face you make when your co worker is crazy

Jealous - Nick Jonas



I wish you didn’t have to post it out

I wish you’d save a little bit just for me

Protective or possessive, yeah

Call it passive or aggressive

You bowed once more before rushing off the stage, leaving all your screaming and cheering fans behind. Your manager immediately rushed over with a bottle of water as he praised your great performance, your makeup artist also rushed over to help you wipe your sweat and touchup your makeup before you have to go back on stage for the closing of the show.

After drowning the whole bottle of water from your manager, you walked back to the backstage area where the other artists are waiting for the finale. Your smile widened when you spotted your boyfriend, Jin, and his group. His gaze catches yours and he stood up and opened his arms as you rushed towards him excitedly.

“Your performance was awesome as usual, babe.” he complimented, placing soft kisses all over your face, making you giggle. When he pulled away from you, his brows furrowed, the smile on his face dropping slightly.

You gave him a confused look as he took off the jacket he was wearing and put it on for you, covering your very revealing outfit. “Better.” he mumbled under his breath, his group members snickering when they realised what he was doing.

Jin sat back down, and pulled you onto his lap before wrapping his arms around you protectively. You giggled, “why are you acting like this?” He shook his head, not answering your question, but you kept pressuring him to give you a proper answer.

He sighed defeatedly before standing up and pulling you aside, where his members and other staff and backstage crew couldn’t hear your conversation. “I don’t like your outfit.” he told you.

You frowned, “I thought you said you like it when I sent you a picture during the fitting.”

“Let me rephrase that,” he paused and thought for a moment before continuing, “I like your outfit, a lot. I just don’t like sharing what’s mine with other people…” he trailed off, his cheeks heating up slightly as you finally understood what he meant.

You wrapped your arms around him and in a soft voice, you said to him, “I can’t help it, this is part of my job… But hey, you get to see a lot more than all the fans outside can see, and they can never get their hands on me, cause I’m all yours.”


It’s not your fault that they hover

I mean no disrespect

It’s my right to be hellish

I still get jealous

Suga frowned as he read through the comments on your Instagram pictures. ‘Cute’, ‘sexy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘be mine’, and a lot more similar things were written on every single picture. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose stressfully, unaware as you entered the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” you asked worriedly, quickly rushing to his side when you saw the frustrated look on his face. He shook his head in a dismissing manner and gave you a forced smile, which only made you even more concerned.

After seeing the unconvinced expression on your face, he gave up his cool act and sat up straight, patting on the empty space on the bed next to him. You sat down and looked at him expectedly. “Have you ever read the comments on your Instagram pictures?” he asked you seriously.

You nodded, “of course I have, your fans are so nice, always complimenting me.” Hearing that his fans are being nice to you made him smile a little, but did not lessen the jealousy he was feeling. You knew something was bothering him even though he had a small, almost unnoticeable smile on his face. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” you asked cheekily.

Suga blushed, but did not deny your statement. You giggled, finding your jealous boyfriend’s reaction very unlike himself, but at the same time made him more attractive.

He rolled his eyes playfully, “it’s not funny! I have every right to feel this way!” he defended himself.

You held both your hands up, “I swear I’m not making fun of you! I just find your reaction very adorable.” you teased, pinching his cheeks gently while he tried to get your hands away from his face. Seeing you being so playful and happy cheered him up too, the frown on his face slowly replaced by a grin that he did not try to hide.

“You’re the adorable one, not me.” he complimented before placing a soft kiss on the tip of your nose, making you blush — a reaction that all those people who commented can never get from you.


You’re too sexy, beautiful

And everybody wants to taste

That’s why

I still get jealous

“You hair is so soft!”

“I like the way you’ve done your makeup today!”

“The dress you’re wearing hugs your figure so well!”

“You look beautiful like always!”

“Hoseok is so lucky to call you his!”

“Enough, enough!” J-Hope shouted, cutting off everyone else in the room. Everyone was looking at him with knowing expressions, but didn’t change the fact that his sudden outburst was starting to cause a scene in the small office area.

You rushed to his side and pulled him out of the room, apologising to your co-workers as you passed them. All of them gave you understanding smiles before returning to their work.

After finding an empty meeting room, you pulled your boyfriend into the room and sat him down on one of the chairs as you looked at him with a frown. “What’s wrong with you?” you asked with your hands on your waist.

He tried to calm himself down before answering, not wanting to take his anger out on you. Thinking back at what he’s done minutes ago, his face started heating up as he realised how rude and childish he must’ve appeared to them.

“Sorry.” he mumbled, pulling gently on your arm as he tried to sit you down on the chair next to him. You did not move from your spot, still staring down at your boyfriend. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away awkwardly, “You’re so beautiful… I just get really jealous when all your co-workers compliment you…”

You tried to hide the smile on your face, but it was impossible after hearing his explanation. You sat down as he wanted, and grabbed his fidgeting hands. “They were just being friendly… I’m not the only girl they compliment here, but they’re just doing it a lot more today because they knew you were coming.”

