had a good view of the people milling around. And an especially good view of one very sexy waiter.

The blond had been eyeing him the moment he’d seen him moving through the crowd and serving drinks to the people by the couches. With thigh-high black stockings, complementing toned legs and a garter belt strapped onto some booty shorts, Mika couldn’t help but turn his head to stare. And what he saw definitely wasn’t unappealing to say the least.

Dark hair streaked with green highlights shined under the strobe lights, face almost cherubic with the biggest, green eyes Mika had ever seen. He had a smile on his face, radiating with so much innocence and kindness, Mika wondered if the guy mistook this club for a restaurant instead. He didn’t look the type for this kind of environment at all. 

However, every time the waiter came over, Mika always averted his eyes to the side. For some reason, he felt a little shy confronting the cute waiter and so Mika continued drinking and appreciating from afar.

But when he came close again, he almost jolted at the sudden bump against his shoulder. It jostled his drunk, sending nearly all the contents dripping on the floor. Luckily none of it spilled on Mika. 

“Oh god, I’m so sorry!”

It was the cute waiter, he realized belatedly and oh god, even his voice sounded nice to listen to. He wondered what it would sound like crying out in ecstacy– Mika reigned in on himself as he sent the young man a small smile, “It’s alright. I was almost finished with it anyway.”

“No, no, it’s my fault for being clumsy.” His round cheeks were tinged with an embarrassed pink but he looked so cute and sad at the same time, Mika committed the expression to memory. “I’ll offer you a new one. On the house!” 

Mika tried to get him to stop but it seemed the waiter had made up his mind already. Jumping face front on the bar counter with the fluidity of a cat, Yuu pressed his stomach against the hard surface, legs slightly dangling in the air to reach for whatever was underneath the counter. 

“My name is Yuuichirou, by the way, but you can call me Yuu.” He winked with a playful smile that made the ball in Mika’s stomach tighten. Holy shit, he’s really attractive, I want to— 

Mika’s train of thought abruptly ceased when he began to notice Yuu’s supple ass wiggling in the air as the male leaned down even more with his hips rising. This did nothing to quell the immediate problem growing between his legs. 

“I’m…Mika.” He lamely answered, too caught up with the sight before him to form a coherent reply. 

But before he could continue ogling the smooth curve of Yuu’s rear peeking from underneath his short shorts as it riled up from his bent position, the waiter jumped back down and grinned at him excitedly as he handed him a new drink. 

Mika knew his face was probably blazing hot at the moment but he couldn’t help it. Yuu was too damn sexy for his own good. 

“Thank you…Yuu.” Taking the bottle from him, their hands brushed for a split second and then suddenly, Yuu’s other hand snatched up to pull Mika close. The blond didn’t understand what was happening until a slender body was pressed up against his front, something hard grinding on his thigh and soft lips caressing his ear as Yuu whispered

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” 

The harsh thump of his heartbeat started accelerating wildly when Yuu pulled away far enough to smirk up at him. This close Mika could smell the sweat and sweet tequila clinging to Yuu’s form and he drowned himself in it. He let Yuu slowly wrap his arms around his neck, the sensual roll of his hips eliciting a gasp from Mika’s throat. 

“So why don’t we skip the pleasantries and get down to what we really want to do tonight.” The tempting curve of Yuu’s lips convinced Mika entirely.

Mika had underestimated him. Yuu definitely belonged in a club like this if the way he’d ridden Mika’s cock all night long was anything to by. 

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Dr. Lizaveta on her journey to capture the elusive 007. Her intelligence told her he was somewhere in Raleigh, North Carolina, and that he was willing to talk. Her ultimate goal was to get the MI6 Agent onto a private investigative with a contract from the CIA. 

I got very bored while waiting for my cousin’s wedding shower to start, so I just started taking selfies.