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171019 another_930615: 좋은 점심 잘 보내고 계시나요?!
저는 어젯밤 침대에서 꽁이가 계속 자기 발을 할짝 거리는 소리에 뒤척였어요.. 그래서 지금 무척 나른하답니다 밤마다 할짝 거리는 소리… 내 옆에 바싹 누워서는 할짝 할짝 할짝
쫌 제발
Trans: Did you have a good lunch?!
When I was in bed last night, I kept hearing the distant sound of Kkongie licking her feet and tossing and turning.. so now I’m very tired. I hear the distant sound of licking every night… lying near my side, lick lick lick
I’m slightly begging you (to stop)

Something I’ve noticed is that when Ignis drives the car is very active and lively where as when Noctis drives everyone is still and not very talkitive which makes me believe Noctis doesn’t have too much experience driving so everyone is calm so he can focus


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Are you trying to imply that I did NOT have my shit together? I am *insulted*. ((Hi there, sorry for jumping in like that ^^'))

“We can short it down by saying that I was still a nation after Unification for like 40 years while you couldn’t handel shit on your own and joined Prussia to become Germany”

//HI!! It’completely okay to just jump in like that :3 I love your blog so much, you are so talented.