J-Hope blushed even harder after the words came out of your mouth, immediately hiding his face in the crook of your neck as he pulled you closer towards him. You rubbed his back in a comforting manner, in your mind secretly thanking your co-workers for making your boyfriend jealous.

Rap Monster

Am I crazy, have I lost ya?

Even though I know you love me, can’t help it

Rap Monster was about to enter the bedroom when he realised you were on the phone, talking quietly on the phone. He knew that eavesdropping is not the right thing to do, but he couldn’t help but feel curious when he saw the serious expression on your face.

You sighed, unaware of your boyfriend who was standing by the door. “Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care that much about me… He doesn’t even compliment me like he used to do anymore.”

Hearing those words, his heart dropped a little. Of course he loves you, he thought he made it very obvious, all his group members would tease him about you all the time. You hung up on the phone a few minutes later, and your boyfriend immediately pushed the door wide open, acting like he had just got home. “Honey, I’m home!” he sung, a bright smile on his face.

He came closer and kissed your lips passionately, before pulling away and caressing your cheeks with his thumb, “you smell different, new perfume?” he asked. You nodded, slightly surprised that he actually took notice of the slight change.

He went to take a shower as you prepared dinner, and he almost gave you a heart attack when he suddenly hugged you from behind. “You scared me!”

“Sorry, my love.” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “Wow, the food smells very nice, can’t wait to eat it!”

You gave him a suspicious look but did not say anything. Instead, you pushed him out of your way and he obediently sat down at the dining table, waiting patiently.

After taking a bite of the food you’ve made, he gave you a thumbs up. “Your cooking has improved so much!”

You thanked him with a heated face, his compliments overwhelming you. “Why are you being so nice tonight?” you asked him once you’ve both finished dinner and was watching television in the living room.

"Am I not allowed to compliment my own girlfriend?” he rolled his eyes playfully. “I love you so much!” he sung, booping your nose.

“I love you too, you idiot.” you grinned. Seeing you being so happy just being of his simple words made him happy too, and he promised himself that he would give you compliments everyday to brighten your days.


I turn my chin music up

And I’m puffing my chest

I’m getting red in the face

You can call me obsessed

You and Jimin turned around when you heard someone calling your name from afar. A male friend from school jogged towards you from the other side of the road and you waved at him. “Hi!” he greeted, a huge smile on his face.

You two started making polite small talks, your boyfriend stood beside you as he eyed the guy in front of him quietly. He’s a very tall and good-looking guy, Jimin unconsciously stood up straighter and tilted his head upwards so he’d look taller and more intimidating. He wrapped his arms around you tighter protectively, and that was when you remembered that you haven’t introduced them to each other.

“Oh, I almost forgot! This is a friend of mine from school, and this is my boyfriend, Jimin.” you introduced. Your friend stuck his hand out politely as he greeted your boyfriend, but Jimin only glanced at the outstretched hand briefly before nodding with a blank face. You nudged your boyfriend and he only gave you a cute smile before looking away.

Your friend looked between you two awkwardly before announcing that he has to be somewhere and said goodbye. You bowed apologetically but he only waved you off nicely, jogging back to where he came from.

When he’s out of sight, you pushed your boyfriend away and crossed your arms in front of your chest, Jimin only looking at you with an innocent grin like he has done nothing wrong.

“Park Jimin!” you growled, “you were so rude!”

He shrugged his shoulders before taking your hand and continued walking towards your destination like nothing happened. You tried to shake his hand off but he was too strong. You stood still and he still managed to pull you forward slightly before he turned towards you, his usually friendly features looking very frustrated. “We’re gonna be late.”

“Why were you so rude?” you asked, ignoring the curious glances people around you were throwing.

Jimin ran his hands through his hair several times before pouting, “I was jealous, alright?” You only looked at him with a blank look, and he knew that his explanation was not detailed enough. “You were ignoring me when you were talking to him, and he’s such a tall and good-looking guy compared to me…”

Your expression softened and you pinched his cheeks playfully, “you don’t have to feel insecure, I love you and only you, okay?” You gave him a short but sweet kiss on his lips before pulling away, the uncontrollable grin remained on his face for the rest of the day.


You’re the only one invited

I said there’s no one else for you

Cause you know I get excited, yeah

When you get jealous too

“Where are the rest of the guys?” you asked when you entered the practice room. Your boyfriend has invited you over late at night, saying that the group has something important to show you.

V shrugged, pushing a chair towards you, motioning you to sit down. “I only invited you cause I wanted to show you something, but there’s a slight problem…”

You watched him curiously as he paced around the room, mumbling to himself. Sometimes he would walk in front of the computer and press a few buttons, but then would resume his previous action and continue walking.

You were about to doze off when the door opened, and a girl who you assumed was a technician of some kind walked in. “You called?” she said after bowing politely.

V pointed towards the computer, “I can’t seem to log into my account…” he told the girl as he scratched his neck awkwardly. She clicked a few buttons and then turned towards your boyfriend with a frustrated look on her face.

