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can i request some baby/toddler/young child sonny? the way u draw him is so cute, love ur art ❤️

aaa thank you!!

heres the thing about lil sonny, if left unsupervised he will lose his shirt or he will eat your snacks

here he is having done both, and found usnavi’s cereal in the process,, he’s not leaving until he finds the toy:::

So uh…. I’ve decided to do something a bit different and try to draw a digital drawing of myself kinda semi-realistic but keeping a cartoon-vibe to it, I guess. This is the closest you’re going to get to seeing my real face. Trust me. I don’t look nearly as pretty in real life (at all actually) as I drew myself here. Anyway, this was surprisingly fun to try and I’m even more shocked at how well it turned out. 


Sooooo. I miss my mermaid hair. I wanna go back, but I can’t pick a color (or colors) lol

I’ve had quite a few shades of blue and green and everything in-between (some of these pics might look like it’s the same color, but it’s not!), blue plus pink or purple, purple-ish, various shades of red and copper, white (that last one, even though you can’t really see), and a dark pink but I couldn’t find pic XD

Aaaanyway…. suggestions please? I don’t mind doing a couple of colors at once, but not things like rainbow hair and such cause they’re quite high-maintenance and I don’t have the time for that right now :/

(also most of these pics are terrible and/or old and not meant to be shared with the world, but they’re the ones in which the color was more clearly visible, so pls don’t judge me XD)

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