"You were logged in the whole time.” she said, rolling her eyes.

V blushed embarrassedly, immediately bowing and thanking the girl. She eventually let out a short laugh before punching your boyfriend’s shoulder playfully, almost making him fall. “You’re such an idiot, I feel bad for your lovely girlfriend.” she joked before winking at you, and left you two alone once again.

You sat with your arms crossed in front of your chest, V unaware of the annoyed look on your face as he still had his back facing you, busying clicking things on the computer.

It was when you stood up when he finally took notice of the change on your face. “Why the grumpy face?” he asked, pulling your arm so you couldn’t leave the room.

“I didn’t like how friendly she was treating you.” you told him honestly, knowing you probably sound unreasonable, but you couldn’t help but feel jealous.

He started laughing at you, bent over as he gripped onto the table to keep his balance. You watched him in disbelief, not finding the situation funny at all. After he calmed down, he told you with a huge grin, “so you were jealous? I think I should be the one who should be jealous, because she likes the same girl that I’m in love with.”

Your face heated up so quickly that you felt slightly dizzy, and was glad that you were in your boyfriend’s warm embrace. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” he chuckled before showing you the new dance moves he came up with excitedly.


I don’t like the way he’s looking at you

I’m starting to think you want him too

Jungkook watched from afar as you and his group members chatted, his focus drifting away from his manager, who was trying to talk to him about something important. He couldn’t help but feel overly protective, sometimes even possessive, whenever his group members are around you.

“Are you even listening?” his manager asked, and Jungkook nodded although he wasn’t even paying attention. His manager sighed before waving him away, deciding that it’s a waste of time to get the youngest member to focus.

As Jungkook returned to the circle, he could see that you were enjoying yourself a lot, laughing and talking nonstop. “What are you guys talking about?” he asked as he sat down next to you, his hand automatically found yours.

“They were just talking about the funny things they’ve experienced when they were touring!” you told your boyfriend excitedly, your cheeks sore from smiling so widely.

He noticed, as the members continued their stories, that they were looking at you differently — they were all grinning from ear to ear, their eyes stayed on you most of the time, and their bodies unconsciously leaning towards you slightly. The frown on his face deepened when you slipped your hand out of his, clapping cheerfully after hearing what the other members were saying.

Jungkook stayed quiet the whole time, only nodding and laughing occasionally. Even on the way home, he was less energetic than usual. “Why are you so quiet today?” you asked him when you both were finally alone.

“What do you think about the rest of the group?”

“They’re really nice, like older brothers that I’ve never had!” you answered, genuinely happy that they’ve accepted you into their circle.

“Do you like them more than in a friendly or brotherly way, then?” Jungkook fired another question, catching you off guard. He repeated his question when you didn’t answer, this time sounding less confident.

You shook your head, “are you crazy? Of course not! Why, are you jealous?”

Jungkook blushed, knowing that you’ve caught on. You couldn’t help but smile when he looked away shyly, trying to hide his red cheeks. “I love you, Kookie.” you whispered, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

burger runs // k.j.w

Scenario: Bobby x You

Genre: Fluff :)

Word Count: 4686

Warning: Swearing, but not too much

Author’s Note: I’ve never written on tumblr but it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m bored and it’s cold as fuck outside so… why not? By technicalities, this isn’t exactly a Valentine’s Day scenario and where I am, it’s actually February 15th but oh well. Booby is my favourite in this world so I thought it would be nice to write about him. I hope you read this and enjoy (if anyone does read this lol, my writing’s a bit rusty.) Giving credits to @littlemissikonic for writing beautiful scenarios and inspiring me to write this in the first place. :)

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It was around 12am in the morning and you were rushing to the closest McDonald’s, your jacket half-zipped up, your hood over your head, your boots covered in salt and the bags under your eyes , darker than the sky.

Most of the city was already asleep with smiles on their faces and sweet dreams due to their previous love-filled Valentine’s Days. A day full of warm hearts in the air, sweet kisses, long, romantic walks and genuinely enjoying the other person’s company. It sounded like a dream come true, to be with someone and have electricity zing from your head to your toes with just a mere glimpse of them. Love truly was an amazing and fascinating thing and Valentine’s day was when it was put in the spotlight for the whole world to see.

But for you, a girl that had been single for their whole entire life, Valentine’s Day meant nothing. In fact the only thing it meant this year was finishing that 10 page paper that almost had your eyes rolling out of your head and your brain exploding into pieces.

Eventually you had managed to finish the paper, just as the clock struck 12 and Valentine’s Day was officially over. You couldn’t help but feel relieved; relieved that the paper was over and done with and relieved that Valentine’s Day wouldn’t come back for another 365 days.

Valentine’s day wasn’t a day you particularly dreaded, but it wasn’t a day that had you jumping for joy either. You found it to be slightly annoying and superficial. Why have a scheduled day to perform romantic acts when you had the rest of the year to be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend? Even its origin story was materialistic; a day to rake in profit in the shortest month of the year.

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